37 Failed to see

Han Jie lay back down on the bed and covered her entire self with the blanket. Who told him to call her phone anyway?

"I won't ask anymore," Suzuki Kyou said eventually after seeing her acting this way. "I trust that you can find your phone on your own later, right?"

As if offended, "Of course!" She declared, under the covers.

"That is fine. I will let you rest now." He said as he stood up. Before leaving towards the door, though, Suzuki Kyou patted Han Jie's head and murmured, "Be good, do not cause any trouble."

Aside from patting her head, he also pressed his hands to touch her face then her cheek.

Han Jie felt like they were as large as a bear's paw. Not that she had ever seen one.

Instead of questioning his current action, "What do you mean not cause any trouble? Are you trying to imply something?" She asked demandingly, her voice muffled as under the thick blanket.

"Who knows. Sleep now. Rest, and good night." He then turned around and walked towards the door, leisurely.

Hearing his soft steps, Han Jie slowly and carefully lowered the blanket that she was using to cover herself to peek on him.

The room wasn't huge, but his stroll towards it made her suddenly feel like she was miles away from him. His back was lean, but straight as if confident that nothing could stop him.

With that thought, Han Jie covered herself again with a blanket, even before he got out of the room.

Because of that, she failed when he turned his head towards. If she saw his expression, Han Jie would surely shiver in fright and confusion. His eyes had the predatory gleam that would surely make her cringe.

Han Jie might also feel bad if she learned about this side of him. Before it did, no matter how many times she would try to draw the look of possessiveness into Master Shu's eyes. She knew that she would never get the intensity of it that she desired, like he wanted to possess someone very badly.

She failed to see these things as Han Jie was so busy reminiscing the past that started her interest with Suzuki Kyou.


More than four years ago…

When you finally graduated from your University course after six years but still do not know what to do in your life, there must be something wrong with you as an adult. Because of this, Han Jie believed that something was wrong with her.

She was thinking about her life as she aimlessly walked around the city. Han Jie was wearing a gray hooded jacket and tight black jeans. Her black her was hidden under the basketball cap she was wearing. The large reading glass barely hides the features of her face, but enough for her to avoid attention.

At this time, she looked like a tomboy that was looking for some fun. Especially when she occasionally stopped and gazed at shops that offer sexual service that was mostly for men.

It was already past 11 pm, but she was used to going out at night. She was also confident that nothing would happen to her cause; she was very familiar with this part of the city.

It was just mostly Han Jie just needs to get in the house before any the sun rise sneakily.

Why does she need to do it, despite her not lacking anything financially? Cause Han Jie wanted to try new things. No, more like she needed to do so, for her to find a goal in life.

Yes, one would agree with her that the place and time were not right. However, if she failed to decide soon, her father would surely take matters in his own hands and choose for her instead.



Han Jie heard the soft, buzzing sound that was coming from her phone. She was pretty sure that the one who was calling her was either her sister, her mother, or Bai Min.

'I want to eat chicken skewers…' She thought to herself when she saw the street vendor on the corner of the street.

Aside from drawing, she enjoys cooking. However, Han Jie don't see herself wanting to please anyone with her dishes. Aside from that, she was always bad with feedback.

'Nevermind being a cook. If you can eat delicious food without too much hard work, you must take advantage of it.' Han Jie happily thought as she stood in front of the street stall selling skewers. She was happy that other things were being sold, like grilled chicken feet and chicken intestines.

The street stall was near a pub. Han Jie was eating leisurely, but she almost dropped the chicken feet that she was munching that time when her gaze unconsciously shifted to the men who coincidently went out of the pub…

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