27 Playing with Fire

A little earlier…

"Bai Min! Just cut this out!" Han Jie screamed in frustrated. She still had hands raised above her head, where her dress seemed to be stuck.

Han Jie's dextrose was still connected to her other hand and that was why she needed Bai Min to help her remove the dress and replace it with something more comfortable.

"What should I cut?" Bai Min asked sarcastically while getting a medical scissors.

The dress looked good if it fit better and would not choke the one who needs to take it off eventually. Was it the dress fault or was it Han Jie who had caused her current misfortune?

Aside from that, who in their right mind, decides to wrap their stomach in packaging tape?

Bai Min was still considering what to do when the door opened and Jonah stepped in frantically.

This made Bai Min and Han Jie turn. Then the door opened again, and when Bai Min saw who was the first to step in, he began to mutter about his death that might happen soon. If not death, he might be fired.

"What are you doing?!" Han Feng yelled furiously.

Bai Min flinched at that and returned to his senses. He immediately stepped away from the bed.

Suzuki Kyou's cold eyes turned to Bai Min causing him to move away from Han Jie further.

Bai Min felt the frost from where he was standing. He swallowed nervously.

"Ah! Father! Get out!" Han Jie was still struggling with her dress covering her face that was making her unaware of who else was inside the room.

Then Han Jie added, "Father! Can't you see? I am trying to remove this killer dress! Can you wait outside first?" She asked almost exasperated over the dress that was too hard for her to remove. "How did I wear this again?' Han Jie thought to herself.

"Fine! Let's go!"

Han Jie released a sigh of relief when she heard her father's voice. She had assumed that he left with Jonah. "Bai Min! Cut this now hurry!" Han Jie demanded.

Han Jie felt her dress was slowly being cut. She sighed in relief when parts of the dress dropped, allowing her to breathe properly.

However, this also allowed her to see and realize that it was not Bai Min who was helping her. Han Jie blinked multiple times then her face turned red after noticing where he was looking.

Suzuki Kyou was looking at her chest in a way that made her uncomfortable. Han Jie quickly crossed her arms over her chest to cover them.

'Why did father allow him to be here?!' Han Jie asked herself silently, questioning her father's intention.

"So you are being shy now?" Suzuki Kyou said, while looking at her with a strange smile on his face.

Han Jie looked at him anxiously as she subconsciously leaned back on the bed to bury herself in it. Her hands were moving on her sides to look for something to cover herself with. 'Where the hell is the blanket?!'


Outside the room…

''Han Jie are you sure this guy is gay?' Bai Min was relieved to get out of the room and finally able to get out of that man��s presence.

The look that he was getting from Suzuki Kyou earlier was that of a jealous husband who had caught his wife cheating. And then when he was no longer looking at Bai Min but at Han Jie, Suzuki Kyou was not hiding the predatory look in his eyes.

Bai Min shook his head. Something was happening and things he was seeing were not matching up with what he was hearing.

In fact, he was feeling scared for Han Jie to be honest and did not want to leave her alone with a man that seemed so dangerously sexy.

What if he learned that Han Jie was just pretending to be his fiance?

Bai Min could not imagine how this charade would end well. It was like Han Jie was playing with fire.

But if Han Jie's father was fine with it, how could he speak against it.

Bai Min walked towards the living room as fast as his legs would carry him. Then he remembered something, making him abruptly turn around.

"Arg!" Bai Min bumped into Han Jun, unintentionally.

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