47 I swear I will be fine

"Your nose is bleeding again!" Suzuki Kyou said it was laced with concern. "Go to the hotel clinic now!" His sudden outburst was clearly surprising as well, given that fact that he always has a serious expression.

Han Jie looked at Suzuki Kyou with a weak smile on her face, before she waved her hand dismissively and said, "I will be fine. Just a little rest will do." Her head leaned backward, while a hand covered her nose so the blood won't stop.

"Call Dr. Bai." Suzuki Kyou said commandingly to his guard.

When she heard this, Han Jie looked at him with surprise. "No… No… I swear I will be fine. No need to bother Dr. Bai." She said this with a pale expression as if she was embarrassed to be seen by Bai Min this way.

However, in reality, she did not want to bother the man because Han Jie would surely hear an earful of complaining later for disturbing his sleep. Not to mention the fee that he was asking from her earlier that she had not settled yet.

She managed to avoid Bai Min for the entire with the help of his work in the hotel clinic. But if he saw her, he would remind her about the previous 'bill.'

Aside from that, he would ask for an additional charge for being woken up just to treat her nose bleed.

"Call him now." Suzuki Kyou said that cut off her line of thought.

"Is there no other doctor available? He is probably asleep already, and it is also passed working hours." Han Jie said softly with a chuckle, which Suzuki Kyou completely ignored.

"Really, this is…"Han Jie's refusal halted cause of the glare that he suddenly gave her. She had no choice but to shut up and shrunk her neck, hiding it for possible danger.

Hiding one's neck was not the only way to save one's life from imminent danger, which was also handsome and yummy as well by the name of Suzuki Kyou.

Han Jie also wanted to run away as if she was not trying to take advantage of him earlier.

"Let me get tissue…" She said while standing up. However, as soon as she did, she felt dizzy and almost fell.

"Miss, be careful!" Jonah was supposed to help her stopped him.

"I am fine. Take care of my donuts." She said as she steadied herself. No need for much effort cause Suzuki Kyou appeared next to her to help.

"Still have time to worry about the donuts?" He asked annoyingly, voice laced with sarcasm.

She could just chuckle nervously in response as he helped her walked towards an available bench near the pool. Han Jie had no time to look towards his body as she was busy looking upwards to make sure that blood from her nose would stop.

Jonah was not idle as he left to grab her bag from where she left it and run back to give it to her.

"Why are you not careful? It is just donut. Do you want to die cause of a box of donut?" Suzuki Kyou started reprimanding her.

Han Jie already had a tissue covering her nose. "Do you know how many people get hungry nowadays? How can you waste food just like that?" She said accusingly with a muffled voice.

She still did not have the opportunity to look at him, and yet Suzuki Kyou's guard was so efficient that a towel for him to dry and cover-up suddenly appeared.

"You almost drowned." He said seriously.

"Thanks to you, I did not."

"Why are you by a pool if you don't know how to swim?" he asked, a muscle twitching at his jaw as if he was trying not to grit his teeth cause of Han Jie.

"I can do the doggie swimming style." She replied absent mindlessly, but eventually realized that her notion was not appropriate and sounded lewd depending on the listener. "I mean, I thought I could just stay at the side." Han Jie immediately added.

Shaking his head, "You should have told me that you don't know how to swim. I would not have invited you here." He said, almost sounding like he was blaming himself. Almost because he was expression was so serious that one would just imagine the notion.

"You are a very good swimmer." Han Jie commented, before she suddenly blurted out brightly. "I have an idea!"


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