23 Improvised

"Arg…" Han Jie groaned before opening her eyes. She blinked at the familiar ceiling of her hotel room and immediately frowned.

Han Jie felt like everything was aching. Especially her head and her stomach. She was so weak and the idea of going back to sleep was very appealing. Her nose also felt painful and stuffed.

Her throat also felt so dry that it was giving her the urge to scream for water.

"Welcome back Sleeping Beauty," Bai Min said near her before she could even speak.

Han Jie sat up slowly, looking around the room with wide eyes and looked at him with a question.

The doctor was sitting across from her, smiling faintly, but tiredness was not completely hidden from his face. Jonah also sat beside him looking tired.

Why would they not feel exhausted? It was the most nerve-wracking day in their lives. The only day that they needed to lie through their teeth and the fun part of it? It was not over!

"What happened?" Han Jie asked as she reached for her nose, but winced in pain as her hand that she was about to use had a needle stuck to it, connected to the dextrose above her head. "Eh? Improvised? Am I that sick?" She asked Bai Min.

The doctor shook his head unhappily. "I was just making sure." In fact, the people outside demanded him to administer a treatment like this.

And with two overbearing people asking him to make sure that Han Jie would be fine, he did not take any chances and decided to add fluids on her just in case.

Who were these two people that was almost at his throat earlier? Of course, it was Han Jie's father and Suzuki Kyou.

He also needed to lie that he mistakenly called 'Han Mei' as 'Han Jie' by accident. Bai Min was also grateful that Suzuki Kyou did not seem to notice his 'accident'.

"Just to make sure you won't need to go to the hospital. Since you don't like it there…" Bai Min explained. He knew this as Han Jie's friend, but if Suzuki Kyou thought something suspicious was going on here.

Han Jie did not think much about it and used her other hand to reach for her nose. To her surprise, she found out that they were stuffed with cotton.

"Your were nose was bleeding earlier. Hey, I have a question…" Bai Min started seriously.

"What question?" She asked with a frown. Han Jie then heard murmurs from outside. "Wait! Who's there outside?" Han Jie suddenly asked curiously.

Bai Min crossed his arms over his chest, "Did you forget what happened before you lost consciousness? He is outside talking to your father." It was not the first time, Bai Min needed to help Han Jie with her bleeding nose. It was entertaining and annoying at the same time.

However, it was the first time she ended up being unconscious.

"He?" Han Jie asked. Her heart beats fast as she forced herself to remember. Until her eyes bulged with disbelief as everything came crashing. 'Master Shu!'

Suzuki Kyou was here, in their hotel suite. 'He was Mei Mei's fiancé?'

She paled at the thought. "That is impossible…" Han Jie said in a whisper. Her face was laced with confusion.

"Tsk. It is not impossible. Him being outside is already proof of that." Bai Min stated before releasing a deep breath. Then he continued with a whisper, "What do you plan to do now?"

She shook her head in disbelief. Since she was already sporting a headache, Han Jie started massaging her forehead.

But what could she possibly do?

Her father would kill her if Han Jie tried anything stupid.

For once Han Jie was at a loss of what to do. She didn't always have a plan, but she always instinctively knew what to do. Now, she was stuck.

It was a big surprise that Suzuki Kyou was a part of the Suzuki family, her family was close to.

'Why have I never seen him before then? There was no mention of him being affiliated to the family in the magazines?' Han Jie thought to herself as she thought of a single possible reason why the marriage agreement was happening in the first place.

Jonah and Bai Min recognized the look on her face. They sighed warily, turned and smiled at each other.

"Jonah, can you step away for a moment. I just need to talk to Han Jie in the meantime… Ah, you don't need to go out of the room." Bai Min said. He still wanted to ask something to her and Jonah stepping out would mean, people knowing that she was awake.

It was not that he did not trust Jonah. He was just not comfortable with him hearing what he was about to say.

Taking no offense, Jonah nodded his head and stood up from the chair to walk towards the door and leaned on it like a guard.

After clearing his throat, Bai Min whispered, "Han Jie, are you going to let your sister marry him?"

"I can't allow it. They will both be miserable." She replied sadly.

Then Bai Min added softly, after he glanced at Jonah to make sure he would not hear what he was about to say, "Are you sure he is a closeted gay and not the type that swings both ways?"


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