5 Step and Chase 2

"Jie'er! Oy, Jie'er! You are not listening to me again!" Han Feng shouted on the phone. His tone of voice clearly showed that he was already at his end wits. Since there was no one responding from the other line, Han Feng needed and had to find another option.

Jonah felt the phone vibrating in his laps. He dropped the shopping bag that he was holding with both hands to answer his phone.

He was currently behind Han Jie waiting, as she continued standing in the middle of the mall with a phone next to her ear. His face is already red due to embarrassment as the people in the mall were glancing at them for being in the way.

When he saw who was calling, Johan was surprised but still, he answered carefully. "Hello, sir?" His boss was calling him.

Why? Wasn't he still talking to Han Jie?

"What happened to my daughter? Where is she? She is not responding." Han Feng immediately exclaimed, feeling his headache due to stress.

"She's in front of me, sir." Jonah replied respectfully, before patting Han Jie's shoulder and asked, "Miss? Is there a problem? Your father is looking for you."

Han Jie did not reply, but before he makes another move, the phone that she is holding the ground.

"Jonah." She called and turned around to look at him, somewhat stunned. "Slap me." Han Jie said completely ignoring her scattered phone pieces.

Eh? What are you talking about? Do you want me to lose my job?

Jonah laughed nervously as he stepped back to get away from her. "Miss, you're kidding."

"No. I'm serious. Slap me. Punch me or kick me. I need to make sure I'm not dreaming." She said seriously as she stepped towards him.

"Miss Jie! Your father is worried. Why don't you talk to him and ask him rather than me hurting you?" He suggested. It is now official, Han Jie was a masochist. wasn't the full body waxing enough proof?

"Tsk. I can't. He will make sure that it will be very painful." Han Jie replied pouting before she pinched her arm. "Painful!" She declared before running to the restaurant near them.

"Miss, where are you going? Wait for me!" Jonah called out as he chased her. helplessly, He could only do so while updating his boss. "Sir, the miss went to a restaurant. I think that she must be hungry and wants to eat so badly."

Han Feng just replied with a grunt before hanging up. He would just have to deal with his daughter later.

Jonah immediately found Han Jie on the far end of the restaurant close to the restroom and stairs. It was lunchtime and there were a lot of people dining as well, but the place was not noisy at all. Mostly, there were groups of men who look like they were primarily working for the same company.

Jonah frowned unhappily as the waitresses and his miss were the only female in that area. However, Han Jie did not seem to mind it, and there was no one looking at her strangely. so it seemed alright.

Still, Jonah feels that something in the situation was not right even though he was not sure what it was.

Johan saw her signaling him to come over and sit down. "Is it fine to sit here?" He asked, looking for any indication that the table was reserved, but found none.

"No problem."

"Ok. Miss, what do you want to eat?" Jonah asked immediately. His job was just so demanding sometimes. He could be a bodyguard, a servant, and a nanny as well. For him, Han Jie was like a grown-up kid who was just too restless and moreover, she was two years elder to him.

Just like that time, Han Jie was supposed to be choosing what to eat, but she seemed to be on the edge of her seat desperately looking around.

"Miss, is there a problem?" He asked.

"I'm looking for someone." She answered truthfully, still looking around.

Jonah frowned and looked towards the stairs, "How about checking above?" He did not know who she was looking for. But from the way she was acting, there was a high chance of wasting time inside the restaurant until she found what she was looking for.

Han Jie bit her lip as her eyes darted at the stairs. "I will just wait here…" She said softly. Above the dining area were probably separate private rooms or meeting areas. How could she find a way to visit the second floor?

She could not explain herself like, 'I am looking for my Master Shu. He is currently the most handsome man here in the mall, and I want to see him.'

Her Master Shu, the real one, just passed by, and she was unfortunate to get a closer look. Han Jie was feeling so sad.

She did not need to touch him, just looking up close, like one step away was enough. 'I promise,' Han Jie vowed to herself, 'but he probably already left or I am in the wrong restaurant.'

Since feeling so depressed, Han Jie called out the waiter. As the waiter already asked if they were waiting for another two people, Han Jie ordered a lot just to close the waiter's doubts

So what? She was a stress eater and all her pent up frustrations and stress could only be relieved by delicious food.

"Wow! That is a lot of food! You are surely enjoying yourself!" Someone said that made Han Jie raised her head towards where the voice came from.

Han Jie's eyes bulged in delight as the man who caught their attention was handsome! The man may not be on the tall side, but he looked good. The uke or the receiver type on a gay relationship.

She smiled brightly before replying, "En! The food is delicious!"

The man laughed loudly, "Yes! Ten times better if it's free!" He added with a strange smirk on his face as he looked at them knowingly. The way he looked clearly expressed that they were not welcomed.

Jonah and Han Jie stiffened suddenly, somewhat feeling alert. "I'm sorry? Are you being kind and decided to pay for what we eat? Thank you so much if that is the case!" Han Jie stated positively. She was speaking out so loudly and happily that some of the men on business suit looked at their direction.

"Haha! So shameless! I would have never thought that I can still meet someone who is a blatant gold digger!" He responded as he looked down on her, venom laced on every word.

Han Jie suddenly stood up with a raised brow, "Can you explain that for me? I am feeling dumb today." She said sweetly.

"Really? Gold digger and dumb? That is a good combination! The right description for gatecrashes like you who-Ah!" The man was not able to finish what he was supposed to say when his baby maker felt an excruciating pain, that made him kneel on the floor…

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