54 A Beauty Who Own A Sports Car

Han Jie was laughing so hard to the point of tears. When she managed to calm down, she asked curiously, "You sound like JunJun there! Did you recently stick to him without me knowing?" 

 "Where to Miss?" He managed to finally ask after he chooses to ignore the fact that he was being made fun of. 

 "Kyou's office, of course." She said before getting her phone and wave it as if telling him, 'Told ya! I am going to contact him!' 

 "I would only take you there if you promise me just one thing," Jonah said solemnly. 

She sensed his fear. "Deal." Han Jie agreed immediately without even knowing the rest of it. Han Jie smiled brightly. 

"Miss… You don't even know what it is that I was about to say…" 

"Oh! Don't worry! It is fine as long as you won't ask me for money. Also, I swear I won't sneak out, and you will be my shadow regardless of where I go except for the bathroom. Now let's go. " She finished. 

After half an hour of smooth and peaceful drive, they finally arrived at their destination. 

"We are here," Jonah said as he parked the car opposite the Suzuki skyscraper. It was simply known as the Suzuki Offices.

Han Jie knew better than that, though. She knew Suzuki Kyou owned the whole building, and there was a well-patronized pastry shop on the twelfth floor, a floor right below Suzuki Kyou's.

The pastry shop sold the most amazing doughnuts. Or so the reviews said. It was the same donuts that he had given her the night before, and it was the perfect excuse. The shop was also not part of the cafeteria but an independent shop just located in the Suzuki offices. A man who kept both food and work close was a man after her own heart. 

Suzuki Kyou was a man after her own heart. 

The first floor wasn't really occupied by the Suzuki group. Well, it was, but it was mainly worked by the interns. 

Han Jie had done her homework. She knew every in and out. Okay, so maybe not every in and out, just the ones that the blueprint of the building showed. 

She would have high fives herself for her smart thinking if it didn't look ridiculous. Of course, doing something ridiculous sounds fun, so then she did. It looked like she was clapping above her head. 

Jonah rolled his eyes at her and chuckled. He must have understood what she was doing or at least trying to do. 

'Is she proud of herself for getting Suzuki Kyou's address, right? Or she was just proud she was in the building and didn't look suspicious as all.' Jonah thought. 

Han Jie opens her bag and brought out two pairs of shades. She wore the black one and handed the other one to Jonah. "Miss, don't wear that cap. It's catchy inside a building and surely makes you look suspicious." He advised with a smirked. 

She rolled her eyes as him while, ruffling through her bag without looking up. 

Jonah went out of the car and waited for Han Jie to do the same. 

After she stepped out of it, Han Jie then handed something to Jonah and demanded, "Wear this." 

When Jonah didn't collect the shades after a few seconds, Han Jie looked up, frowned, and did not show any signs that he was willing to get it. 

"Oy! Take it! It's your disguise!" She said, looking around like someone would spot them. 

Jonah frowned at the offending shades. They were cat-eye styled and pink. He mentally and physically withdrew as far back from the shades as he could. 

"That," Jonah disgustingly said as he moved away from his back to the car door, "would only make me people notice me more. Also, Miss, there was really no need for the disguise, okay. We are only going to eat donuts. We need to act normal." He added persuasively. 

Han Jie frowned thoughtfully at the shades for a while then nodded. They just wouldn't suit him. 

"You are right." She said, before staring at him thoughtfully. Han Jie hummed, "You could also be his type, and I can't take the chances for him to catch us immediately." Han Jie said distractedly, not bothering to look for Jonah's reaction at the comment. 

Jonah turned red at her comment. However, she didn't care as she shoved the shades back into the bag and ruffled around the bag some more. 

"You do not know if he is gay or not." He replied tightly. Being Suzuki Kyou's type was really making him scared, even if it was only a possibility.

'Though I'm beginning to believe you.' Jonah thought. 

Han Jie chuckled, "Hehe. I don't have evidence with me. Well, there was a possibility that he is swing both ways. It was not really a big deal, actually." Han Jie said, smugly bringing out her binoculars. 

Jonah snorted. He had lost count of the number of times she had been wrong. 'Just yesterday—Wait! Was that a pair of binoculars? How did she get those?' 

"Those are military issued miss how did you get those?" He asked, sounding scared. Less than two minutes into the stalking, and she had already done something illegal. 

"They are?" Han Jie asked, genuinely surprised. She had gotten it from a second-hand store online. 

"Miss, it's illegal." He said.

"Don't worry, I got it online. There should be no problem." She said, still using the binoculars. 

Jonah gulped and looked around, searching for a patrol car. 'I'm too young to go to jail.' Jonah thought. "Miss, it was still not right to use those, you know…" He said, and something in his tone of voice must have gotten to Han Jie. 

She sighed. 'So much for that promise.' Han Jie sourly thought as she put the binoculars back into the bag. She glared at the bag. 

Why did the binoculars have to be illegal? She then turned and glared at Jonah. In reality, it was not illegal to use it, but when you get caught invading someone's privacy, one could get sued. 

Jonah sighed in obvious relief, but he remained vigilant. He then managed to smile at her gratefully. This was only one down in the million and one things Han Jie had planned to do, so more to go. 

She alternated, glaring at Jonah and at her bag for a while. Eventually, Han Jie opened her bag again and took out a pack of gummy bears, she then started to eat it without giving any to him or even asking him if he wanted some. 

Jonah smiled, silly. He eats gummy bears sometimes because of Han Jie's influence, but it was not enough to forget his dignity. 

When they were not even a couple of steps away from their car, a tall, beautiful, and elegantly looking woman, gracefully got out of the fancy sports car that was parked right beside theirs, also facing the Suzuki offices. 

The woman flipped her blond hair back and strolled into the offices after locking the car from a distance. 

Jonah was entranced as he could not help stare at the woman who was walking towards the Suzuki Offices. She was wearing a white, knee-length summer dress, but still owns a sports car. Isn't that just hot?!

The woman was also holding a box of donuts, but she still walked beautifully. 

Han Jie was suddenly jealous of the woman. 'Who walks so gracefully in pink heels?' She thought, feeling ridiculous as she unhappily pouted. Since the woman was way taller than Han Jie, she was feeling depressed. Her small height was one of the things that she really don't want to think about. 

In the end, for Jonah to get back on track, Han Jie elbowed his stomach. "You are drooling. Wipe it!" She said annoyingly before walking quickly towards the Suzuki Offices as well. 

Jonah wiped the nonexistent drool on his cheek, before chasing after her. 

They were fast enough; thus, both of them were able to see the beautiful woman waiting for the elevator. 

Being close to the woman, Han Jie was able to see that brand of the donuts. It came from some bakery in town that did gluten-free pastry. 

'Yuck.' Han Jie thought. A donuts that doesn't have gluten taste like sand to her. 

Since she was feeling so unhappy, she let the woman stepped on the elevator first and pretended that she was waiting for something. 

The people inside the elevator did not care, and since she doesn't look like someone who wants to step in it, they let her be. 

"That's it!" Han Jie shrieked, hitting Jonah's arm.


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