22 Karma is a B*tch

"Ah…" Han Jie's palms started to sweat as her lips trembled. Her heart was beating so fast and her knees started to tremble. She was so nervous but still managed to force herself to try to answer while looking at his face, "I am Han-"

"Mei'er! What happened to you?" Han Feng suddenly appeared startling Han Jie that made her stop what she was about to say.

"Father… I…" Han Jie gulped as she looked between the people who had suddenly arrived. Han Feng was being followed by Jonah and Bai Min.

Bai Min's brows were deeply furrowed as he got closer to Han Jie and Suzuki Kyou. He was carrying a bottle of medicine and a glass of water.

"Let me give it to her." Suzuki Kyou said as he gently put down her hand but did not let go. She also did not miss the soft, 'sorry' that he uttered before he gently caressed her wrist. He seemed to be making sure that she was not hurt from his tight hold earlier.

He raised his head to look at Bai Min who was standing nearby with a penetrating gaze asking, no commanding him silently to give him all the things that he was holding.

Bai Min did not know if he should allow the CEO to do so or not. "CEO Suzuki, this is embarrassing-" he said instead, but was cut off.

"It is alright. Give them to me." Suzuki Kyou's demand left no room for refusal.

So that was what Bai Min did. He handed over the bottle of medicine first and watched CEO Suzuki released his hold on Han Jie's wrist to open the bottle.

Then Suzuki Kyou suddenly frowned and looked back at him unhappily, "How many? And what are these for, anyway?" He asked as if doing so was unacceptable.

Bai Min suppressed a smile on his face from coming out. He then answered respectfully. "This was for diarrhea. Please give her 2 pills for the meantime. She can go to the hospital later if she is too dehydrated." He lied swiftly since food poisoning was not a good excuse and it may cause him to be arrested.

Bai Min knew that Han Jie was not feeling well because of his experimented lasagna. 'I should have not agreed to this.' He thought to himself regretfully.

Suzuki Kyou nodded and they all watched him get two pills from the bottle before he asked Han Jie to open her mouth.

They all watched in bewilderment when Suzuki Kyou got the bottle of water and gently helped Han Jie drink from it.

At this time, Han Jie was not sure anymore about what she should think. Her brain was already haywire by just looking at Suzuki Kyou this close.

What more if she was being taken care of by him personally? Han Jie would gladly be sick all the time!

With that in mind, Han Jie pretended to cough hard as if she was choked accidentally while Suzuki Kyou was helping her drink.

Suzuki Kyou looked at her in panic and placed down the glass and he started pounding her chest with his hand strongly.

This made Han Jie surprised that caused the water to go out of her mouth and nose!

'Damn it! Karma really is a b*tch!' Han Jie wanted to cry but no tears came as she cursed herself for lying. It could be better if his way of pounding was not strong for a girl!

"Sto… Stop…" Han Jie said almost begging as her hand grabbed his wrist.

Thankfully, Suzuki Kyou listened. "Are you sure you are alright now?" He asked, voice laced with genuine concern.

Han Jie nodded quickly as she felt confusion taking over her senses. Him acting as he cared about her did not make sense. Because of that, she looked at Suzuki Kyou and her father with confusion.

In reality, even Han Feng did not expect that Suzuki Kyou would act like this around his daughter.

So what could he do to clarify the confusion? Pretend to be angry as always. "Mei'er! You made us all worry. You could not do this again when you are in front of your fiancé!"

"Fiancé?" Han Jie asked dumbfounded. "Him?" She said pointing using her free hand. When Han Feng nodded, she felt like her brain would explode.

"Yes. I am sorry that you need to meet your fiancé like this. Doctor Bai got medicine for her so we can continue the dinner with your family-" The rest of Han Feng's words were not heard. Han Jie's brain started to go blank.

"CEO Han, she does not seem well. We can always postpone dinner." Suzuki Kyou said while looking at her intently, watching her reaction clearly.

Han Jie stared back and held his gaze.

Han Jie could not believe that her brother-in-law was her Master Shu. That was the only thing running her mind among other things that were not appropriate for children.

Then suddenly she heard someone scream. "Han Jie! Your nose is bleeding!" she heard Bai Min yell, before she felt like her world was shutting off.


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