30 Medium Size Apples

Han Jie was still in dreamland while looking at Suzuki Kyou with expectation. She waited impatiently and almost had the urge to raise both her arms towards him like welcoming an indecent gesture.

She was feeling lightheaded and could sense that blood would be running into her head soon. Han Jie also knew that she was only imagining a fantasy that was impossible to happen. Why not? Because she knew something about Suzuki Kyou that probably not a lot is aware about.

It was learned by 'accident' all thankfully because of her 'stalking skills'. From then on, he became the inspiration of the current story she earn from.

Having the man that she could only imagine for years now in front of her, breathing, and physically near, that Han Jie could just raised her hand to reach him, touch the most bulging part of him, and probably squeeze too if lucky, she was really over the moon at that moment.

However, despite knowing all her fantasies to be just that, unreal, she was still disappointment, when he moved away from her upper body. Han Jie could only be thankful that she did not act on her carnal and shameful urges.

Looking down at her chest that is currently only covered with bra, 'Sorry, dears, he seems to be not interested with medium size apples…'

Han Jie pouted when she finally accepted that Suzuki Kyou did not plan to take advantage of the fact that he was alone with a nearly naked woman. She could only watch him sadly as he grabbed the blanket at the end of the bed and stood up like he was going to cover her up.

She knew that her body was not really the type that could pass as a lingerie model. Still, if one was as good as naked and given to a man willingly while laying down, the sexiness would not matter anymore, right?

Was Suzuki Kyou the type that preferred things to be wrapped in a big ribbon before accepting the gift?

'Who knows? I could try it out in the future.' Han Jie decided to herself with a grin as she watched Suzuki Kyou hold up the blanket like he was expecting her to do something.

"Are you not going to wear your clothes?" Suzuki Kyou finally asked confused after a while when he noticed her just looking at him.

Han Jie frowned unhappily, "Are you not going out first?" She replied snidely, with a glare.

"Do you really want me to leave you alone?" He then asked coldly, with eyes narrowed unhappily.

"Yes. You can leave now. Thank you for the help." Han Jie replied emotionlessly. However, inside her head she was screaming, 'Thank you for enticing this little sister, but not allowing her to bite! Grrr! Meanie!'

"…You-" He started, eyes still narrowed at her, but unable to continue. He then cleared his throat and spoke on a slower and softer way. "I will help you with your other arm with the dextrose. Tell me when you are going to use that arm." Suzuki Kyou said thoughtfully as he raised his arms that were holding the blanket like he was going to use it as a cover for himself.

"Really?" Han Jie asked suspiciously, but eyes glinting with delight, "You are going to stay to help me?"

While looking at Han Jie with amusement, due to her quick mood change, he nodded and asked, "What are you waiting for?"

Han Jie snapped out of her thoughts and replied, "Oh! Okay. I will just get my clothes. They are on the luggage..." She said as she tried to stand up from the bed.

"No. Stay there. Let me get it for you." Suzuki Kyou said before pushing her back on the bed and covering her using the blanket that he was holding, "Where is it?"

Han Jie mindlessly pointed at the messy beauty table near the comfort room. It was like an order she did not have any way of refusing.

The situation was baffling because Suzuki Kyou was so kind to her. With his actions, Han Jie also remembered his caring reaction before she passed out.

She was still figuring out things as Han Jie watched Suzuki Kyou walk towards her luggage that was open on the floor near the beauty table.

Since his was back facing her, Han Jie was able to ogle the man shamelessly. 'Oh. I should stop being a pervert…' She grinned while looking at his ass that looked so good in his black slacks.

Just like her father, Suzuki Kyou also seemed to be the type that always wore office attire, not that Han Jie was complaining.

Han Jie also remembered that she needed to behave around Suzuki Kyou for two days. So what would happen after that? Han Jie has an exciting plan in place.

Her thoughts halted when Han Jie realized what Suzuki Kyou was doing at that moment.

'Oh, no!' Han Jie realized her mistake. He was currently checking her luggage which included some of her sketches and drawing materials!

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