24 Taking Advantage

While glaring at him like she was offended, "Are you insulting my gaydar ability?" She asked before removing the bloody cotton balls from her nose and placing them on the bedside table.

Han Jie released a heavy sigh before she laid back on the bed. "This is a very complicated situation."

"Yes, it is. However, this gaydar of yours is not really that dependable. What if he was straight all along and you were just hallucinating?" Bai Min clarified.

He knew Han Jie for a while now and because of that, Bai Min was very aware that she has the tendency to fantasize to the point that it was hard to distinguish or believe if what she was talking about was reality or a part of her made up stories.

With a scoff, "Hmph! You know I saw him going out from one of the bars okay. Have you forgotten?" Han Jie stated with confidence. It was a couple of years ago and her mother was still alive at that time.

It was also the time she was still confused about what to do with her life when she saw him in a very entertaining life. However, her thoughts of the past were halted when Bai Min interrupted her reminisces.

"What if-"

"Let me break it down to you. He does not have any rumored girlfriend. No dating scandal or whatsoever. There is a conspiracy going on here. If you ask me, he is probably being pressured by his family to get married. He is what? Almost forty right?" Han Jie tried to explain things logically.

The more she did, the more she was convinced that Suzuki Kyou was a secret gay who has no choice but to follow his family's wishes and get married.

Bai Min hummed, "That makes sense if his family has your father's mindset and is also into this arranged marriage thing." For him, Suzuki Kyou was quite a private person and reserved as well. He was even surprised that it was not just a coincidence that he had the same 'Suzuki' last night with the powerful clan in Country J.

From Han Jie's stories and some articles that he had read before, the clan's power was widespread in the country. That would be both in business and politics. It was also known that the citizens of Country J respected and retained their traditions.

The fact alone that the arranged marriage was being discussed, between someone from Country J's powerful family and a foreigner, was already a huge thing.

Bai Min also thought that something was going on that even Han Jie was not aware of. This was a marriage conspiracy indeed.

Then Han Jie continued, "He was also the type that magazines call metrosexual kind of guy. You know the one that is worse than you for being vain?"

"Are you using me as an example now?" Bai Min replied unhappily. As a doctor, it was a must to be always clean. It had nothing to do with him being a closet gay and Suzuki Kyou as a confirmed one as well.

"Want to bet?" Han Jie challenged. If she could prove that Suzuki Kyou was really gay, then it would be easier to negotiate with him directly to stop the marriage or probably divorce after?

"Where is my phone? I need to call someone." Han Jie suddenly said. Bai Min handed her bag over while looking at her suspiciously.

There she found her phone, ignoring the way Bai Min and Jonah were looking at her.

Han Jie then started calling someone. Just like the recent attempts, the calls would just go through voice mail. Annoyed, Han Jie continued to call but the same thing happened.

Before giving up though, she left a message to her sister on the voice mail. "Mei Mei, I will give you two days to talk to me. If not, I will make sure to sexually harass your fiancé while I am pretending to be you and you won't like that when you got married to the guy. We also both know that father will find you sooner or later. So when will it be? Time is ticking sister." She said threateningly before saving the voice mail message with an evil smile on her face.

"Are you serious?" Bai Min asked with disbelief. Sexual harass Suzuki Kyou? He knew she could do it!

After she chuckled, Han Jie asked cockily, "Oh? Want to bet with me?"

Bai Min crossed his arms over his chest, "Bet? I pass. I am not that adventurous. You seem to have everything under control anyway." Bai Min replied, shaking his head. He could already see the struggles that Suzuki Kyou would face when dealing with Han Jie.

Han Jie snorted at that before giving Bai Min a triumphant grin, "Of course. Since I cannot refuse to be the fake bride, why not enjoy the most out of it?"


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