44 Patient Han

Somewhere in City S…

A woman was nervously sitting in the far end corner of the waiting area of a clinic, fearing that it would be her turn to be called soon.

She kept on biting her lips to stop it from trembling. If one looked closer, they would notice that her eyes were glistering from unshed tears.

Her knuckles clench tightly, gripping the hem of her loose black shirt. From time to time, she was looking at the door of the clinic, as her desire to flee increases.

The clinic was private, and there were barely other patients like her, and that was perfectly fine with her. It took her a lot of effort to arrive at City S without her father knowing about it, especially at this time.

"Patient Han? Patient Han?" The receptionist called that immediately startled the woman.

"Is Patient Han still here?"

The woman stood up and approached the receptionist. "I am Patient Han…"

"Ms. Han, you are scheduled in an hour… You still have time to think about this…" The receptionist softly said. Pity and sadness were clearly written on her face. Though she was part of the clinic for some time, she still could not help but feel bad for women like the one in front of her.

For the receptionist, Patient Han does not want to be in their clinic by just looking at the patient's anguish and reluctant expression but seems not to have any choice.

Patient Han only nodded and did not reply. After that, she got back to her just as silently.

She held then held her belly carefully and muttered very softly, "Baby… I'm really sorry… Mother loves you so much, but… but… It's complicated, your father does not want us… and I can't, I…" She was not able to continue her murmurs as the tears blurred her vision as it runs on her cheeks. Her hand immediately covered her mouth to suppress the sob to come out from it.

To relax, she slowly released deep breaths. She did not know how many minutes are left, so for the last time, she decided to contact him.

She then opened her phone for the first time after leaving home. The phone continued to vibrate due to messages as well as voice mail notifications.

The voicemail notifications continued to pop up on her phone until she got a message that states her voicemail inbox was full. With shaking hands, she listened to the voice messages one after another.

She absentmindedly listened at first. It did not take long for her to crack a smile then chuckle to what she was hearing. Despite that, tears continued to run down from the eyes.

"…MeiMei, please pick up the phone I am so worried, I can't sleep at night. You should be guilty for doing so."

"…I have a secret. I know you are curious, hehe. Come on, hmph! I will only tell you if you talk to me."

"…I promise, father can't bully you, as long as I'm here."

"…Everything will be alright. I will help you."

"…Mei Mei, don't worry. I like your groom, I will kidnap him, then tie him up on a bed, then squeeze him dry, so they can't bother you anymore. Okay?"

She listened to every message, and every time she does, it gave her strength to stand up, and it did not take too long for her to be able to get out of the abortion clinic.


Back in the hotel...

"Are you ready, miss? Are you sure the boss agree to this?" Jonah asked.

He really wasn't happy about this. He had slept a total of two hours last night and was not able to get a chance to make up for it within the day, and he was blaming Han Jie for that.

It wasn't Han Jie that kept him awake, but her plans certainly kept him awake, on top of the sermon he got from the big boss.

However, Jonah really liked his job, especially the pay, even if he was just babysitting an adult. He just hoped the adult would act more like her age.

'Oh well, the boss can't handle her, so I really can't complain much.' Jonah thought to himself as he remembered how Han Jie talked to her father earlier. It was like Han Feng not having any choice but to compromise or get sick if not.

Han Jie grinned at him, "Of course, there is no problem with father! Let's go Jonah-O!" She said and skipped out of the room.

'It was going to be a good night.' Han Jie hummed as she looked forward to it as she giggled.


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