40 Absolutely necessary

Han Jie was dumbfounded after hearing his response. 'Way to break my mood.' She thought to herself before recovering.

"Oh! I did not notice it! Hehe… Last night I had a good dream, and because of it, I almost don't want to wake up." Han Jie explained as she giggled sometimes.

"That is good."

"You don't want to hear about it? As friends, you should be curious a little, right?" Han Jie teased with a smile.

Suzuki Kyou hummed, before replying. "That is up to you if you want to share."

"I dreamed that you are treating me for lunch. There are donuts and ice creams as well! Isn't that amazing?" She asked. In truth, Han Jie just randomly spurt out nonsense about food.

Though she hasn't eaten breakfast yet, Han Jie called Suzuki Kyou first thing and just realized that she has nothing to tell him. So she had chosen food as the first thing to discuss with him.

He hummed again, as if thinking, "No. Those are all junk food." Suzuki Kyou finally said, shutting down her attempt to get free food from him.

"Hmph! Junkfood does sell, and those are billion-dollar worth businesses, you know. So it is not a bad thing to have those once in a while. Like once a day." She retorted, now really feeling disappointed and in the urge to hang up the phone.

'You unbelievable piece of log! I know you don't swing my way, but at least cooperate, okay? Don't you know as well that the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach?' Han Jie mumbled to herself silently while waiting for his reply.

Nevertheless, Han Jie plans to buy herself some donut and ice cream as a reward for surviving Suzuki Kyou the day before. She still needs to recover and have the energy to deal with him later on.

"Once a week is acceptable." He replied without a hurry.

"Oh? Are you buying me some as a celebration of our friendship?" Han Jie tried to persuade.

"Is that necessary?"

"Absolutely, necessary. Don't tell me you don't have friends to celebrate or go out with?" She asked.

"I don't." He replied after some time.

"That does not matter. You should start now with me, ah!" Han Jie did not question further despite her remembering the first time she saw him before.


"...Eh? Really? You agree?" Han Jie suddenly asked, dumbfounded.

"Should I not?" Suzuki Kyou lightly asked as if amused.

"Of course not! Let us go out now!" Han Jie declared.

"I can't now. I am working."

"Huh? You can't be working during weeke-" Han Jie halted when she recalled that he was the boss of a company and did not have a lot of free time like her. She then felt bad for him overworking to the point of not having any social life.

"I am sorry, I bothered you… When are you going to be available?" She softly asked, instead, "How about later after work?"

"That is fine. I am going to swim later."

Han Jie grinned, "That means I can join you, right? That is settled then!"

Suzuki Kyou just hummed in agreement. Han Jie did not linger in the call further and just said goodbye. He was working still, after all. Aside from that, she was also afraid that he might change his mind.

With them going out later, Han Jie busily prepared. She spied her boutique bag on the dresser and grinned through brushing her teeth.

Inside the bag was a pink, one-piece swimsuit, and it showed more than a little cleavage. Han Jie absolutely adored it.

She had sent Jonah out at 2 am to get it for her, two days ago. He had been grumpy and irritable, but Jonah could not refuse.

Thought her stomach was not completely flat, because of her laziness and overeating junk food, Han Jie did not feel embarrassed at all. She was not really trying to switch Suzuki Kyou's gender preference, so it was fine.

The night before as well, Han Jie was almost naked in front of him, and he did not even show any reaction to it.

Han Jie tried the one-piece swimsuit and grinned at the mirror before twirling around.

'Absolutely perfect.' She thought to herself happily.

At the same time, while Han Jie was having a good time, in the Suzuki Corp. Board room, everyone was anxious as they try to summarize all their reports, without missing any important detail, because their CEO wanted to leave early and swim!


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