25 Planning to Expose

Bai Min brows wrinkled deeply before he asked, "What do you mean take advantage?" He was having a bad feeling about this. For him an over excited Han Jie was a stupid one too.

Han Jie shrugged her shoulder before she examined her hand with the dextrose needle. The smile on her face was full of mischief that Bai Min was very much familiar with during their college days.

"Wait! Are you planning to expose him for being gay while also trying to exercise your perverted skills?" Bai Min clarified sarcastically.

After Bai Min said that, Jonah snickered behind him.

Bai Min's voice was actually louder than intended and with the look on Jonah's face.

It seemed Jonah had heard mostly all the things that he said since the youngster was looking concerned as well.

This earned Jonah a glare from him while Han Jie gave him a stinky eye before showing him her teeth in warning.

The teen chuckled nervously then assured his silence by zipping his mouth.

"Try telling this top secret to father and I will make sure that you die a virgin." Han Jie added seriously.

"Miss, please stop…" Jonah said voice that sounded like he was begging. His face also turned bright red, and more so when Bai Min laughed at his reaction.

"Should Jonah go inform your father that you are awake?" Bai Min asked curiously.

Though he still wanted to know more of Han Jie's plan, it was best to talk to her while there were no people waiting for them.

Han Jie considered it for a while then shook her head "no".

"Can I remove this now?" She was feeling fine so there was really no need for being treated as a patient.

"Are you sure you will be fine? He is outside." Bai Min emphasized the word 'he'. It was actually making him feel worried.

He knew that Han Jie was going to cause trouble soon. Big trouble.

What if she ended up losing more blood because of it? "I think I need to do some more tests to make sure that you will be fine. You look sick." Bai Min declared appalled, not doing anything that indicated he would be removing her dextrose soon.

"You think I am sick? I feel fine!"

Instead of answering, Bai Min asked Jonah to get a face mirror from the table where Han Jie placed her make-up.

Jonah, obediently did what he was told and it did not take long for Han Jie to see herself.

"Ew!" Han Jie looked at herself unhappily. She was looking pale and hideous! Her hair was disheveled and the make up on her face looked like someone had tried to wipe it off, but had done a very poor job of it. "What happened to me?"

"See? You look like a junkie that needs to take her dosage for the day." He said with a smirk. "Your father tried to remove your make up and this is the result."

"Why didn't any of you tell me!" Han Jie whisper yelled at them. If she was still in the mountain, no need to mention makeup, she won't even take a bath sometimes. However, if Suzuki Kyou was there she needed to be pretty at least.

'Or I should not? I am not appealing to him anyway…' Han Jie thought. However, when she remembered his cute awkward smile, she decided to try being pretty.

She was just figuring out what to do when they heard a knock on the door.

"Jonah please tell them I'm feeling a little better, but do not want to be disturbed. Do not let them in. I cannot let him see me like this." Han Jie stated with warning, but her eyes were looking at him pleadingly.

Jonah sighed before nodding. "I will do my best," He said before opening the door and stepping out.

The moment he did, Han Jie tried to repair her hair. After a while she dropped her hand. It was so difficult to try fixing something when only using one hand.

Aside from that she was starting to feel suffocated. "Arg. Help me, I can't breathe. Hurry!" Han Jie said to Bai Min.

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