38 Meeting Master Shu and Ryu

The pub was called 'X\u0026B'. It has an exterior that looked more like a regular office building if not for the signage outside and the bouncer. Soft jazz music was could also be heard by passersby.

However, Han Jie was looking at the two males outside the building.

Both men were handsome, and both are wearing office suits. Han Jie always liked handsome men in suits, and that was why they immediately took her attention.

Han Jie was still eating at her skewers as she discretely stares at the two.

One of the men, who were only taller compared to Han Jie by a couple of inches, seemed to be drunk and being helped by the other to stand up properly.

It was not her first time in the area, so Han Jie did not see anything wrong with it. She was also used to seeing drunken men slowly walking as if trying to make sure they won't fall face flat on the ground and cause embarrassment for themselves.

She was more interested in the man who was helping the drunk. He seemed to have long hair tied up cleanly at the back of his head.

The man was handsome, with a lean figure of a swimmer. Though his face was void with any expression, even annoyance despite the other man being difficult, for Han Jie, he was drool-worthy.

Han Jie continued to watch until both men walked towards a small alley on the right side of the building, where the pub was located.

She was shameless, so Han Jie followed carefully towards the alley to see where the men went while trying to keep her presence hidden.

At this time, she saw that the drunken male was crouching at the side, as he vomits. The other was patting the vomiting male's back as if to comfort.

"I told you, this is a mistake." The drunken man said after a while, "You don't have to do this."

There were piled up boxes near the two, and Han Jie managed to hide behind it before the drunken man spoke.

"That is not up to you to decide." The long hair man replied.

The other chuckled, "Hehe. Tell me. You love me, then I will not complain anymore."

Han Jie smirked because of this as feeling entertained. It was typical for any drunk to spurt out nonsense. In her view, the two seemed to be closed friends to be joking like this between males.

"I love you." The other replied emotionlessly after a while.

After hearing the emotionless response, Han Jie's eyes bulged. She then courageously tried to peek a glance at the two, while still behind the boxes.

Han Jie almost collapsed when he saw that the two men were kissing!

It was not the torrid, lots of action, and tongue type of kissing. Their lips were just touching.

Since there were no signs of struggle, Han Jie had finally confirmed that both male were gay!

In truth, she also liked the possibility for both males being gay and just being sweet with each other like a normal romantic couple. Of course, since that was really the case, then it still sad for females like her.

Han Jie's heart beats so fast. Then she realized a warm liquid running on her lips. She reached out to touch the liquid and realized that it was her own blood coming out of her nose!

She managed to relax after this and took care of her bleeding nose using a handkerchief. Han Jie then waited for the next scene between the men to unfold.

Han Jie watched silently and did not know how long the two men's lips were connected. It was only stopped when the drunken man's face fell on the other's chest, looking like he fell asleep.

The other man carried him bridals style, before walking towards the end of the alleyway where a black car seemed to be waiting for them.

Han Jie's mind was occupied entirely by the men all the way when she got home. She did not know what time she fell asleep but, before she does, Han Jie already managed to sketch a lot. She was making sure not to forget the features of the two men.

This was what she was doing for a while. Eventually, she realized that her drawings started telling a story.

The more she drew about the two, the more Han Jie enjoyed herself. She did not even need to get out of the house and just busied herself with her drawings.

Because of this as well, Han Jie learned that there were a specific type of comics that tells a story about both male couples. It was mostly from Country J, and it is called yaoi.

Han Jie bought a lot of yaoi comics and was very entertained. Since she was drawing the same stuff, Han Jie decided to call the characters, Master Shu and Ryu.


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