36 Friends

'Is it that so unacceptable for his family? So unacceptable for them to the point of forcing him to marry just to hide it.' Han Jie thought to herself, already almost sure about his secret.

With that in mind, she felt bad for him. It was not always a pity for someone to not be able to do what they want just because others would care about it so much.

"What do you think?" Han Jie gazed at him softly as she waited for him to answer. She was pretty sure that even though he refused, it would be alright.

After all, for her, his situation was way complicated than her own. In fact, Han Jie felt that even though she told him that she was just the fake bride, it would be alright, and he would understand it.

Han Jie would not spill that beans for the meantime, especially when she was not yet sure if he would be cooperating willingly.

"I will do my best. Why not tell me what you want for our own agreement?" He asked lightly.

Their conversation felt more comfortable than earlier. Han Jie just recently realized it, and she liked it very much.

"Hehe… Let us talk about it when you are ready to tell me your secret. I might tell my own secret as well in exchange." She teasingly replied with a smile.

"Your secret?"

"Yep! It is nothing major like yours. So don't worry about it. I won't pressure you for now." She said assuring. "Well, to be honest, I also want to think about it more as well, because everything happened so fast. I hope you don't mind."

"You are right. This happened so fast for you. So you want to take it slow, I guess?" He seriously asked as he studied the expression on his face.

Han Jie nodded, "But… For now, let's be friends?" she nervously asked as she extended her hand towards him for a handshake.

"Right, friends. We can be good friends, for as long as you want." He said as he reached for her hand and tightly held it.

The way he said it was not really assuring, however, Han Jie did not think much about it, or the possibility that his words have hidden meanings.

Han Jie brightly smiled as she shook his hands. They were big and calloused. He owns the hands that had signed many billion-dollar contracts, and now she was holding them effortlessly.

She was delighted to see that their gap was getting closer the more they interact with each other.

In reality, it was hard to know if she was being delighted with their close relationship, or she was just happy that it would be easier to make him cooperate with the things that she wants.

The wheels inside her head turned fast as Han Jie thinks of the things that she would want him to do for her.

"Since we are friends now and will be married soon. It is a good idea to see each other often. Not always formally, of course, but mostly just hanging out like friends." She offered as she suppress a giggle.

"That is a good idea. It will also help with the press. Give me your phone." Suzuki Kyou suddenly asked.

"Eh? My phone?" Han Jie was startled. "Er… I need to look for it first." She smiled nervously.

There was no way, she would give her phone to him. Not only her phone have Master Shu's drawing as the profile pic, there were other things there that he might accidentally see that proves she was not 'Han Mae'.

"Here." He said, giving her his phone instead, to place the number on it.

Since Han Jie knew that it would be more suspicious if she refused, she had no choice but accepted the phone and put her number on it.

As soon as she returned the phone to him, "You change your number?" He asked. Before she could answer, though, Suzuki Kyou already dialed her number.



Arf! Aft!


Sound of howls immediately, was heard in the room. Han Jie's wanted to slap her face after hearing this howls. At the same time, she also wants to kick him for being difficult.

Is she not trustworthy?

Suzuki Kyou looked at her questioningly as the howls continued. This was the case since he was not hanging up his phone.

"You can stop now. That is my ring tone." Han Jie said exhaustedly, she feels like having a headache.

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