43 I will beg with her

"That is not as simple as that!" Han Feng replied in frustration. He then heavily breathed as if he was trying to calm himself.

"Don't get angry too easily. Your blood pressure will rise…" Han Jie said softly. She did not expect that her father would be mad because of what she said. Initially, she thought that her suggestion was the best solution.

It was still best to be friends with Suzuki Kyou using her real identity, not her sister's. Once they have established and finalized their agreement, then there would be no more problems. The marriage agreement won't be canceled, and both families would benefit.

Han Feng glared at her, "Don't speak nonsense. Your sister will be found, and her marriage was already finalized, and changing the name on it is impossible."

With a pout, "Why did you choose to marry Mei Mei to him instead of me? Do you really look down on me?" She said aggrieved.

Han Jie then sat on the chair across her father with a grumpy expression, "If it was me, and I get a handsome husband, I won't complain. You know this, and you still choose to make your life difficult."

"Tsk. Who told you to live in seclusion?" Han Feng said in annoyance, he then waved his hand, when he saw his daughter opening her mouth to speak, "Enough. Do not try to annoy me further." He then continued to release deep breaths. He then reach to his forehead and massaged it gently.

After a long time of silence, "Even though you did not choose to leave, Mei'er was the one chosen by the Suzuki family. All we can do is wait for her to come back. Your sister could not just leave the country. I know you are doing this for your sister, but that won't help at all."

"Father, you know her. She is very obedient and doesn't like causing trouble. You are unfair to her. So what if she likes someone else? If she is happy, we should support her! Do you really want both of us to despise you? Even mother will be furious because of this." Han Jie said in frustration, using her trump card to make her father feel guilty.

At this time, the father and daughter was the only one left in the hotel living room, so Han Jie was more comfortable talking like this.

Though she has some issues with her father before and some grievance, Han Jie knew that no one is perfect, and she also could not choose her parents.

Han Feng is not a perfect father, but she knew he is not heartless as well.

He was silent for a while after what she said. Han Feng released a deep breath, as if he gave up, "As I said, when we found your sister, then we can talk about it."

"Only talk? Mother-"

"Fine! If you feel I am really unfair, if your sister really does not want to marry into the Suzuki family, so be it. But she needs to beg for it herself!" Han Feng replied cutting her off. He looked exhausted.

"Okay! No problem! I will beg with her, don't worry! That's a promise, okay? Hehe…" Han Jie suddenly yelled happily, before running away from her father to make sure he could not change his mind.

Han Feng like regretting what he just said. However, Han Jie was right when she said; he could not make his wife angry. All he could do later was to prepare for the worse.

While Han Feng was thinking of other solutions to fix a future problem, Han Jie was busy trying to contact her sister.

Just like before, her call would go directly on voicemail.

"Mei Mei, please pick up the phone. I want to talk to you. Father made me replace you for the meantime for the engagement. Huhuhu… It was so frustrating!" One of her messages left for her sister.

Then another one, "Even though it is frustrating, I will do it for you. Just talk to me, I want to make sure you are alright. Whatever the problem is, I will help. I am just here father can't bully you. Hehe." She left another message.

"You know, father promised that he would let you choose what you wanted when you got back. I recorded him, and he has no clue at all! Hehe. So go back now, okay? So you can hear it. I miss you. I want to eat the mango Tiramisu that you always make for me."

Han Jie continued to call her sister's phone, but regardless of how many tries, she would still end up getting voicemail…

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