33 Major No, No

Suzuki Kyou then asked with confusion and disbelief, "My fault?" He was truly clearly feeling conflicted as he looked at Han Jie carefully.

"Yes! This is all your fault!" Han Jie said as if she greatly wronged by Suzuki Kyou.

He frowned in confusion, "What-"

Han Jie snorted, "What do you mean what? Isn't this you being so unreasonable? Who told you to act this way to your future wife?" She asked accusingly.

However, in reality, she was ready to faint. Her plea for the bed to just swallow her whole or to save her was just loud inside her head.

Since none of her hope was happening might as well gamble. She believed that regardless of his reason to agree with the arranged marriage, he would not consider completely offending her. Right?

Suzuki Kyou looked startled as if he was not even sure how to respond to her. In an instant, he felt like reflecting what he had done from the time that he entered the room.

He was not sure if she felt that he was also unreasonable since the restaurant's time before she passed out.

Aside from Han Jie's accusation, in his eyes, she looked like she was about to cry. Her lips trembled, eyes glistering with unshed tears and she continued to sniff like a bullied child.

She then looked down at her hands that were clenching the blanket that was covering her. "You do not want me to lie but, you are so scary…" Han Jie weakly.

"You... you... are scared of me?" He asked, after stuttering, unsure and baffled. This was the first time he was really unsure what to say or do next.

Han Jie nodded meekly, like an obedient lamb. If Bai Min or her father would see her like this, they might celebrate.

"Shouting is a no, no. Acting like a corporate boss and treat your future wife as an employee is also a major no, no."

There was a very long silence. His eyes narrowed while looking at her intently. She knew he was trying to see if she was lying or not.

It was just too bad for Suzuki Kyou, because Han Jie is pretty good at lying. She personally learned it as part of her so called 'survival tactics'. If she could look at someone without blinking while spouting 100% nonsense, what more if it was half-truth?

Yes, it was mostly true that Han Jie is scared of Suzuki Kyou.

At some point, she clearly appreciates the advantage of stalking someone, even on social media, as one could just flee or hide whenever desired.

There was a very long silence, and she doesn't want to break it. Every second ticking by, the more she felt like his eyes were swords, stabbing her on places that she doesn't want to be stabbed at.

'Good sir, I have three holes available for multiple stabbing that can cause you deep pleasure. Stop looking! It will not bring you anywhere!' Han Jie thought to herself entertainingly.

Han Jie was still looking at her hands earlier, but she managed to sneak a peek on his face discreetly.

To her surprise, Suzuki Kyou was not even looking at her at that time. His chin was raised up, as he looked at the ceiling, silently.

'What is he doing? Is he praying?' Han Jie questioned silently.

When his gaze shifted back to her, Han Jie quickly looked down. She then heard him release a deep breath. "What do you want me to do?" He asked softly.

Han Jie was startled with his question. Not only did his tone change drastically, but he also seemed willing to listen to her suggestion, whatever that is.

"You are really asking me what to do?"" Just to be sure that she was not hallucinating, Han Jie blurted out.

"You seem to not like the way I do things. So tell me, what do you want to do?" He asked almost forcefully.

"If I say it, are you really going to do it?" Han Jie clarified.

Even though Suzuki Kyou was acting strange since earlier, she still knew that it was never easy to deal with such a man.

'Is there even a catch? What if I tell him to cancel the engagement?' She thought to herself curiously.

"Tell me, and I will decide if it can be done or not."

"Er… What if you get mad again? You are pretty scary, you know."

Suzuki Kyou sighed, "I won't get mad."


"Yes, I keep my word."

This time it was Han Jie's turn to release a deep breath, "Haah. We get mad or your voice started getting louder, I could even imagine you like a dragon, that may breathe fire on me anytime. Cause-"

"What? Dragon? Where did you get this-"

"Aiyay! Are you getting mad again? You promised not to!"

Through clenched teeth, he said warningly, "Just tell me what you want. I don't want you to keep acting in pain. It is really troublesome."


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