4 Step and chase 1

"Ah! Enough! Enough!" Han Jie exclaimed painfully. She never backed down but today she was preparing to be her sister.

It was all her father's fault to remind her about all the inconvenience that she had caused since she started to work 'disgracefully'. As if being a comic artist was an illegal job. It's just like writing a novel, but it included pictures in it, ok!

For Han Jie, her father should be thankful that she was not qualified to be a porn director instead. 'Erase, erase. The idea does not sound that bad…' She started to think about it more while her imagination started to run wild.

In her mind, there currently were plans to run away, where to hide from her father and so on. Until her line of thought was suddenly stopped by the pain.

"Ah! Please do it gently! Gently!" She exclaimed loudly.

No one acknowledged her request and with another, 'Strip!' was heard, which is the sound of a waxing strip taken from her body. As it was just as painful as the previous one, Han Jie knew that her pleas are just being ignored.

She was currently in a waxing salon, naked as two attendants were taking care of her.

It's been a while since they last mimicked each other. So there were years of differences that should be settled up like weight and body posture etc.

But the mimicking will always start from the hair. Not just the color of the hair on top of their heads, but even body hairs!

'Damn it, sister! Why do you need to wax even your arms and back?! This is the start of torture!' Han Jie thought to herself as she thought a way to get her revenge.


Another part of her body became flawless, at the same time another scream was heard from her.

She knew that she was petty for complaining a lot, and in all honesty, it was not that painful afterward. Yet, Han Jie wanted everyone to feel annoyed by her very presence.

It was like her silent declaration of, 'Since you all want me to stay here, then all of you will endure it with me!'

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing?!" Han Jie suddenly shrieked in horror and immediately sat down, then used both of her hands to cover her lower half. One of the attendants just placed wax on her most intimate body part!

"Eh? Mam, you booked for a full-body session. This part is included…" One of the female attendants explained with a smile, but Han Jie could feel the annoyance radiating from them.

'Intentional! This is intentional!' She accused inside her head.

"No! No! No! No one touches my vagigi!" Han Jie refused indignantly like a hissing wild cat while looking at the attendants with a contempt.

"But… But mam… The wax is already placed and it needs to be removed. Cutting that part will look bad when it grows…" One of the attendants explained in a begging tone.

Han Jie somehow felt bad for the attendants as they were only doing their job, and they have a point.

She bit her lower lip contemplating and compromised to had the attendant clean the part that already had the wax in exchange for making sure that it would be done very gently.

It was the wrong request from Han Jie as she was not aware that the more gently it was, the more painful it will be.

Result? One attendant was kicked, and Han Jie still ended up with half waxed vagigi.

Another result? Her father was ranting angrily again!

"Why did you became so violent and a bully?! Who taught you all of these things?" Han Feng was fuming over the phone.

"Father, it was an accident! Unintentional!" She replied while walking towards the hair salon with Jonah. Their next step on the list was to change her black hair to red hair, to match her sister's current hairstyle.

It was just a good thing that they were inside a grand hotel that had everything she needed for the pre-marriage meeting which was scheduled in two days. So after all the torture that day, instead of going home she could just sleep in one of the hotel rooms.

Han Jie had tried to contact her sister multiple times, but there was no response. Most of her messages were due to her worry about the marriage She could delay the wedding as long as it needed to be.

However, Han Jie needed to know how her sister was. Very badly.

"It was not an accident? You have your cousin chased by your dog! How can you be like this?! This is just unacceptable." Her father angrily replied again.

"That was also an accident! Junjun was just too thin that even Snout thought he was a walking bone…" She exclaimed as feeling guilty. Han Jie was upset at that time and the one who had to bear her bad mood was Han Jun.

Han Feng snorted from the other line, "Lies! Once your sister is found, I will see to it that you marry someone that your dog is afraid of!"

She laughed nervously before speaking, "Father! Why are you so keen on making us marry? Are you chasing us away to cut the expenses of food? How could you?!" Han Jie treated her father's statement as a joke. It would be a joke forever! She did not want to marry an arranged marriage!

Han Jie eventually relaxed after realizing something. There were no rich and famous family that would welcome a bride, who had a work label like her with open arms.

"Bad child!" Han Feng exclaimed exasperated.

"Yes, yes. Relax now, father, you are already old. Why not date someone? You're already so grumpy! You probably need to lose some steam." Han Jie teased with a bright smile on her face. Just as she was supposed to hang up on her father with triumphant glee, she saw someone walking towards another restaurant, not far from them.

He was currently in full office attire, black business suit. His tall figure towers over the men that he was with, showing his authority.

Han Jie stood there dumbfounded while looking at the place where he passed with his entourage. He was not there anymore, but she still felt like floating and did not even acknowledge whatever Han Feng was saying on the phone.

"Master Shu…" Han Jie whispered softly.

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