3 Temporary Band-aid 2

Han Jei was still looking down on her small feet, waiting for her father to talk.

"How would you define gratitude?" He suddenly asked.

She frowned and instead of answering, Han Jie started using her phone in front of her father, which made him furious.

"You impertinent child! Don't you have any decency to use your phone when I am talking and ignore me?!" His father boomed furiously.

Han Jie snapped back, "Father, you are being unfair! I was trying to answer you! Look!" She then let the man look at the screen of her phone.

"Gratitude... the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." Han Feng read it slowly until his face turned black in anger.

His rebellious daughter looked at the answer from the internet and asked him to read it!

Han Feng did not know whether to laugh or get annoyed for his easy-going daughter. So conflicting!

Nevertheless, their conversation would get out of hand if he lost his temper. "Fine. Then how will you repay someone to show your gratitude? Don't use the damn internet!" He asked through clenched teeth feeling like he was talking to a kid.

Whenever he looked at this daughter, Han Feng felt sad that she did not have any motivation to show her true capability.

If people just knew how great his second daughter was and what were the other things that she can do aside from her scandalous drawings, prestigious men will line up to marry her.

"Father, what is wrong with you? Are you feeling dumb today?" Han Fei asked in a snarky way.

"Enough! Just answer!" Han Feng finally lost his patience, but eventually calmed himself down.

Han Jie bit her lip, displeased. Before, if her father was furious at her, he would ask her to leave. Now, her usual annoyance tactic was not working.

'This is serious.' Han Jie thought to herself. The old man needed her cooperation, thus bearing her for that long.

"I would return the favor equally." Han Jie answered truthfully.

Han Feng nodded in agreement, "Then I cannot give my life to show my gratitude." He said.

"Your life?! Father, what are you talking about?!" Han Jie stood up anxiously.

Why were they talking about life now? Was that a threat?

"Oh! So you care about me? That is good to know at least." He replied, relieved.

"Father! Don't joke around! Who would want your life as gratitude? That will make the person evil!" Han Jie hissed furiously. Is her father being threatened by someone?

"Hehe. No, no." Han Feng feeling delighted with his daughter's worry, decided to explain. "Do you know the relationship I have shared and I am still sharing with the Suzuki's?" He asked.

"Ah, no." Han Jie also did not care. She was aware that her family was doing business with the Suzuki family of Country J.

However, she did not involve herself with such things. The only Suzuki that she knew was the one that looks exactly like her twin character named 'Master Shu'.

'Hmm speaking of… Master Shu should look good on a tuxedo or yukata as he commands Ryu to be a good boy while they-' the exciting part of her thoughts were interrupted when her father shouted.

"What are you grinning at?! Are you even listening to me?!" Han Feng questioned exasperated.

Han Jie pouted, "Father, I was trying to think what the Suzuki looks like." She lied. Of course, she could not tell her father that she was imagining two males on foreplay, could she?

"Tsk. Pay attention!" Seeing that his daughter agreed, he decided to engage in another strategy. He stood up from where he was sitting and moved close to his daughter, sitting on the couch's armrest. "You and your sister are my only children. My treasures, I can't see a dungeon and push any of you to it. You should know I want the best for both of you."

Han Jie could agree as her father may not be the best father in the world but their well being was still his highest priority. One proof was Jonah and the other guards who occasionally checked on her when she was staying in the cottage.

Still, for Han Jie, if it would not make her happy, there was no point in agreeing to what her father thought is the best.

"Father, I understand. Please understand me as well that since Mei Mei always follow your wishes, she must have a reason to leave and refuse the arrangement." She explained softly.

Han Feng stood up from the couch's armrest and looked at her gravely. "Your sister was bewitched. She eloped with someone!" He declared.

"Huh?! That is impossible! Who is it?" She refused to believe that her sister would decide to flee. It's a modern age! People talk things out after thinking thoroughly and they not do something so irresponsible!

Han Jie could not believe it, because her sister did not even tell her that she had that plan! They discussed major decisions like that to each other!

She has an idea to find where her sister was staying at and if Han Mei wanted to be left alone for a while, this was her trump card. But she usually covers for Han Mei ever since they enjoyed mimicking each other.

When they were really into it during their younger days, even their parents would have a hard time telling which one was which unless they check their birthmarks. They were just not able to do it during college days due to Han Jie's noticeable physical change.

Her initial plan was to delay meeting her father and talk to her sister first. However, Han Mei's phone is not reachable to avoid being tracked by their father.

So Han Jie has no choice but to check their secret place personally.

Elope? That was absurd.

"Father, you are making up a story." Han Jie commented truthfully as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"You think I am lying?!" Han Feng replied furiously. "I don't care, I will find out who it is and I will make sure your sister returned. While we are looking, you will replace her whether you like it or not!"

"Father! That is stupid! The Suzuki family will notice it!" More like, Han Jie was determined for them to notice.

Han Feng refused to relent, "Enough! That is final! Else, I will make sure that your scandalous drawings will be banned for distribution!"

"You cannot do that! I won't allow you to!" Han Jie would not back down whatever happens…

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