49 Not The Normal Type

Han Jie was both guilty and thankful for Bai Min. She silently vowed to make it up to him later.

For now, she needed to enjoy the time that was given to her by 'Master Shu'. As he said, learning to swim would save her life in the future, and he was never wrong on that.

Suzuki Kyou was very patient when teaching her. When he was helping her how to float, his hands were holding her shoulder and legs, but Han Jie could not feel that she is taken advantage of. Somehow, that made her sad.

Because of this, there were times when she tried to get closer by 'accident.' Suzuki Kyou sadly gave her more space, but the farther he moved, the closer she came. Whenever she touched him, he moved back.

Eventually, he ended the swimming lessons and used the time being so late to continue. Han Jie could not help but pout unhappily. She was sure he just gave up on teaching her.

Too bad, she was not able to grab his ass on that day. Nevertheless, Han Jie had an excellent time to the point that she was humming and hopping towards their hotel suite with her box of donuts.

When she got back to her room, she immediately changed into her pajamas in the bathroom. Han Jie grinned at the mirror, wriggling her eyebrows at her reflection.

Han Jie was feeling refreshed and very pleased with herself. That was the case still when she went to sleep.


"Master, why not invite Miss Han to your house next time instead?" Sato Akira suggested to his boss that he was sitting at the back of the car. He was Suzuki Kyou's guard and driver for more than seven years now, and he was confused as to why his boss was doing something unnecessary.

Suzuki Kyou did not respond. He was in deep thought, but no one else knew what he was thinking.

"Akira, people do change drastically. It was so unbelievable and surprising. What do you think? Am I right?" Suzuki Kyou suddenly asked. Though he was expressionless, there was a bad feeling coming out from him.

This notion had confused the poor driver as well as made him nervous.

"Master, you are correct. People always change, especially when they get older." Akira still answered truthfully.

Akira heard his boss hum in agreement.

"A person who knew how to swim suddenly doesn't and almost drowned. If it's acting... So much change…" Suzuki Kyou murmured to himself as he smiled mockingly. "Is there any news who the people from the Han family is looking for?"

"There was none yet, Master."

"I see. Make sure they keep track of the people from the Han family. Tell them to report all movements, immediately." Suzuki Kyou stated thoughtfully, before he closed his eyes, seemingly resting…


Han Jie woke up late. As in past lunchtime. She was so energized to the point of already formulating her plan for the day.

She was feeling refreshed and ready to get close to 'Master Shu' as soon as possible.

Suzuki Kyou wouldn't know what hit him. Or who. She thought mischievously.

She went to the bathroom and glanced at the shower, then at the bathtub. Han Jie was contemplating if she would soak in a bubble bath for hours or not.

Nope. She thought, wrinkling her nose. Not today.

She strutted out of the bathroom back to her room. Her yesterday, well last night's exploit made the room look like a hurricane had blown through it.

Han Jie failed to eat the night properly before, aside from the donuts, but there were food wrappings at a random place in the room.

She spied her laptop on her bed. Is that a sock or tissue? She wondered as she cautiously pushed it off her laptop.

Han Jie immediately dived back on the bed and adjusted herself. Her laptop on her lap. There had to be something about Suzuki Kyou she had not found. Right?

Besides, the search engine had shown several articles concerning him, and those were not enough. Though she could ask, wasn't it better to take the initiative to investigate? It shows a woman's sincerity to a man.

'Wait… It is supposed to be the other way around, right? Like the man doing the investigation to make a woman happy?' It was laughable that she just realized that, but Han Jie eventually gave up thinking more about it.

She was not the regular type of girl, after all. Also, Suzuki Kyou was not the normal type of guy. So actions to get his attention should not be normal too.

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