26 Get Out!

When Jonah stepped out of the door…

It did not surprise Jonah at all when he found out that people waiting for him were his boss and Han Jie's supposed fiancé.

He respectfully greeted them with a nervous smile on his face, while his mind was still with Han Jie and Bai Min's conversation earlier.

"Is my daughter already awake?" Han Feng asked. He was behind Suzuki Kyou and both of them were frowning at him unhappily.

After clearing his throat, "Yes sir, the miss has woken up…" Jonah started respectfully, not showing any indication that he was going to let them in.

He then carefully added, "She is feeling a little better but hopes to rest some more. So she asked if you can leave her alone for now…"

Jonah knew she was going to do something stupid and as much as possible he would not like people to know it. 'If possible...' he thought to himself, despite knowing that it was only wishful thinking. It was making him curious about the man in front of him.

"She really asked that?" Suzuki Kyou questioned, sounding suspicious as he looked down on him.

Jonah was not a small man. In fact the height difference was not a lot, but still enough to make him almost cower and want to just get away from Suzuki Kyou's presence.

"Yes, sir…" Jonah replied as he remembered Han Jie and Bai Min's conversation earlier. 'He doesn't look gay to me…' Jonah thought to himself as he could not imagine how a very handsome and rich man would prefer to choose another man.

However, the more he was in the man's presence the more he was considering the possibility. Adding that to the fact, the way Suzuki Kyou's eyes were on him was making him so uncomfortable. He looked at him like a predator carefully watching his next prey.

'Probably he really is gay… Sir, please do not look at me like that, I'd prefer to lose my virginity with a girl…' He was almost on the verge of loudly saying that out loud but managed to keep his mouth shut.

"I would like to see my fiancé," Suzuki Kyou said and that left no room for argument, but Jonah stood his ground and did not move.

"But sir, the miss said, she wanted to rest and to be left alone." Jonah tried to rebut carefully.

Jonah knew how Han Jie could act around Suzuki Kyou. Judging by his boss's current actions, he seems to be not aware of that at all.

What if Han Jie accidentally blurted out that she was only a temporary fake bride?

Despite this though, Jonah had no way of doing anything else as the way Suzuki Kyou was looking at him had become colder and almost murderous if that was even possible.

Then Suzuki Kyou asked chillingly, "Is Doctor Bai still there?"

Jonah swallowed at the man's look and nodded stiffly. The poor youngster even looked at his boss who just mouthed silently, 'Step away from there.'

"Ah! One moment, let me tell the miss first." Jonah said instead and opened the door from behind him. Jonah prayed she wasn't doing anything stupid, again.

He quickly went in and closed the door shut. However, what he saw inside horrified him. "Miss! What are you-'

Whatever Jonah was about to say was interrupted because someone forcefully opened the door, causing him to fall on the floor.

"Wait! Don't come in!"

Jonah heard Bai Min's frantic voice but it was too late. The door was open, and they both watched helplessly as Suzuki Kyou walked into the room with Han Feng.

Suzuki Kyou stood frozen, as he looked at was going on. However if one looked closer they could see the man's hands clenched tightly to his sides to the point of almost making them white.

"Eh? Who's there?! Get out!" Han Jie yelled furiously.

"What are you doing?!" Han Feng yelled furiously as soon as he managed to see what was going on.

"Ah! Father! Get out!" Han Jie screamed muffled voice as her face was covered by her dress.

At this moment, Bai Min seemed to be helping Han Jie take off her dress and it was stuck above her chest, covering her face and letting them see her bra and plump parts of her breasts…

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