42 Lying Requirements

Bai Min was sitting beside Han Jie, so she should be able to hear him whisper at her.

"Han Jie, don't play with your food, that's bad luck. You might step on dog shit later." He stated unhappily as her watcher, her poking the boiled egg on her plate absent mindlessly. Bai Min shook his head when Han Jie still did not respond.

The woman was so into her own world that, that she did not notice that the only ones left in the table was her and Bai Min. Her father already left a long time ago and decided to focus on his newspaper inside his room.

Since words don't work against her, Bai Min flicked his fingers on her forehead, which immediately startled Han Jie and woke her up.

While rubbing her forehead, "What is your problem? Are you sexually frustrated or something to bother me?" Han Jie asked with a glare.

Bai Min snorted with disgust, "Why would I talk to you if that is the case? Missy, think before you speak, or a fly may get in your mouth. I do not have the time to deal with you when that happens." He said before he clapped his hands directly in front of Han Jie's face as if killing a mosquito.

She leaned back to avoid his hands, "Careful! Go away! Don't bother me!" Han Jie waved her hand as she muttered 'shu, shu' at the same time.

"Really? Are you asking me to leave after you used me? How dare you?! You owe me money!" Bai Min demanded.

Han Jie narrowed her eyes as she could not refute that. Even though Bai Min almost burned his house, he was technically still a doctor that helped her last night because of stomach ache. If not, she might have embarrassed herself further in front of Suzuki Kyou.

'Wait! I had a little stomach ache cause of Bai Min as well!' She only complained to herself. After all, who told her to eat Bai Min's cooking?

Han Jie suddenly grinned evilly. The look on her face made Bai Min felt a premonition that disaster would fall in his life soon. So instead of asking, he stood up from his chair went to the toilet to get away from her.

Before she could chase after him, Jonah arrived, his expression looking at her miserably.

"What happened to you?" She asked curiously. Jonah looked like he was bullied.

Jonah sighed tiredly, "Miss, I beg you. Please help me live a peaceful life." He said, almost begging. Since he was Han Jie's personal guard, and she managed to do some crazy things recently while under his watch, he was reprimanded heavily by the big boss last night.

"Oh…" Han Jie replied, almost apologetically. Almost, because though she liked Jonah, she still never wanted her actions to be restricted. Sadly that was Jonah's job.

Han Jie stood up from her chair and marched towards her father, who was still reading the newspaper. With arms crossed, she stood in front of him with a glare.

"Miss you… What are you doing?" Jonah could not help but ask. He was nervous as Han Jie might be doing this for him, and that would not really help.

"What is it?" Han Feng asked without looking at her.

"I want freedom."

Jonah was startled and grateful at the same time, for her to not directly involve him.

Bai Min, who just got out from the toilet, also managed to hear Han Jie's declaration and was really curious about what will happen.

"Then, get married." Han Feng said with a smirk, as if annoying her.

"Okay. I will marry." She agreed immediately which caused everyone to be dumbfounded, including Han Feng, who was not looking at her in disbelief. He clearly did not expect her answer.

He then asked suspiciously, "Really? Why?"

"Not why ah! You said I get married, so I will! But I will only do it if it is with Suzuki Kyou." She said, dropping another bomb.

Han Feng's face turned red in anger, "You… You… Foolish child! Are you stealing your sister's husband?!" He blurted out in shock.

"Father, why are you mad? Mei Mei runs away because she doesn't want to get married to him. Since I want to replace her officially, isn't that something you should be happy about?" She asked unhappily.

Though she was good at lying, but Han Jie still did not want to keep doing it, okay? It was always troublesome and requires lots of memory power.

If one wants to lie, one also needs to make sure not to forget the lie and stick to it for a long time!

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