34 Keep It A Secre

Han Jie's lips turned into 'O' before she quickly frowned unhappily, "What do you mean? I am just lucky that my stomach pain subsided already. Why? Don't you want me to feel better?"

Suzuki Kyou smiled helplessly, "As your future husband, I want you, always, to feel better." He said, emphasizing every word. "So, tell me how I can fix all the things that seem to be my fault."

"Heh. Since you promised not to be mad, and you also don't want me to lie, then let me tell you what's wrong and how to fix this." She said seriously. However, Han Jie still could not believe that she told him that there was a chance to fix the situation.

Suzuki Kyou nodded his head but did not speak. He was waiting for her to continue. His expression more like curious than impatient.

After calming herself, Han Jie started to speak, "I will be very blunt. As you know, I am very scared of you, er… more like terrified sometimes. Not only that. You also suddenly become my future husband, without my consent at that, we are also practically just strangers. Which is not right at all."

"You are not entirely wrong. However, the marriage arrangement was already approved by both families. It is not yet announced in public, but a lot of people are already aware of it. Do you understand what I mean?" Suzuki Kyou asked expressionlessly.

He was not surprised that people sometimes were scared of him due to his reputation in the business world. So for him, the woman in front of him has the reason to do so as well.

Han Jie nodded. She then released a deep breath, "I know it is almost impossible for the marriage agreement to be canceled. However, it is not impossible to have our arrangement, right?"

"Oh? Having our arrangement sounds reasonable." Suzuki Kyou stated before continuing, "Before that, I want to clarify. You had been lying to me since earlier, and you also told me that it was my fault. Yet, what does this have to do with this?" He asked, as he showed, the piece of transparent clothing in his hand.

"Aiyay! Give me that!" Han Jie grabbed it from his hand. Thankfully, he did not make it difficult for her. She then hissed, "Why do you have to bring that up now?" She asked through clenched teeth.

"I'm just curious. It was interesting to see that you have this type of interest." Suzuki Kyou said, with a mischievous smile on his face. "This is entirely different from the image that you have with the press." He added.

Han Jie was startled not only because of the smile on his face but also to what he said. Earlier, she was pretty proud of herself that she seems to be portraying her sister efficiently.

So far, she was able to determine that her sister, Han Mei, had not met Suzuki Kyou before, even in private, as her sister would not run away if that were not the case.

However, even though the groom did not have a close relationship with the bride, it did not mean that he was utterly unaware of her. As a proof is when he mentioned about the media's view of 'Han Mei'.

Han Jie released a heavy sigh, "As I said, I am scared of you, and because of that, this happened because of nervousness. Do you think this is something I own? Of course not! I just randomly pointed a luggage, unluckily the one that you got is owned by my sister."

"Sister? You mean Ms. Han Jie?"

"Of course! However, please keep it a secret that she likes these things. It is also inappropriate of you knowing it in the first place since you are her future brother-in-law!" Han Jie managed to speak through clenched teeth.

Who wants to expose one of their most embarrassing secrets? Definitely, not her, but she has no choice!

In truth, Han Jie would not care much about other people's opinions on the things that she likes or does. But just like what she said to him, he is going to be her brother-in-law.

Han Jie initially planned for Suzuki Kyou to see her negatively so that he will break the engagement himself. However, that was easier said and done. She still loves her sister the most, and tainting her image is something she is unable to accept regardless.

"I see. So that was it." Suzuki Kyou nodded as if he completely agree with her. "I have already felt something was wrong. It seems your sister is also in a close relationship with Dr. Bai."

""Yes. They are best friends since college... But that is not what I want to talk to you about. I want-"

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