51 Story of JunJun

"No, thank you." Bai Min said emotionless as he immediately returned the bacon from his plate back to hers.

"I haven't even said anything! You can't just refuse, ah." Han Jie replied as she glared at him.

Bai Min smirked while looking at her knowingly. He then asked mockingly, "Do I even want, no, need to know?"

Han Jie pouted, "What if I was kind because I owe you a favor for last night?"

"It is good to return a favor, Miss. But I don't this Doctor Bai only deserve a piece of bacon." Jonah commented casually.

"Hehe. I will give you all my bacon then, so forgive me, okay?"

"Why do I need to do that only for bacon? I'm not like you, who could be bribed by food." Bai Min said.

She looked at him while sniffing, as if on the verge of crying, "Our baby Min'er, are you still upset about last night? Forgive me already, okay?"

"What happened last night?" Han Jun asked suddenly before Bai Min could reply.

Bai Min looked at Han Jun. 'Great, the grumpy cousin is here to join the fun.' He thought with a bitter smile.

"Don't worry about it and just earn more money for the family, Jun Jun." Han Jie said casually. "Oh! I remember something about your nickname. Want to hear about it?" She asked Han Jun with a bright smile.

Han Jun did not reply and just sat at the farthest part of the table. The dining table in the hotel suite was rectangular and able to accommodate eight people. Han Jie, Bai Min, and Jonah were sitting on the right part, so he made sure to sit opposite on the farthest left near the window. He then completely ignored them as he put food on his plate.

Bai Min frowned as he looked up at Han Jun. He opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it immediately.

The atmosphere was so awkward, and Jonah looked like he had been through a war.

Bai Min sighed and went back to eating his food.

Of course, Han Jie had a different idea. One of the things that she really liked to do a lot was to piss off Han Jun.

With that being said, Han Jie stood up and hopped towards Han Jun's sit intending to ruin his appetite completely. Han Jie looked at his plate and immediately put eggs on it.

Han Jun immediately frowned as he did not like eating eggs, but refused to be bothered by her. So he just silently poured himself a cup of tea, ignoring his cousin's presence. He was completely aware of her hobby at the fact that she must be exacting revenge due to him picking her up from her sanctuary.

Since that was the case, Han Jie's action was still tolerable if he would ignore the fact that it was also her fault why he had a minor injury recently.

"Hehe. Don't you want to hear the story about your nickname?" Han Jie asked her cousin after she sat on the chair beside him.

Han Jun glared at every person in the room before answering. "No. It is none of my business." Han Jun said, gritting his teeth.

"Ah, how could it be none of your business?! It is your nickname!

It is a must to tell you." Han Jie said, slowly nodding as though she knew everything.

Han Jun frowned and poured himself another cup of coffee this time to be more alert. He wasn't so sure he wanted breakfast now.

"Do you want to hear it?" She asked again with a giggle.

"I can't stop you any more, right? So just spill it." Han Jun replied as he glared at her.

"Okay, so listen very carefully as your name is the start of a history." Han Jie said seriously, before she released a deep breath.

There was a long pause coming from her as Han Jie looked at Han Jun intently. Because of this, Bai Min, Jonah, and the other people that arrived in the dining room were curious.

Even Han Feng, who already arrived in the dining room, did not speak waited for her instead.

"What? Talk, what are you waiting for?" Han Jun could not take the silence anymore and demanded.

Han Jie released a deep breath and spoke in a serious tone. "You know your nickname came from a very prestigious family before."

She then paused for a moment and spoke carefully. It was from the youngest master of the family who ended up dying due to being stingy. Since he was young at that time, whenever a ghost child appears in that family, it was always called JunJun. The end!" She said happily and laughed as he pointed at his face.

Han Jie continued to laugh loudly to the point of tears, "Hehe! I should have recorded your expression!"

"You…" Han Jun did not know what to say. He wanted to hit her. However, when he was going to reach out to her, Han Jie's eyes suddenly bulged, and she looked at him with confusion before fear.

"What… What… What is that?" She asked, pointing at his side.

"What now?!" Han Jun stood up from his chair and looked at where she was pointing at, but see nothing.

Instead of responding, Han Jie stood up and ran towards her father, before hiding behind him. "Papa! Did you see it? There is a kid! That is JunJun!" She said, still pointing to Han Jun's side and with a terrified expression.

"Stop fooling around! Uncle stop her." Han Jun said as he sat back.

However, Han Feng did not do so immediately, as he expected. When he looked at his uncle, Han Jun saw him in deep frown while looking at what Han Jie was pointing at earlier.

"That…" Han Feng murmured.


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