48 Boys over friends

"What idea?" He asked suspiciously. Jonah was also looking at her like this.

"You could you teach me!" She responded.

Suzuki Kyou just looked at her with a frown. He was clearly against it but could not voice it out.

"Please?" She said, making her best puppy eyes.

He tilted his head and looked at her before speaking, "Your sister is a good swimmer. Why not asked her instead?" He asked curiously.

Han Jie suddenly stiffened, before her eyes bulged in surprise. "What? Who said that? That is not true!" She said indignantly. However, in her heart,, she was unsure.

'Crap! What is he talking about? Did my sister have swimming lessons that I am not aware of?' She complained to herself silently, but did not show in her expression the slightest. Suzuki Kyou stared back at her for a while. "I guess one could not believe rumors." He said thoughtfully.

"Right!" She agreed with a smile, before asking shyly, "So can you teach me, please?"

Thankfully there was no need for her to kneel and beg as Suzuki Kyou finally agreed.

It did not take long for Bai Min to arrive. The doctor still had usual sleeping wear, a white sando shirt and boxer shorts.

Though he was respectful when greeting Suzuki Kyou, his attitude was completely different from Han Jie.

Bai Min was looking at her meaningfully as he checked her condition. His eyes were like asking and saying, 'What is this crap again? Are you acting?'

Of course, Han Jie only scrunches her nose as she tried to be cute and act innocent. This earned a discrete glare from Bai Min.

"Is she alright? Does she need to go to the hospital?" Suzuki Kyou suddenly asked that cut off their silent communication.

"She is alright, sir, and just a little scared." Bai Min replied truthfully.

"See? I am alright!"

Suzuki Kyou expressionlessly hummed in reply. "You should go back and rest." He said eventually.

"But… But… Can you teach me how to swim a little before I go back?" She asked shyly.

"Miss, that is not a good idea…" Jonah said softly.

While seeing her current action, Bai Min almost gag as he thought, 'Miss, you know how to act shy, now? You just almost drowned! What are you doing and talking about?'

Just as he was trying to question her action, Han Jie decided to use him as a backup.

"Doctor Bai said I am alright. So there will be nothing wrong to try swimming a little with help, right?" She asked, looking at her expectantly. However, her eyes have slyly glinted as if challenging to refuse her request.

Bai Min was dumbfounded. He then narrowed his eyes towards her, as if saying, 'You are willing to betray me?'

"Is something wrong with your eyes, Doctor Bai? Why do your eyes look smaller than normal?" She asked curiously, her lips twitching as she fights a bright smile to surface.

Suzuki Kyou asked as well, "Is everything alright, Doctor Bai?"

Bai Min chuckled nervously, "I am alright. My eyes were just a little tired."

He really wanted to refuse, but Han Jie was someone who knew a lot about him and his secret activities. Though he has never done anything explicitly illegal, they were still embarrassing.

"It is alright to swim still, but I don't recommend doing it too much, especially at this time." Bai Min finally said. He was not actually lying, but initially only wanted to get back at Han Jie use it a small revenge for being woken up in the middle of his deep, wonderful sleep.

"See? Hehe. I told you, it is fine." she asked, trying to act shy.

Suzuki Kyou looked at her with a raised brow before he stood up and waited.

"Not coming yet?" He asked when she was looking at him in confusion. After that, he turned around and jump to the pool efficiently.

Han Jie immediately grinned before she untied her wrap and ran towards the pool, completely ignoring Bai Min and Jonah.

"Tsk. Tsk. She did not even say thank you." Bai Min mumbled to himself. "Sir! I am going back! Good night, everyone!" He called out before walking fast towards the exit.

Bai Min also heard Han Jie saying 'good night' to him. However, he did not look back and just shook his head. 'What is this? Boys over friends? It is probably true that girls will treat outsiders better when they group up.' He thought bitterly.

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