18 I Could Match I

Jonah gave her a sour look when she said that. "I'm sure he wouldn't." Then he grabbed her by the arm and guided her to their car and helped her get in.

"Why? You would tell him about my plans?! You traitor!" Han Jie exclaimed to which he just responded with a grin as he started the car.

"Hmph!" Han Jie was quite annoyed. Jonah started the car and drove out of the hotel.

Han Jie crossed her arms over her chest as she murmured to herself. For her, Jonah was a good person and she could not ask for a better companion during these times. However, she kept being reminded that his boss was her father.

"Jo-nah…" she called out on a sing-song tone.

"Yes, miss?" Jonah asked with a frown. He was always wary when she called him this way.

"How much is your salary?"

"Eh?" Jonah asked dumbfounded. "Why would you ask that?" the tone of his voice sounded quite suspicious.

It was easy to guess why, but he was the type that would always clarify first before assuming.

"I am thinking if I could match it. See? Why not pledge your loyalty to me instead? I swear you will have a peaceful life with the same salary." Han Jie offered with confidence.

"Ah. No, thank you." it did not even take for Jonah a lot of time to think. It was almost impossible to have a peaceful life with Han Jie.

If she was drawing like twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week that was still possible. But if she was not, then better brace yourself for a nerve-wracking situation.

"Tsk! You will regret this!" Han Jie said with fake hurt. She was just trying and considered to be refused. However, it still annoyed the hell out of her when it was blurted out in her face, immediately.

"Sorry, Miss…" Jonah felt bad, but better be safe than sorry.

"Hmph! Now, where are you going?"

"We. Aren't we supposed to go to the doctor? That is where we are going." Jonah clarified.

"Were we given visitation rights?" Han Jie questioned still sulking.

"He's not in prison you know," Jonah said laughing.

Han Jie huffed in anger. She was going to give Jonah the silent treatment. That was the case throughout the drive.

Jonah smiled to himself, despite the awkward atmosphere. 'Ah, this is what you call peaceful.' he thought to himself, feeling delighted.

It did not take long for them to arrive at the village where Bai Min lived.

He was living at one of the upper scale villages in County P on a medium-size cottage.

The Bai family was a clan of doctors. They had a long history with medicine and because of it, they were respectable people that managed to amass wealth from their profession as well.

If Jonah was not mistaken, the Bai family also had their own hospitals. So given that Bai Min was working in a hotel instead of his family hospital was quite questionable.

'Well he is a good friend of Miss, so isn't that already something?' Jonah thought to himself.

Bai Min's house was not gated and the car could be parked directly in front of it.

As soon as the car stopped, Han Jie immediately slammed out of the car.

Han Jie rudely knocked on the door twice before Bai Min's house opened unceremoniously.

"Bai Min!" Han Jie yelled at the man in frustration.

Jonah heard Han Jie's shocked voice so he immediately chased after her.

He was very surprised when he walked in behind her.

Very surprised indeed.

"Jonah! Call the police!" Han Jie yelled loudly.

"No! Do not dare do that!" Bai Min yelled back from the house. "Everything is alright!"

"Really?" Jonah asked dumbfounded.

The place smelled like burn and smoke was all over the place. It seemed the smoke was from the kitchen by judging its way from the dining room that could be seen directly from his position. "Do you call this alright?" He said mumbling to himself.

Jonah was surprised that the fire sprinklers were not on yet. 'Should I call the cops or not?' he thought to himself in deliberation.

Before he could decide, Han Jie coughed loudly and cursed before she covered her mouth. She then ran towards where the smoke was coming from.

Left with no choice Jonah ran after her. As he expected the smoke was from the kitchen and it was a mess. It more like a war zone.

"Bai Min! How many times have I told you?! You are a doctor, not a cook! If you don't poison anyone, you will cause injury if you continue!" Han Jie yelled reprimanded.

It seemed it was not the first time Bai Min had tried to cook and gotten the same effect.

"Fvck it! I am calling a cleaner!" Bai Min replied instead, ignoring what Han Jie had said. He stood up from where he was wiping the floor, and Jonah saw his face was red, either with embarrassment or anger.


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