15 Futile Search

"I'd like to go out sightseeing." Han Jie said trying to sound convincing.

This obviously did not work as Jonah looked at her confused, "But you don't like the city. What do you really want to do?"

"I'm going to go look for my sister." She finally said truthfully for a while. There was actually no need to hide it since Han Feng was doing it himself. She could help a little, right?

Jonah's eyes brightened. "Do you know where she might be?" He asked hoping she did.

He was worried about Han Jie and the entire situation in all honesty. She actually had a point, regardless of how good the intention was or what color, a lie was a lie. If Han Mei wanted to break off the engagement, then she needed to have the courage to do it herself.

"No, but I know some of her hideouts in this city." Han Jie said delightedly.

"You do? Miss, we should tell your father!" Jonah was surprised. Han Mei didn't travel much, how did she have hideouts in a different city?

"No! My sister is upset with father. If he finds her before I managed to talk to her, then she will run away further!" Han Jie refused. She also could not betray her own sister. They were twins and their connection was not something others could understand.

Han Mei trusted her with some information and she did not plan to sell her out without giving her sister a chance to explain. Actually, Han Jie could not do it ever.

"Are you going to convince her to go back and not that you won't join her?" Jonah asked looking at Han Jie skeptically.

Through clenched teeth, "Yes! So are you going to help me or not?"

"Yes." He agreed immediately afraid of Han Jie suddenly changing her mind. It would be nice to know all of Han Mie's hideouts in case of an emergency.

"But you have to swear to secrecy." It was almost like Han Jie had read his thoughts.

Jonah's face looked hurt, but his eyes glinted, Han Jie could confirm that he was faking it. He then placed his hand over his chest before speaking, "Huh? Don't you trust me?"

"Jonah swear on every gummy bear you would ever eat." She demanded instead.

Jonah could not help but burst out laughing before he coughed and tried to speak when Han Jie glared at him. "I swear."

"You swear on what?" She questioned with a raised look of annoyance like her demand was being mocked.

"I swear on every gummy bear I shall ever eat." he said still laughing. Jonah could not remember why Han Jie kept on mentioning gummy bears when she was the one who could not leave without it compared to him.

"Good, you are ready. Let's go." She said leaving the hotel room with all the energy she had reserved for the day.

The search immediately started. It did not take long for them to realize that the search was futile.

Han Jie and Jonah had checked every house and hotel, used all the aliases Han Mie could have used. They had come up with nothing. It was like she had disappeared.

"So what are we going to do now?" Jonah asked.

They were back in the car. Han Jie sat beside him, her feet crossed on the dashboard. She drank from her coffee cup and sighed.

Jonah winced. The coffee was too hot for the casual way she was drinking it. It was tiring for him to drive nonstop and it was already getting late. He also knew that Han Jie needed to prepare for the family dinner the next day.

"I'll call her." Han Jie blurted out.

"Your father already tried that you know," he said blowing on his own coffee cup. They were still in the parking lot of the last hotel they had visited to look for Han Mei.

"Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to try, again and again." Han Jie said worriedly. She remembered a certain group called night movers that allowed the customer to disappear completely without a trace. They had the ability to remove all records like the person had never existed.

Jonah shrugged and drank from his coffee as he watched Han Jie dial her sister's number.

"Voice mail." she said cranky at the thought that her sister wouldn't pick her call. Han Jie had the urge to throw her phone or scream.

She actually thought of an idea to go to the nearest radio or tv broadcasting station to search for Han Mei that way. However, despite knowing it could work, she would not give her father a heart attack due to shame or embarrassment.

Jonah shrugged, unsurprised and continue to drink his coffee. He preferred a proper meal but his boss was not showing any sign of stopping the search any time soon.

Han Jie tried calling again, "Mei Meo when you get this call me… Please! I beg you! It was torture! Hell! I mean who waxes their vagigi? Sob… Sob…" She asked in the voicemail with a fake drama.


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