6 Not So Honest Mistake 1

"You witch!" The man shouted furiously as he glared at them with contempt, while he was kneeling on the floor due to pain.

Han Jie could bet that the man would roll on the ground out of pain but resisted to do so just because he was in a public place.

'Ah! That feels better!' She thought to herself with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Manager Shirizawa! Are you alright?" Someone hastily shouted from the nearest table.

A man asked, sounding disappointed, "Miss, why would you do that?''

Not only that some people even stood up from their table and approached Manager Shirizawa to help him stand up as he kept his hand on his crotch.

"I will make you pay for this." He whispered and it was like a vow with his face laced with pain but he still managed to glare at them.

"You should have heard your manager insulting us. Why are you even asking?" Jonah said with arms crossed over his chest.

"Insult?" A man replied with a smirk looking down at Han Jie from head to toe.

She was currently wearing a plain white shirt matched with tattered shorts and flat slippers. With the way the other was looking at Han Jie, Jonah immediately acted as a guard and stood as a shield in front of her.

The man then snorted, "I don't recognize you. What department are you both from if you are not event crashers?" One replied, making Jonah hissed annoyingly and look at Han Jie.

"What do you mean what department? We are just eating at this restaurant! Don't tell me we are not allowed to!" Han Jie responded, looking wronged. It was like she was being bullied by those tall men wearing business suits.

It was just a good thing that she was too confused to even bother enjoying the view of some handsome men in the crowd wearing a business suit.

"You are allowed to, just not today! Do not pretend that you don't know about it! Our company booked this place and should be exclusive to us only!" Manager Shirizawa declared.

"Huh? I really do not know what you are talking about!"

Before another man replied, a waitress approached and whispered to her softly, "Mam, excuse me... This is a private lunch that is booked by the Hanoka Group of companies. There is a sign at the entrance..."

Han Jie's eyes bulged before she quickly runs towards the entrance and there it was, 'Fully reserved for Hanoka Group of Companies'.

Her face paled considerably. Still, Han Jie composed herself as she returned to get Jonah and her things to leave immediately.

Whom could she blame?

Her absent-mindedness for chasing her Master Shu and not noticing the sign? Her crappy way of stalking?

Or the manager who overreacted and broadcasted the news to everyone that they were not welcomed to the restaurant?

Regardless of whom to blame, she did not plan to apologize for kicking the manager as he was so rude.

It was an honest mistake. 'Boo.' Well, admittedly, it was technically a not so honest mistake since she intentionally chased after the people wearing office suit.

She was not only absent-minded at that time. Han Jie also did not care about anything. She just noticed that all of the people from Honoka Group who were currently in that restaurant are men.

'Master Shu, I felt like punishing you later in the next chapter.' Han Jie uttered to herself, placing all the blame on her created character.

Han Jie walked considerably slow. The way the men were looking at her with contempt would not make her walk faster.

When she arrived at their table, Jonah glanced at her anxiously. Han Jie made a hand gesture for him to pick up their shopping bags and leave. However, he shook his head in refusal.

'Yes, running is the only option.' Han Jie nodded at Jonah to convince him. She did not know if there was any business partnership with the Honoka Group and the Han Corp., so it was best to leave when no one knew who they were.

"What! You just want to run away?" Manager Shirizawa asked tauntingly. "Don't you still owe me an apology, huh?"

"I will never apologize to you." Han Jie declared stubbornly.

"Jonah, get our things. We are leaving now!"

"But miss, I don't think that is proper. We made the mistake or at least I think so…" Jonah whispered next to her ear.

With clenched teeth, "Shut up. We will leave before they make us leave with guards, ok." She whispered back.

"Miss, the bill is not paid yet." Jonah reminded her.

Han Jie pushed Jonah towards the counter and said, "Pay it now. Quickly! I will take care of this!"

Jonah reluctantly agreed, but the moment he went to pay the bill, Manager Shirizawa grabbed Han Jie's arm and held it to the point of pain. "You cannot leave without begging me to forgive you!"

"Unhand me before I make you cripple!" Han Jie replied with a warning.

Sometimes, regardless of how good looking a person is, if the attitude is just trash, then there is no point dealing with that person.

Add to the fact that the others were just watching like a spectator, completely ignoring that a petite woman was currently being treated rudely.

"What's going on there?" Someone asked with a voice laced with authority. Han Jie couldn't see who it was due to her short height.

One of the men replied respectfully, "Sir, there is an event crasher, and she is not willing to apologize. She also hurt Manager Shirizawa."

"She? Why was it that none of you called the guards instead? Just go back to your seats. We have guests today." The man said.

With that, the original crowd dispersed, leaving her and Manager Shirizawa still in the spotlight while another group of men was looking at them.

To Han Jie's disbelief, one of them was the person that caused her current dilemma, her Master Shu…

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