39 First Step

Han Jie was able to reminisce about a lot of things from the time she met Master Shu and Ryu. The two men were the reason why she became really interested in such matters.

When her mother passed away, Han Jie officially trained to be a professional artist in Country J.

With the help of Master Shu and Ryu, she had no problem started earning from her own story. That time, she needed money so bad because her father refused to support her.

It did not take long for her to finish her apprenticeship. It only took her a year before she returned to Country P.

When she got back, Han Jie accidentally saw Suzuki Kyou in the news as he represents the Suzuki Corp in her country.

Han Jie started to search more about it. The more she did, the more she realized that she had done something that she was not supposed to.

Her only solace was that Suzuki Kyou was a prominent figure in the corporate world, meaning, there was a high chance that he would not even read her work.

Nevertheless, her drawings might not be the same as the real one, but the similarities were still noticeable in a closer look. Aside from that, Ryu was also made with a reference of a real person, so if it was pointed out, how could Han Jie deny it?

With Suzuki Kyou as her friend, he would not do anything negative or drastic measures against her, especially if she explained, right?

Yes, her published work might point out his secret of being gay, but Han Jie was willing to help him cover it up using marriage. That should be fine, right?

Han Jie assured herself that all things would go well as long as she got Suzuki Kyou's friendship. She was still calculating her merits and future benefits in their friendship until she fell asleep that night…


Han Jie woke up, practically vibrating with excitement. She could feel her legs twitching as if to get her up without her brain's say so. She was that excited.

She couldn't wait to get closer to Suzuki Kyou as soon as possible.

Han Jie also remembered that she needed to prove to Jonah and Bai Min that she could take care of the marriage arrangement without any bad blood. That means, she did not want anyone being shouted at or sued.

Suzuki Kyou is gay. That was also something that she needed to prove to them, at least.

'Those idiots.' She thought to herself affectionately as she pushed off her bed, not even bothering to pick her fallen duvet.

Probably she only had a couple of hours of sleep, but she felt energized as if she had slept more than eight whole hours.

Her mind immediately snapped back to Master Shu. She had already formulated the list of things that she needed to do to make him agree to everything that she wants.

The first step, of course, was to be friends, very close friends. This was already in motion as well and just needs more push to really happen.

She was not going to deal with the drawing this time, though. Since that was the case, she might as well take advantage of the real things in front of her.

Han Jie had stalked him online before. Because of this, she was mostly aware of the things he liked that was available publicly. From his favorite food, underwear size to his preferred shoe, she knew it.

But, was it necessary to stalk further? Han Jie then had a bright idea after remembering something.

'Why didn't I do that before?' She asked herself as she pushed her hair away from her face as she looked for her phone quickly.

When she found her phone, Han Jie checked the recent missed call from an unknown number, 'Cutie Hubby' she named the contact before saving it.

Why not? Her crush on him wasn't going to disappear just like that. It never does, even when she was drawing erotic scenes between Master Shu and Ryu.

Han Jie giggled, before dialing the number. After a couple of rings, he picked up.


"Good morning, my new friend!" Han Jie greeted brightly and enthusiastically.

There was a long silence. Since there was no response coming from him, Han Jie checked her phone and saw if the line was disconnected. To her confusion, the timer of the call was still running, but no one was answering.

"Hello? Are you there?" Han Jie asked carefully.

"It's afternoon already." Suzuki Kyou replied emotionlessly.

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