46 Annoying Pool

Han Jie grinned as she nodded at him. Right, they do have an appointment. Like the fact alone that she did not stalk to see him was already amazing enough.

She was watching him closely, with a silly smile on her face, feeling satisfied in her heart.

At this time, Suzuki Kyou did not tie his long hair up. Usually, professional men kept their hair clean-cut, but not him, which Han Jie liked so much.

Despite this, Han Jie failed to notice anything unusual, like the sly glint on his eyes.

"I got donuts, as you requested." He suddenly while looking at her without any expression.

Han Jie was, of course, so happy to hear that, "Where is it?! Get it!" She demanded while clapping her hands like a kid.

Aside from wanting to eat the donuts, she also wanted to feast using her eyes as soon as Suzuki Kyou got out of the pool.

However, instead of getting her donuts, he just leisurely continued to float in the water.

With a frown, "Where is it?" She asked, confused that made him chuckle as if amused to her impatience for the donut.

"I don't have it here." He replied with a smirk, his eyes looking at her playfully, before his gaze shifted at Jonah, "He can get it from my guard, if you really want to eat now."

"Jonah-O! Get it now, please? I am starving…" Han Jie said, almost begging. She was really craving for something sweet, and aside from that, Han Jie barely eat anything earlier as she was so excited about the swim.

Jonah, of course, did not like that idea as he supposed to be her guard. However, with Han Jie like this, there was no way he could complain.

Any, Suzuki Kyou was present, so Jonah thought nothing was supposed to go wrong. All he could do was look between Han Jie, and Suzuki Kyou, then finally the guard that was on the other side of the pool, who was, holding a box of donut.

"Jonah? What are you waiting for?" Han Jie asked with a glare as she waved her hand for him to leave asap.

Jonah almost glared at her. 'Miss, what are you doing? Is that how Miss Mae reacts because of donut?' He complied with himself, then gave up thinking about it.

After releasing a deep breath, Jonah decided to finally stand up and quickly walked towards Suzuki Kyou's guard, who was holding a box of donuts.

It did not take long for Jonah to walk back to them. However, due to Han Jie's excitement and hunger, she stood up from the side of the pool so quickly that she slips.


Han Jie fell on the pool. "He-Help!" She called as she kept on wagging her hands in the air, trying to reach for something.

"Miss!" Jonah saw this and tried

When Jonah told her that she was not good at swimming, it was still putting it lightly. In truth, she barely knew how to swim at all!

"He-Hel-" Han Jie was not able to shout as she felt her body sinking completely. She almost lost consciousness when she suddenly felt someone grabbed her.

She immediately grabbed hold of the person who helped her. Han Jie's arms and legs were like a snake tightly and firmly locked towards the man.

"Don't choke me!" The man growled annoyingly next to her ear.

Han Jie immediately stiffened as the one who saved her was none other than Suzuki Kyou.

She was still trembling since the fact that she almost drowned really gave her a scare.

Han Jie was tightly holding on to him while talking to herself. 'Ah! Darn it! Why did I not fall farther? If that happened, I could hug him longer. What an annoying pool!' She was regretful because of this and not because the side area she was currently at was the deep part of the pool.

Though still trying to recover from the shock, she was more assured since someone was with her.

It did not take long for them to arrive at the side of the pool. Suzuki Kyou pushed up so she could sit on it and grab on the railings.

"Miss! Are you alright?!" Jonah immediately asked when he got close to them.

Han Jie nodded but still feeling dizzy. However, it did not take long for her to feel a warm liquid touching her lips. She learned that the liquid was blood coming out from her nose!

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