41 None Work-Related

The atmosphere on the board was really terrible. Of course, the boss was not feeling this at all.

Why did the staff know that their boss has a date without it being explicitly announced? Because their boss decided to answer none work-related phone call during an important meeting.

Despite feeling that it was unfair, the people inside the meeting could not complain at all. They were too busy scrambling to finish their report in 15 minutes at most, and that was a challenging task.

"Enough. We will finish this on Tuesday. Make sure you are all prepared at that time." Suzuki Kyou voice suddenly cut off the manager that was currently reporting before he waved his hand, indicating everyone could leave.

At first the staff was startled, but eventually released a deep breath, and immediately left the room before the boss changed his mind or started firing someone. The only people left in the room were Suzuki Kyou, his assistant, and secretary.

"Sir, this is an important meeting. You also have a flight on Tuesday night…" Assistant Ye reminded. He was very aware that the monthly report meeting would typically take hours. What if it was not finished before they left the country?

"Cancel the flight. There was no need to personally visit any gathering about family. They can always email me if they need something specific." He said before standing up from his chair and leaves the board room as well.

Assistant Ye shook his head, "Sir, it was your Grandmother's order. I do not recommend making her unhappy. She might personally visit and take over things here." Personally, Assistant Ye was very cautious around the Suzuki family matriarch. Thought he was working directly under Suzuki Kyou, the CEO, but some rules could not be ignored, and people must not be offended. He was just making sure that his boss did not forget that.

Suzuki Kyou did not respond or acknowledge Assistant Ye's comment. This clearly means he did not care about it. That was the case even when he got into his office and sat on the couch.

After releasing a deep breath, "Since we need to change plans for the week, I will let the main family know that you are canceling…"

He then looked at Assistant Ye, "It's weekend. Today is day-off supposed to be. Let's talk about work tomorrow."

'Sir, why are you treating your family matters as work too?' Assistant Ye complained to himself silently. He then wryly smiled before replying, "I understand. I am happy to know that you plan to rest finally."

'Since we are not working, can I go home now?' Assistant Ye wanted to ask, but his boss was busy now concentrated on playing Suduko, so he did not speak, yet. It is a type of game where numbers were mostly involved.

In front of Suzuki Kyou, there was a timer as well, as if he wanted to know how fast he could finish it.

Aside from wanting to rest for the day, he was also curious about the call Suzuki Kyou received earlier.

"I will swim later before midnight. Hmmm, you can call the hotel to advise.�� Suzuki Kyou said while still focused on the paper with numbers and squares.

"I understand, sir." Assistant Ye replied respectfully after a while. However, before he made the call, he was curiously looking at Suzuki Kyou, waiting for the man to spill more details.

Assistant Ye was still aware that Han Jie called, and they have the plan to meet later, but why the need to go to the hotel pool instead? His boss, after all, has his own pool at home.

Despite being curious, he still fulfilled the order efficiently.


Han Jie was really in an excellent mood as she looked forward to meeting Master Shu earlier. By just looking at him as he swims should be satisfying already.

Before, she had discovered during her stalk--- erm, research that Suzuki Kyou preferred to swim in the morning, especially when everyone was still asleep. Well technically the article didn't say that, but she had read between the lines. However, if the article was not making up stories, it was surprising for him to do so at night, and she was lucky for that to happen.

Han Jie imagined him shirtless and only in trunks. While thinking this, she was giggling and smiling evilly nonstop. That was the case even when she went to eat with the others.

"Psst… Oy…" Bai Min whispered, calling for her. He was getting goosebumps because of the smile on Han Jie's face.

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