31 This is perfect?

Han Jie felt like screaming from panic when Suzuki Kyou, one by one, removed her belongings like he was choosing the best clothes.

While thinking hard, Han Jie noticed that Suzuki Kyou suddenly stopped moving and ransacking her things, and just looking something in her luggage.

"This… clothing… " He suddenly uttered softly, but still enough for her to hear and notice that something might be wrong.

"That one! That one is perfect. I can wear that!" Han Jie hurriedly said to whatever Suzuki Kyou was holding for him to just get away from her luggage, despite not knowing what it is. For her, it did not matter, and he just needs to get away from her stuff as soon as possible.

He turned back and looked at her with a frown, "Really? This is perfect?"

"Yes! Quickly! Give it to me. It is so cold!" She said, gnashing her teeth, and hugging herself tightly to pretend that she could not bear the cold anymore.

'Damn it! I am cold from nervousness! Handsome sir, just be good, behave, and this grandma will reward you! What are you still doing? Don't look at me! Get here now!' Han Jie screamed inside her head as she tried to maintain her act of discomfort.

"This is not something you call sleeping clothes." He replied with a frown. If Han Jie is just going to focus on him, she will notice that Suzuki Kyou has a lace of disbelief in his voice.

"I don't care! Give it to me now!"

With raise brow, Suzuki Kyou smirked and said, "Okay, if that is really what you want."

As soon as he said that, Han Jie almost sighed in relief as her goal to get him away from her things and make sure he won't see her drawing book was successful.

However, when he stood up, and she saw what he was holding in his hands, Han Jie felt like running away and hiding!

Suzuki Kyou was holding a transparent type of laced lingerie with both hands. If he just held it in one hand, there was a chance that the lingerie would pass as just a normal one.

Yet, since he was holding the thin straps, it was easier to see how fully looked like, especially the big holes on the chest area and the crotch.

"…Ah … That…"

"Really? This will help you with the cold?" Suzuki Kyou asked eventually after inspecting the scandalous lingerie.

Han Jie was in a total panic, "Erm… There is a mistake… That… That is… Ah!" She suddenly screamed on top of her lungs as her last resort.

Han screamed like she was in so much pain while she was holding her stomach. This time, she was clenching her stomach, and her expression was anguished.

Immediately Suzuki Kyou approached her, still holding the sinful piece of clothing.

"What's wrong?" He asked, sounding worried, he then checked her by removing her hands over her stomach and replacing it with his.

"Hurt…" She murmured with difficulty, with head down, eyes glaring at the piece of clothing in his hand that is not supposed to be in her luggage, or at least she did not remember placing it there. Han Jie was not actually sure herself.

She groaned in annoyance that in Suzuki Kyou ears it was her being unable to bear the pain anymore.

"I will call your father and the doctor!" He said in urgency, suppose to dash out of the room. However, before he could leave, Han Jie grabbed his arm tightly with both hands.

"No! Don't worry. This will be over soon…" She said, clinging to him with both arms, strongly at that, to the point that his arm was already between her breasts.

At this time, Han Jie was looking at him, her face so pale, beads of sweat on her forehead and the smile on her face looked like she was trying to pretend to be alright in front of him clearly.

"How can it be over soon? Let go!" He uttered as he tries to get away from her.

Han Jie hugged his arm tighter. "No! I won't let go. Please, do not make father worry. It is bad for his blood pressure." She said stubbornly.

However, in her mind, she was more worried that her father might see the scandalous cloth that he is still holding, and who knows how the old man would react. 'He will surely ship me away to be married! Once this is over, I will lock all my research materials and swallow the key!' She silently put that to her to-do list.

Suzuki Kyou's gaze softened after hearing her say that he did not struggle from her hold anymore and said softly, "At least, let me call the doctor to make sure you are alright."

"Call Doctor Bai? Okay!" Han Jie immediately nodded with delight, thinking that Bai Min would understand the situation quickly and help her, no matter what.

However, Han Jie was still smiling brightly and did not notice that Suzuki Kyou's eyes are already looking at her coldly.

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