16 Shock Therapy

Jonah choked on his coffee and started coughing. "Arg."

"Oy! Why are you choking on coffee? Are you stupid?" Han Jie asked unhappily. Han Jie asked dropping the phone and hitting Jonah's back.

"Miss it was your fault! What is wrong with you?!" He asked embarrassed while trying to clear the burning pain in his throat.

"Oy, why is that so shocking? What are you a virgin?" She asked all the while laughing at him now. She tried to dial her phone again.

"Enough, enough," Jonah managed to choke out refusing to answer such question. His face was all red and splotched with an embarrassment which gave away the answer making Han Jie laugh harder.

Han Jie kept laughing as she searched for her phone and cut the current attempt to call.

"Well that's going to make her relaxed enough to call." Han Jie said.

"You tried to kill me so that you sister would be relaxed?" Jonah asked a little calmer. Though the voicemail message she left looked more like she was trying to make Han Mei feel guilty instead of relaxed.

Han Jie snorted, before answering dismissively. "Yes, maybe, no but you understand!"

Jonah sighed in reply. He did not understand at all. "Never mind that. It's late, let's get going, Miss"

"Righty-o Jonah-o!"

This made Jonah subconsciously grin. To add to his entertainment, Han Jie sang during the ride making him smile all the way back to the hotel as well.


The next day…

Han Jie wasn't nervous. More like she did not show any signs of being nervous. Jonah noted. He also had a feeling that she probably didn't know the meaning of the word.

When Jonah had informed her of her father's arrival, she had smiled and continued drawing in the living room. She hadn't even changed out of her pajamas.

Jonah shook his head and smiled. Han Jie was a handful.

"Your father will be arriving in a few minutes, maybe you should change," Jonah suggested though he knew that Han Jie would probably not listen to him.

"No thanks, he needs this shock therapy." She murmured while her head was on a pillow while laying on the hotel couch.

"So you, not dressing up is part of your grand plan for this shock therapy?" Han Feng blurted out as he walked into the room and stood still. He knew at that very moment that Han Jie was up to no good.

'I would have colored my hair pink to make it worse,' Han Jie smiled mischievously as she thought to herself. "Good morning father." she said lazily.

"Jie'er, how are you?" he replied, ignoring his daughter's antics. He then nodded to acknowledge Jonah's bow.

"I'm fine father. How was your trip?" she asked careful moving her drawing book but not closing it. "I made something father. Look at it and it will probably change your mind." Han Jie offered.

Han Feng gave the drawing book a glance that caused his face to turn black from annoyance but held it in. "It was artistic. Let's have breakfast." He said refusing to take the bait or snap to avoid his blood pressure to rise that normally happens when dealing with his eldest daughter.

Han Jie was disappointed as she looked at the drawing book. It said, 'get married to avoid loneliness'. But that didn't mean she didn't have a plan B.

"Let's go then." she said looping her hand through her father's before he managed to get out of the room.

Han Feng nodded and led her to the dining room of the hotel. It was a buffet style dining. His daughter was really pushing his buttons by going out with her pyjamas ion such a public place. Too bad for her, he planned to let her do whatever she wanted before the marriage dinner.

After breakfast was served, Han Jie remained silent.

"Speak Jie'er, you always have a lot to say." Han Feng said while flipping the newspaper that he was holding.

Han Jie smiled and began her speech. "I'm not the same as my sister," she began.

"I know that young lady." He replied with a chuckle.

She glared at him for interrupting. "No one likes liars father."

Han Feng raised a brow. "Of course. So we need to make sure that no one will know from the other family's side."

"But… But… Father it's a mortal sin and could be taken against you ah! This is bad karma so let's not do it okay?" She offered.

"How can fulfilling my old friend's wish to give me a bad karma? It was just sad that they preferred your sister. I would have gladly let them pick you instead." He said so casual that it annoyed Han Jie. She felt like the Suzuki family was looking down on her and her father was fine with it.

She felt like complaining, "So instead of using me as a temporary band-aid, why don't you just ask for a delay in the engagement due to some unforeseen circumstance?" she asked grinning instead.

Jonah who was standing off at the side rolled his eyes. So this was the grand plan?

Han Feng laughed heartily. "That's why you are filling in my dear. The unforeseen circumstance has come to an end."

"You already gave that excuse?" Han Jie was disappointed.

"Why didn't you ask Jonah?" her father asked.

Han Jie whirled around and glared at Jonah. "Traitor!" she said accusingly.

Jonah smiled at her with his hands raised in surrender. "Miss You didn't ask," he said grinning cheekily at her.

"You will meet your temporary fiancé tonight. Be prepared for acting well." Her father said wiping his lips. He stood and left the room.


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