28 Inciden

"Careful!" Han Jun yelled and pushed him roughly and stepped back frowning at Bai Min.

"Are you blind?" Han Jun asked harshly as if he had touched someone diseased.

Bai Min glared at him, "It was an accident. No need to be so rude." He said with narrowed eyes.

If someone could be gay and deliberately hiding it, that would be Han Jun.

The hate was so much like a defense mechanism to avoid people noticing things. If that was not the case, then Han Jun was just plain rude or had no manners.

Han Jun turned around to go to the living room but not before glaring at him. Bai Min snorted, finding the other's action so childish.

Unknown to both of them, Jonah saw the interaction and found it suspicious. He had wondered if Han Jun would go back to his pain in the butt self and he was right.

Bai Min walked back to the seating area slowly, trying to figure out a way of getting seated as far away from Han Jun as possible without arousing any suspicion from Han Feng.

'As if the old man would worry about anyone else in this room.' Bai Min thought to himself.

Han Feng solved the problem by waving at a sofa beside him. That sofa, unfortunately, meant he was facing Han Jun.

Bai Min stifled a sigh and sat down. "Sir, was it a good idea to leave them alone?" He said voice honestly laced with concern.

"Why? What is the worst thing that could happen?" Han Feng asked before taking a sip from his glass.

"Eh? Do you trust CEO Suzuki that much? Your daughter is not really in the right situation now…" Bai Min replied, trying to make a point.

Han Feng nodded, "I appreciate your concern and yes, I trust him. I don't see him as the type who take advantage. So we just need to wait." He answered, motioning for Han Jun to give Bai Min a drink.

Han Jun frowned at him as he poured the drink in one of the extra glasses. His frown deepened when he noticed that Bai Min was looking at him.

Bai Min wanted to down it at once but he took a careful sip instead discreetly. While he was conflicted with Han Feng's actions, he still enjoyed making Han Jun uncomfortable.

'Ah, Han Jun, Han Jun, you smell like a fish that stinks regardless of how you try to cover it up.' Bai Min thought to himself with amusement.


Inside the room…

Han Jie was still laying down on the bed while Suzuki Kyou inspected her wrapped stomach with an unhappy expression. In his hand were large scissors with sharp tips.

Han Jie was worried as she looked at his handsome face. She would have never dreamed to be in such a compromising situation with 'Master Shu' and that was all she could think of.

'What if he ended up cutting my bra or panties too?' Han Jie thought to herself as her imagination ran wild with Suzuki Kyou using scissors carefully on her. She was worried but also thinks that it would not be a bad idea.

"Er… Do you have shaky hands?" She asked softly. So soft that it seems Suzuki Kyou was not able to hear it. Suddenly she remembered something, 'Darn it! Why did I promise two days instead of 30 minutes?' She thought to herself regretfully.

"Did you not hear me?" Suzuki Kyou asked impatiently.

"Huh?" She replied dumbfounded. Han Jie was so into her fantasy that she has started to forget the real world. That was a waste though, as the reality in front of her was already a drool-worthy one.

"I said, sit down." He said, not giving any room for her to refuse.

Han Jie nodded before she did what she was told. There was no need for him to help her this way. It should have been easy to remove the packaging wrap.

"I… can take care of that… Or have Doctor Bai do it?" Han Jie said nervously.

"Quiet." Suzuki Kyou dismissed. His eyes warned her the minute he said that. "Why do you even need to do this?" He asked sounding confused, his head tilted as he look at her wrapping.

Han Jie moved head the same way as him. She was really confused as well. She was asked to keep quiet, so was she supposed to she answer it or not?

She didn't need to speak though as Suzuki Kyou's face leaned closer to her chest and started to cut the packaging tape below her bra line downwards.

She sucked in a deep breath and let it out in a rush. "Ah… That…" Han Jie's eyes bulged and she leaned back to get away from him.

"Don't move!" Suzuki Kyou yelled as he roughly grabbed the side of her chest to keep her in place.

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