32 Caught Lying?

The cold look from him did not linger for long as it was immediately replaced with indifference.

Because of this, Han Jie failed to also notice any of these as she was not even looking at Suzuki Kyou.

At that time, she was so delighted to the fact that she was still hugging Suzuki Kyou's arms, while she discretely looks at the scandalous piece of cloth from his other hand. This is while she is even supposed to be in stomach pain.

With great reluctance, "Mr. Suzuki? Aren't you going to get Dr. Bai?" She asked, looking at him with a strange expression as if she was about to cry.

"Ms. Han, do you remember what I told you before?"


"You seem to forget." He noted as he slowly took his arm out from Han Jie's hold. "I don't like anyone who is lying." Suzuki Kyou added with a hint of disappointment. He was also looking at her as if she had committed a mistake.

Like someone who was used being caught stealing cookies, Han Jie was first dumbfounded but recovered quickly.

"Aigoo… No one wants to deal with a lying person Mr. Suzuki. I just do not understand why that has anything to do with my pain that I hope to be relieved soon." She said while smiling helplessly.

Instead of answering, Suzuki Kyou placed his hand across Han Jie's face and opened his palm, showing that he was still holding the scandalous clothing.

"Doctors don't discriminate gender. However, with you looking like that and also telling me that these strings will be perfect to wear, do you think it is a good idea to let a male doctor see you? Do you think I am stupid?" Suzuki Kyou said his gaze is questioning her and examining her expression at the same time.

It was the longest statement he had said while with Han Jie, and she was starting to feel it was better for him not to talk much. She was never used to explain her action.

The 'strings' that he was referring to and holding is the scandalous lingerie, of course. Han Jie was actually innocent at they were given by her editor as research materials. That is because drawing an erotic comic book still requires materials as reference.

She was only guilty of accidentally placing that in her luggage. Suzuki Kyou, not seeing his sketchbook that has his drawings, is already amazing. Now, she was also happy that he did not see other research materials that she might have accidentally placed on her luggage and not aware of.

"Err… There was really a mistake…" Han Jie tried to explain.

"Mistake on what?" He crossed his arms over his chest while looking at her seriously and patiently as if the worry from earlier did not happen.

'I am still supposed to be in pain you now? Unless you are referring to my nonexistent pain, for the lying part that you are talking about.' Han Jie thought to herself as she held his gaze.

She was also confused as he was supposed to be calling a doctor, but if she asked, there is a chance that she will be exposed.

His gaze is uncomfortable. Han Jie endured staring back at him for a long time, before finally speaking. "There was a mistake on everything, Mr. Suzuki." She said, pointing at him, "Especially you."


"Yes. You are not supposed to be here."

Suzuki Kyou tilted his head, his face expressionless, "Then where am I supposed to be?"

"It is none of my business, but certainly not here." Han Jie hissed.

"What. Did. You say?" He asked tightly and slowly as he smiled wide, but he doesn't look happy at all. For her, he looked like someone who was smiling before the slaughter. Very dangerous.

Han Jie's heart beats fast from nervousness, and she felt scared. 'Mama! What is wrong with this man?!' She screamed inside her head. The reaction from him was completely different from what she had expected, and Han Jie was not prepared at all!

"Just like it is none of your business to touch things that is not yours or mine." She hurriedly added, in the end, managing to blurt that out without showing nervousness. "This is all your fault."

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