29 Possibilities

Han Jie gasped in surprise as she stiffened from his touch. He was holding the side of her chest, under the armpit that caused half of his hand to press her right chest.

"Don't move! Do you want to get hurt? These scissors are sharp!" Suzuki Kyou said in anger, all the while glaring at her. The room was bright and she could see how unhappy he was with her recent activities.

What could she do? His presence was like her kryptonite that made her knees weak to that point Han Jie felt like she was not able to do anything at all or even think straight.

'Ah I feel like blood is going to run out of my nose again…' Han Jie thought as she tries to stop moving and pounced at him at the same time. 'What if I pretend to faint and try to touch him…?' Her eyes widened as she discretely the front of his pants with evil glint.

"Don't move! I will remove this thing really quickly." He reminded firmly this time while looking at her strictly which did not leave any room for refusal.

"Yes…" Han Jie replied stiffly as she was startled. 'Er… he is too scary for me to try, even accidentally, touching that part now…' She realized regretfully and held her breath. Han Jie then hardly moved an inch which made him nod in approval.

Suzuki Kyou then started to cut the tape that was wrapped around her stomach.

While doing this, he kept his hand on her side to probably keep her in place and the more time went by the more Han Jie became uncomfortable.

'I thought you would be quick!' Han Jie thought to herself as she gritted her teeth. It was probably the slowest time of her life, slower than the time she was counting sheep to sleep.

Aside from that, any small movement from her would make Suzuki Kyou squeeze her side and hiss at her to not move.

'Sir! Can't you see I am a statue in the making!' Han Jie sarcastically screamed inside her head as she discreetly glared at him.

The cold metal from the scissors on her skin, the air-conditioning as well as the hand that was touching her was giving her goosebumps.

Though there was confusion with his current action of care, Han Jie was still not giving up on the possibility that Suzuki Kyou was gay. She vowed to uncover the truth while taking advantage of the situation.

'Right!' Han Jie realized and her eyes brightened after a bright idea came to her head.

While she was plotting her plans, Suzuki Kyou, on the other hand, had his full concentration on her stomach as he carefully cut the packaging tape to make sure that there won't be an accident.

When he finally put down the scissors on the table beside the bed, Han Jie was relieved.

"Thank you for your help. Can you turn around now?" Han Jie asked carefully. It did not matter if he was gay or not. Having someone seeing her indecently was not a normal thing for her.

With a raised brow, Suzuki Kyou spoke, "Why? What are you hiding?" He asked suspiciously.

'Hiding? What is he talking about?' Han Jie looked at him with confusion. At the same time, she was wondering how her sister would react to this type of situation.

With a snort, "I am not hiding anything. Also, CEO Suzuki, can you also remove your hand?" She said before pushing it away from herself.

Suzuki Kyou looked at her with a frowned expression like he was trying to solve a puzzle.

"Even though you are supposed to be my fiancé, I do not appreciate you staring at me while I look like this or when I am wearing my clothes. Any decent woman doesn't want that." Han Jie acted as if she did not want to be around him.


"CEO Suzuki, are you trying to imply something?" Han Jie asked challengingly as her gaze shifted around the bed. She then leaned forward to reach for the blanket that was on the end of it.

"Should I be implying something?" Suzuki Kyou asked, his voice was low and hoarse but Han Jie did not seem to notice it as her attention was on the blanket.

However, before she could even get it, Suzuki Kyou held her by the shoulder and pushed her back towards the bed carefully.

"What are you-" Han Jie held her heart in her throat. She was expecting a very intimate scene not even caring that the man in front of him thought that she was someone else.

Why not? They were alone in the room and the only things covering her were her bra and panties.

'If he doesn't do anything, there are only two possibilities. Either she is not appealing enough or his male instinct is really nonexistent.' Han Jie thought to herself as she hid a grin of anticipation, removing the fact that there might be a third or fourth possibility.

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