14 Can’t Beg for it 1

"Jonah! Let's go to the first grocery!" She suddenly blurted out in the middle of the hallway near their hotel suit.

"Huh? Miss, we are in a hotel… We can just order…" Jonah said but stopped mid-sentence as Han Jie ignored him but walked past him quickly.

The grocery store near the hotel was big. She first bought gummy bears and gave them to Jonah before getting some more things that she needed for the next day.

He smiled bemusedly and nodded his thanks for the gummy bears. Then he curiously looked at the things Han Jie was putting in the cart.

"Ah, what are the packaging tapes for miss?" Jonah asked. There were also red and yellow paint, ketchup, brushes. Some other things that he could not comprehend how Han Jie planned to use.

'Is this for work?' He asked himself. They were only staying in a hotel for two nights and she did not need to work at all.

With a grin, "Don't worry I will wrap myself with the tapes tomorrow so I would be so sexy." She said with a bright smile on her face.

"Really?" Jonah asked. He could feel that Han Jie was lying. She just gave him a knowing smile until they left the grocery.

When they got to the hotel Han Jie quickly called her father.

"Hello father, I need help." She immediately blurted out.

"Jie'er! How are you? Jonah told me you weren't feeling well I hope all is well now. What were you eating for you to have a stomach ache? We cannot cancel the dinner tomorrow!" he replied with anger and a hint of worry.

Han Jie rolled her eyes. Give it to his father to rant a lot the moment he talked to her.

"I'm better father. Why are you always angry?" She gave a thumbs-up to Jonah for not mentioning anything else aside from her 'stomach ache'. "But never mind that, we need to talk."

"Talk what? I have things to do, like look for your sister." he barked,sounding tired.

"Father I can't go through with this engagement. This is not right." She said sounding sad but with determination in her voice.

Her father sighed over the phone. "When I get there tomorrow we'll talk."

"Father, is there no other way? Why not try to seduce the old lady of the Suzuki household instead and marry her? She is a widow right?" she asked cheekily. Han Jie remembered going to J country in the Suzuki clan for the burial of the family master who was Han Feng's close friend.

After that, she had no other news from them. It was better to say that she was not interested in any other member of the Suzuki clan. She was only interested in a particular Suzuki that was currently staying spreading his business in City P.

Han Jie though vaguely remembered as well that the master doesn't have any son. So she immediately assumed that her sister was marrying a close relative that was probably chosen or candidate as the next head if it was a big thing for her father.

Her thoughts were cut off when Han Feng growled loudly from the phone. "Shut up! Do not let others hear that!"

"Arg. But… but… Father, we really can't! This idea only happens in a novel! Can we have another plot instead?"

"Just do what I say! We will talk tomorrow!" Han Feng said with authority.

Exasperated, "OK father, have a safe flight." She said finally.

"Goodbye," he said finally and disconnected.

Han Jie sat in her suite's living room and began to draw. Jonah left her alone by sitting on the table and playing with his phone.

She started to sketch Master Shu. In reality, her drawing of him was not that vivid but if someone would look closer, especially if so familiar with Suzuki Kyou, he would notice major similarities eventually.

It did not take long when she added another figure's drawing on the paper. The person was a small guy with shoulder-length hair. He was way shorter compared to Master Shu's stature. She had named the character as Kloe, the current slave and lover of Master Shu.

In the scene, Master Shu was holding Kloe's hair roughly as he asked, 'This is your last chance to escape. Beg for it.' Han Jie added on the dialog box of the paper.

She would not beg anyone for escape though. So Han Jie decided to stop drawing the scene and focus on something else instead.

'I still need to escape,' she thought after releasing a heavy sigh. She needed to map out her escape routes.

Han Jie knew all of her sister's hideouts. Fortunately for her, some of them were in this city.

She wondered how she was going to convince Jonah to go on a not so little trip with her. She would have loved to leave him behind but she didn't want him to worry.

"Jonah?" she started sweetly.

Jonah looked at her suspiciously. He knew she had formed a crazy plan. "Yes, miss?"


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