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"Ah! So that's how it is." He suddenly blurted out as if he finally understands something important, which cut off Han Jie as well. "Aside from that, you want a marriage agreement between us, right?"

Han Jie felt some relief when he asked about the marriage agreement she proposed instead of asking where her sister, 'Han Jie' is.

She hummed in agreement, "I think that it is the best for us to have our own rules within the marriage, since we cannot stop it and we are practically like strangers, with each other."

Internal agreement; it is the best option for her at that moment. In this way, once Han Mei returned, it would not be too hard for her to deal with the situation, and Han Jie could go back to her carefree life soon.

Han Jie believed that as long as both cooperated, it would work out just fine. She was only disappointed that she would not be able to enjoy or take advantage of the entire shenanigan to the fullest.

"Then what if we have a better relationship before marriage?" Han Jie's line of thought was suddenly interrupted.

"Better relationship? That is also not a bad idea since we will be together for a while."

Suzuki Kyou did not speak for a long time. When he did, his tone was indifferent. "It seems that the agreement that you are referring to includes our marriage timeframe?"

"Yes. How about we try to be married for only two years? They said two years is the minimum requirement to know if a relationship will last or not."

"Two years… What will happen after two years?"

"We can have a divorce. The Suzuki family is richer than our Han family. I also know that we owe you guys a favor, not the other way around. So probably there is a reason why the Suzuki family wants or decides that you should marry me. The me, who is someone unequal to your status." She said matter-of-factly

Han Jie was stating all these as her honest opinion. It was also not humiliating for her to tell him that her status was unequal compared to him.

The Suzuki Corp is worth billions just in County P alone, and it was only a branch. Even though Han Jie was not sure what Suzuki Kyou's status is inside the Suzuki family. She was just sure that his position was not simple since he was in charge of some of the Suzuki family businesses.

Suzuki Kyou listened silently. He did not show any expression, that almost made Han Jie felt like his playful smile from earlier was just an imagination.

Since he was not speaking, Han Jie continued softly, "Probably, you are only being pressured as well. Can you… Can you tell me…?"

He tilted his head as he looked at her intently. No one knew what he was thinking during a long period of silence.

"Tell you what?" Suzuki Kyou eventually asked.

"The reason for them to marry you off…" Han Jie clarified. She knew his age, and it was not the reason. "Don't you think it is one of the important things that we need to talk about first?"

"You think so? Why is that?" He asked expressionlessly.

Han Jie calmly explained, "Well, regardless of the situation and how long it will be, I will still be your future wife. Don't you think it is just right for me to know? So that I can help you?"

"You are willing to help me?" He asked, sounding skeptical.

"Of course! As long as it is not illegal, I will do my best to help you. Do not worry, just tell me and let me see what I can do." Han Jie replied with an assuring smile on her face.

He hummed lightly, before nodding, "Very well. That is actually comforting to know. It is not illegal, after all. However, it is not easy to talk about it." He said 'it' referring to the special reason why he was getting married.

Han Jie immediately felt terrible for him to be forced to do something he did not want.

"I understand. I can wait when you are ready to tell me. After all, we are still like strangers and barely knew much about each other. At most, we should be good friends first for everything to work and bearable during our marriage, just like partners in crime." She said after giggling.

"That sounds interesting." He replied with a smile.

"Yes, it is. At least, you will tell it to me before the marriage, right?" She clarified. Since he was unable to tell it to her at that moment means that his secret was not really simple.

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