53 To Sneak out or No

"Just be careful, Jie'er, and don't anything stupid." Han Feng said, resigned. There really was nothing he could do when Han Jie was like this. 

"Aren't I always?" Han Jie asked with a confident smile on her face. She was still certain about her survival skills. If they caught her doing something naughty, they wouldn't be able to torture her to admit it! 

When she said that, Han Jun's snort was louder at this time as if saying, 'You are not dependable at all.' 

Bai Min rolled his eyes at her, while Jonah, on the other hand, coughed awkwardly to hide his snicker. 

Seeing them like this, Han Jie pretended to look hurt before bursting into laughter. She then skipped out of the dining room. 

Han Feng sighed. He really didn't want to see her in jail. It was good to be young and experience new things, but being too adventurous was just giving old people a headache. 

"Keep her safe and out of trouble." Han Feng said seriously to Jonah, who already stood up to follow Han Jie. 

Jonah swallowed and moved a step back. "Of course, Sir," He replied respectfully. He was very scared of Han Feng all of a sudden. 

Bai Min quickly ate when he saw them left. It would be soon as well for Han Feng to leave. Without Han Jie there to run interference, things could get awkward very quickly, and he was never good dealing with those types of situations.

Han Jun certainly didn't help matters as he leisurely ate his food while reading something on his phone. 

'Why is he not done with breakfast yet?' Bai Min asked himself.

"Excuse me." Bai Min said the minute he shoved the last bite into his mouth. 

Han Feng nodded in acknowledgment, while Han Jun ignored him and started a conversation with his uncle. 

Bai Min took this as a personal victory and hurried out of the room. "Tell Han Jie I'm going to work." He said as he passed who he saw standing in the hotel suite living room. 

Jonah nodded and went in search of his mistress with a tired expression. 

Bai Min almost felt bad for him. He really hoped Han Jie wouldn't get him into trouble, and that was the case even if she was going to get arrested.

'Well, he visited last night to swim with her. That probably means something. We are probably just overthinking.' Bai Min shrugged at the notion. 

For him, once the Han family left the hotel, it would be none of his business, and it's not his mess to deal with. It was a good thing that they would be leaving soon. 

 With that mindset, Bai Min went to work humming and in a very good mood. 


"Psst Jonah," Han Jie whispered from her door. Despite Jonah standing from the living room, he was waiting for Han Jie all this while, so it was easy for him to notice it when the room door was opened, even slightly. 

Jonah frowned and started to turn around to speak to her. 

"No!! Don't turn!!" She whisper yelled at him. 

Jonah was dumbfounded before he chuckled. "Then I won't move from here, Miss. Just tell me what you need when you are ready." He said casually, fishing out his phone from his pocket as if trying to ignore Han Jie. 

Han Jie glared at Jonah from the room, but still spoke sweetly, "Why not walk backward until you arrive in front of my room." 

"Er? I am not that talented, Miss. I might trip and destroy something that the hotel will definitely ask me to pay for." He said seriously, completely focused on his phone. 

"Huh? How could that be?" Han Jie was getting worried that her father suddenly arrived and found their situation strange. Because of that, she decided to call him. 

After a few rings, Jonah answered her call. "Hello? What is the problem, Miss?" He asked suspiciously with a deep frown without looking at her direction. 'What was she up to now?' 

Jonah really wanted to see the look on her face. It would give him a clue as to what would happen next. 'Please don't put me in trouble.' He thought. 

"I need you to sneak me out." She said, still whispering even in the call.

"What? Why?" He whispered back. Since she already asked for Han Feng's approval to leave earlier, there should be no problem, right? 

"I don't want my father to see how I'm dressed." She replied. 

Jonah's face sank when he heard that. 'Are we not just going to the mall to shop?' He silently complained. He also did not comment on the fact that whatever Han Jie was wearing was surely something her father, his big boss, won't approve.

"Why don't you wear your sister's coat? It looks heavy, but it's really light you wouldn't feel the heat. You can use it to cover up." Jonah suggested instead. 

Han Jie was quiet for a while, so Jonah added, "In this way, we don't need to sneak out, Miss." He then silently continued, 'Then my life will be easier.'

"How do you know about the coat?" Han Jie asked, her voice was curious and surprised. The coat was really special. It was white and looked so clean and elegant. Due to eat being fox fur, it looked hot to wear and big as well. However, that was not the case since her sister loved wearing it at parties. 

"You father had the maids include it the luggage if I am not mistaken." Jonah replied with a shrug. 

Another brief silence. "Well… well… Jonah, I did not know that you are spying on me. Did you see my undies as well? Tsk. Tsk. Naughty, naughty." Han Jie said teasingly before hanging up on him and shut the door to the room. She then disappeared back into the restroom, where some of her luggage was placed. 

Jonah was speechless with her remarks. It was a good thing that he was so used to her antics and knew that she was just making fun of him, else he would not know what to do if the big boss learned heard about that. 

Han Jie sauntered out of her room a few minutes later. She was dressed in a white coat, tight black jeans, and black sneakers. 

Jonah gulped at the sight of her shoes that was clearly meant for running, and it also did not match the classy looking outfit. 

"Miss, why are you wearing sneakers? Are you planning to run somewhere while wearing that?" He finally asked, his gaze shifting at the dining room where Han Feng was still at. 

"I'm off shopping, father." Han Jie yelled in the living room. "Bye!" Before Han Feng could even respond to her, she had already hooked her hand through Jonah's arm and dragging him. 

Seeing her acting like this, 'Today is the day. The day I go to jail for babysitting.' He thought to himself unhappily. 

"Miss where are we going? Seriously, tell me the truth." Jonah asked from behind her. 

He was feeling uneasy, and watching her acting so leisurely like she was just walking in a park makes him feel a little upset. 

"What do you mean, tell you the truth? I already told you!" Han Jie turned to look at him, surprise written all over her face. 

"Miss, you look so suspicious, and we don't want to have any trouble. Why not tell me so I can stop it?" He stated bluntly. 

"Hmph! I am not going to cause trouble, okay? I assure you." Han Jie said with a guarantee as they stepped on the elevator. 

It did not take long for them to arrive at the parking area where their car was located. When Han Jie got inside the car, she immediately pulled off the coat. 

Jonah swallowed his sigh when he saw her top. It was also black, and she removed a black cap from the coat pocket. 

"Really?" Jonah asked, sounding unconvinced while looking at her from the front seat. 

Han Jie sighed impatiently. "Yes. I will contact him in advance. So don't worry.

"But why do you keep saying you want to stalk someone?" He retorted smartly. 

She pursed her lips, before replying nonchalantly, "That's just done accidentally due to old habit. That's normal. Come on! Let's be on our merry little way." She said encouragingly. 

 'Old habit of stalking? That is not normal at all!' Jonah wanted to complain but not sure how to. 

 "What if we got arrested today? Worse are placed in the news. Don't forget you are Han Mei right now, and whatever you do will because her reputation." He reminded seriously.

 Hearing him say these, Han Jie could not help it, and she suddenly burst out laughing. 


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