45 Appointmen

Han Jie was in a good mood, unlike Jonah, who kept mumbling to himself. Unlike his little boss, he did not want to swim.

It was just a good thing that his Miss did not have the idea to walk from their hotel suite towards the pool area in swimwear.

Jonah really thought earlier that he could sleep early, but he was not that lucky since Han Jie and Suzuki Kyou had an agreement to swim. It was just a good thing that it was only in the hotel pool since he did not have any energy to drive.

It did not take long for them to arrive in the pool area. Since it was almost thirty minutes before 10 PM there were barely people around.

Suzuki Kyou wasn't there yet, as Han Jie wanted to be early. So while waiting, they both changed to their swimwear.

However, when it was past 1oPM, the man was still not there.

Han Jie frowned really unhappily.

Looking at her reaction, Jonah could do not know if he should cry their misfortune of wasting time or laugh in relief that there was nothing bad going on.

��Where is he? Quickly look." Han Jie whispered pointed at the entrance of the pool.

The poor guard had no choice but to look around the private pool.

"Maybe there was an emergency, and he could not swim today. Let's go now, Miss." Jonah said, trying to hurry her back to the suit.

Han Jie glared at him, "Shoo! Still 7 minutes after 10 PM. He will arrive, ah!"

For her, Suzuki Kyou never missed on his appointments. At least he would have the decency to inform her, right?

"But Miss, Mr. Suzuki must be really busy. Why not try to call him and see what happened?"

"No way. If I do that, won't I look like a clingy housewife?" Han Jie said, glaring at Jonah like he had everything to do with Suzuki Kyou's nonappearance.

After hearing that, Jonah's head turned so fast to look at Han Jie in disbelief. What clingy housewife? The fellow doesn't like to be around women!

He knew of this fact about Suzuki Kyou. The day before, Jonah casually talked to Suzuki Kyou's guards, and he was pretty sure that the guard hadn't been lying to him.

Jonah was also guessing that Han Jie did or said something towards Suzuki Kyou to make him go to the hotel pool of all places.

Han Jie snorted before turning around and crouch down to grab a small bag that she placed on the floor earlier. She was really feeling thirsty and wanted to get a bottle of water.

"What is wrong with that man-" As soon as she said that, they heard a splash sound from behind.

Jonah looked at the pool knowingly before his gaze shifted at Han Jie. He could only shake his head as his little boss, seemed so radiant and excited.

Why not? Cause the one who caused the splash was none other than Suzuki Kyou.

He jumped from the other side of the pool. Thought, the pool area was not that large, but it would still take a while for if one swim, it would always take a couple of minutes to reach the other end, which was on their side.

At this time, Jonah really felt like the smile on her face was also creepy as if she wanted to jump.

As if proving his guess, Han Jie stepped towards the pool. Jonah immediately grabbed her arm to make her stop.

He then whispered to her, "Miss, you don't swim well. Scratch that, you can't swim at all." He reminded remorsefully.

Jonah wasn't exaggerating after all. Han Jie, for as back as he had known her, always used her "floating balloons" to swim.

She tsked at him and smiled mischievously, "He'll have to teach me then." Han Jie replied brightly as if her idea was amazing.

Han Jie then flopped to the edge of the pool and sat there, her feet in the water directly in Suzuki Kyou's path.

Jonah sighed again and went to sit on a lounge chair, not too far away. Just enough to give the two privacy, while watching the show and also to make sure he could quickly jump to the water in case Han Jie had caused 'accident' all by herself.

Suzuki Kyou broke out of the surface of the water just before Han Jie's feet. She immediately felt woozy.

"Hello, you finally arrived," she said with a sweet smile.

He looked at her face, his eyebrows raised while saying, "We have an appointment."

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