52 Going out to Buy Pen

"Ah, Young Master Jun…" One of the guards muttered as well with a nervous expression.

Han Jun suddenly felt chills. At this time, he also noticed that the other people eating earlier were now standing away from the table.

"Get away from there!" Han Feng shouted.

Because of this, Han Jun jumped out and ran towards them.

As soon as he did, Han Feng burst out laughing, which followed by everyone else.

"Kidding!" Han Jie declared loudly.

Han Jun watched them laugh at him aggrieve, wanting to cry but no tears. He also wanted to shout angrily, but even his uncle joined the fun. All he could do was glare at them full of resentment. When they saw him like this, they laughed even more.

"Tsk." Han Jun finally realized that there was no point in being angry and just gave up. With arms crossed over his chest, "Yeah, yeah. Continue enjoying until you all fart." He said, shaking his head and went back to his seat, determined to ignore everyone completely.

"Okay, that is enough. I don't want to fart." Han Feng said with a smirk, "Good morning, everyone." After he said that, a chorus of good mornings greeted him.

"Good morning, JunJun." Han Feng asked his nephew.

Han Jun silently cursed before he replied, 'good morning' without so much enthusiasm. It was time for breakfast, and he was still the main focus, and this was his cousin's entire fault. Han Jun frowned at Han Jie. His eyes promised retribution, which she just ignored.

"Don't bully JunJun anymore." Han Feng said to Han Jie.

Han Jie smiled innocently before she nodded obediently and poured him a cup of coffee.

'Butt kisser,' Bai Min thoughts at Han Jie's action while sipping his tea. However, he jerked back slightly when Han Jie's eyes cut to him. Bai Min felt like Han Jie had heard his thoughts, which was not really a big deal as he immediately managed to return a gloating gaze at him.

Amidst to this, neither Bai Min nor Han Jie noticed that their exchange was being watched intently by someone. It was so intent that it gives anyone the wrong idea.

Just like how Jonah thought that someone was amiss with the way Han Jun was staring at Bai Min.

Earlier, he almost snickered out loud that Han Jie had missed something so vital. It was all good though, as he wouldn't be able to use it against either of them, 'I might as well kept silent about it,' Jonah thought to himself.

"How are you, Jie'er? You almost drowned last night." Han Feng said seriously.

Han Jie chuckled nervously, "I'm fine, thank you." She said, putting food on her father's plate.

Han Feng frowned, but still took a bite of his bacon. "What do you plan to do today?" He asked her.

"Oh, just a little shopping." Han Jie said. 'Or stalking.' She thought. She smiled broadly at her father.

Han Feng stared at his daughter like she had grown two heads, clearly not believing what she said. He reached out and flicked her forehead lightly, "Are you planning to bother Kyou? He is a busy man." He reminded.

In truth, he was partially concerned for Han Jie clear interest with Suzuki Kyou. He saw it as both a good thing a bad thing. There was also a slight regret for making Han Jie pretend to be her sister.

'What if I just tell him the truth directly?' Han Feng thought to himself as he considered the pros and cons.

Bai Min wanted to rub his palm all over his face. He settled for getting himself some pancakes from the stack in front of him.

Han Jun didn't bother to look at his cousin. He took a bite of eggs and focused only on breakfast, finally.

"Of course not! I am just going to shopping!" Han Jie said, trying to convince them. The more she acted defensively, the more no one would believe her.

"You? Give me the things you want to buy, I will have someone buy it for you instead." Han Feng demanded incredulously.

Han Jie never shopped. Not once did she ever intentionally go out to buy clothes. Her sister always did the shopping for the two of them.

"Hmph! If you don't let me out, then people will get suspicious since MeiMei always buy stuff for me." Han Jie said, completely guessing what he was thinking of.

'She's taking this role too seriously.' Han Feng thought. "Who will notice? If someone did, I would just tell them that MeiMei is not feeling well."

"But, father, I do need some more pens." Han Jie said, nodding before taking a sipping on her tea.

Han Feng frowned. Earlier, since Han Jie called him 'Papa' he joined her antics of making fun of Han Jun. When her daughters were younger and happy, they call him papa. If they were not happy, they always call him 'father,' which makes him unhappy as well.

However, he wanted to relax. He wanted to believe that his daughter was honestly just going out to buy pens. But he knew Han Jie, even though she thought that he don't.

One thing he knew about her was that Han Jie was a foodie, but she only ever ate more than three plates because she believed that it would give her energy to do whatever she wants later. She also had that irrational belief since she was twelve and could get out of trouble if she tried to be cute.

Han Jun's snort of disbelief also didn't help her matters. However, this earned a glare from her.


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