17 Just Once

When Han Jie snapped out of it, she quickly followed her father.

As a small revenge, Han Jie made sure to bump into Jonah and she passed him. She deliberately kept on ignoring Jonah even when he was glaring at her.

Jonah gave up dealing with her and ended up choosing to mingle with her father's security.

Because of that, she tried hard to not snicker or laugh but it was hard to do so. Han Jie may be an artist but that couldn't cover for her terrible acting.

At this thought Han Jie suddenly stopped walking. Since she was bad at acting, there was no chance the plan would work which made her more nervous for the dinner later.

With that in mind, Han Jie ran towards her father's room and knocked loudly, "Father?"

Han Jie frowned and looked at her father's guards. She caught them knowingly looking at her.

Through clenched teeth, "Father?" Han Jie knocked again.

Then before she could continue, Han Feng suddenly opened the door and stepped out of his room. He was humming as he walked past his daughter.

"Father," Han Jie quickly followed behind him. However, the man went to the restroom and he closed the door without speaking to her.

Frustrated, "Father!" She screamed while still standing by the door. Instead of knocking, Han Jie kicked the door instead. "Ouch!" She felt like crying as her small foot was now painful because of her kick.

Why her father does needs to use the comfort room in the hotel living room when there was one inside his suite?

Someone amongst her father's security laughed and coughed to cover up when Han Jie looked at them with a glare. Even Jonah was also hiding his amusement with her situation.

Finally, her father stepped out of the comfort room. By this time Han Jie was on the verge of crying. Her father sighed heavily as he massaged his forehead.

"What is it Jie'er?" her father finally asked after sitting down. Han Feng was bracing himself against the antics of his daughter.

Han Jie hurriedly sat across him then grabbed the drawing pad she left on the table before placing it on the side of his newspaper.

Through all this, she was glaring at him. It still had the written words 'get married to avoid loneliness'. Han Feng almost glared at her.

She was not done yet as Han Jie made sure to flip her drawing book and force him to see her other 'masterpiece'.

Han Feng released a heavy sigh, then he reached for his forehead and started massaging it because he felt like having a headache.

He was not sure what went wrong in his daughter's life to be interested in such things to the point where she would focus everything that had on it.

Why couldn't she be what 'he' wanted her to be?

"I hear your doctor friend is here, what's his name again?" he asked eventually instead of getting angry. Han Feng had known his daughter's aim all along.

"Bai Min." Han Jie replied still glaring. "You can't change the topic, father. We still have time until later before you regret your decision." She said trying to threaten.

Han Feng snorted, "Are you going to sabotage your sister's engagement and ruin her reputation?" He asked although, Han Mei running away was already enough. He was not even sure where she was at this moment, which made him worried. "Jie'er, just do it once. I will use all my power to find your sister before the next step to the marriage. Just do this favor for me once."

Han Jie may have seen how worried and tired her father was. It was the first time. It felt like he was more pleading than demanding. Because of that, Han Jie had no choice but to nod in agreement.

"Thank you. It is still early. Why don't you go visit your doctor friend?" Han Feng asked with a smile.

"How did you know he was here?" she asked, with suspiciously narrowed eyes looking at her father.

Han Feng chuckled. "Don't worry about these small things," he replied with a knowing smile on his face.

Han Jie was getting frustrated. "Why do you know about my friend then?" she inquired.

"He was your college friend right? From the Bai family of doctors." He replied, waving a hand to summon one of the guards. "Go and visit him. I have things to do." He said seriously.


"Now Jie'er," he said with demands.

She was being dismissed. 'Hmph! He already got what he wants so I am not needed anymore!' Han Jie thought to herself.

Han Jie sighed and got up to dress. It was going to be a long day after all.

When she got to her father's back who was now reading some form of a document, she began to make faces at him.

Jonah and the rest of the team had laughed at every antic. However, when she shifted her gaze and glared at them, their faces turned blank as nothing happened.

"I said now, Jie'er," he said startling her. Then he added, not once looking up from his paper. "Jonah, bring her back in time four hours before dinner."

Han Jie sulked to her room. She would need to get back to her room to prepare for dinner later.

'I hope father would let me prepare alone later. But why four hours?' she thought confused.

However, since her father was busy dealing with her, she just needed to find it out for herself later.

When she left the hotel, she was still sulking as she walked towards an unknown destination.

Why wasn't her father trying to get her out of this mess?

"Miss, where are you going? This is not the way to the parking lot." Jonah stated almost confused. His voice was laced with worry, as he was afraid that Han Jie would suddenly run to whoever knows where again.

Jonah's question jarred Han Jie from her thoughts.

"Country J. I'm sure father wouldn't be expecting me to be hiding right under his nose." she sneered with a wide evil smile on her face.


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