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Han Jie followed her father, feeling very dejected. Aside from the fact that she was having a hard time walking in high heels, she had started to feel the effects of Bai Min's cooking in her stomach.

'I can endure this…' Han Jie chanted to herself silently.

Her father had booked a private dining room at one of the restaurants in the hotel.

It did not take long for them to be in the private room. Just like what Han Feng wanted, they were first to arrive.

Han Jie excused herself and went to the bathroom.

Inside one of the cubicles, Han Jie was standing nervously. She ended up removing her high heeled shoes while munching on her fingernails.

Han Jie looked up and blinked at the ceiling. It had been a while since she acted like her sister. So long ago, it was fun and easy but now when there were consequences involving the act, Han Jie just felt like puking.

"Arg!" As she thought about the possibility of puking, Han Jie's stomach started grumbling again. Goosebumps all over her body and beads of sweat ran down on her face.

Han Jie was not sure if it was Bai Min's lasagna or it was her fault of her nerves that she was not feeling well.

'Bleeh!' Han Jie could not hold it back anymore as she puked in the toilet. She felt uncomfortable sharp pain after, making her want to go back to her room.

"Ring! Ring!"

Han Jie's phone was ringing loudly and she had no choice but to answer it.

"Where are you? What's taking you so long? You only have 10 minutes before they arrive!" Bai Min said. He sounded angry but his voice was laced with worry.

"I feel like dying…" Han Jie said weakly.

"What?! Where are you?!"

"Comfort room…" Han Jie heard Bai Min groan in annoyance before he respectfully asked permission to Han Feng to leave. He asked her to wait for him and hung up the phone.

It did not take long for Bai Min to come knocking at the door of the female restroom.

Han Jie sat up slowly and forced herself to walk towards the door and opened it.

As soon as Bai Min saw her, he was appalled. She looked like a mess. Han Jie's face was not only sweaty but also pale as if she was ready to die.

"Help…" Han Jie said almost begging as she let her body fall on her chest.

"Tsk. We need to tell your father that you are not feeling well!" Bai Min said.

"No. I can endure this until the meeting is over… I just need emergency medicine for stomach ache…" She replied weakly while her stomach grumbled.

"You continued with your plan?" Bai Min said through clenched teeth as he dragged Han Jie towards the nearest empty open private room. He was thankful to find one since there was no way he would go inside the female bathroom!

It was also near the private room that they had booked so in case Han Jie felt a little better, it would be easy for her to join the dinner.

"Stay here and don't move. Okay?" Bai Min said before leaving the room to probably inform Han Feng on what was going on.

Han Jie nodded subconsciously before she closed her eyes and leaned on the chair further. The private room had a road chair that looked like a sofa. Due to its softness, Han Jie did not mind laying down on it.

She was getting comfortable to the point of sleeping when Han Jie heard murmurs outside. She also heard someone's steps walking closer to her.

Thinking that it was her friend, "Doctor Bai… I need medicine badly…" She said calling out with her hands in the air like she was asking something.

Instead of the medicine, she was expecting, she felt large warm hands that held her hand in the air.

"I am sorry… Are you Han Mei or Han Jie?" The voice was hoarse and low.

After hearing that, Han Jie's eyes opened in surprise, and her heart seemed to have stuck in her throat. As the one holding her hand, now tightly was her Suzuki Kyou!

"Ah!" Han Jie yelled in surprise as she tried to get her hand away from his hold. Why was he still here, in the hotel?

It was unfortunate for Han Jie though as instead of him letting go, Suzuki Kyou tightened his hold on her hand. "I was asking you if you are Han Mei or Han Jie." He said impatiently.

"You… You… What's that have to do with you?" Han Jie's heart was skipping so fast that she felt like it was going out of her chest. In normal circumstances, she was the one chasing after Suzuki Kyou. However, she was caught unprepared at this time.

"Answer me!" Suzuki Kyou snapped and lost his patience that made Han Jie scared shitless.


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