55 A Bit of Clumsy

Jonah jerked out of his daydream and immediately gave Han Jie a glare.

Han Jie snorted at what he looked like. "Before you fall further and decided that it was love at first sight, I am already stopping you. So be grateful." She said to him, knowingly. 

Of course, Jonah did not believe that it was something to be thankful for. He was just daydreaming, and it was not a big deal, after all the beauty already left. 

Jonah was still mumbling to himself about this. However, in the near future, when he remembers this day, he would be really grateful to Han Jie. 

"What is it again, miss?" he asked in a whisper, sounding confused. The elevator would be on the ground floor soon, and other people were waiting for it with them. 

Han Jie grinned mischievously. "We are going on a mission." she said, showing him the content of her bag. 

"Do you always carry your bino-that with you?" Jonah asked, trying to distract her. 

"Yes, of course! You never know---Hey! You are trying to distract me!" Han Jie replied. 

Jonah sighed. 'Well that didn't work.' He thought. 

Han Jie did always have multiple track mind, so she gets distracted easily. Too bad for him, it did not work at this time. 

"As I was saying, distracting Jonah, we are going on a mission." Han Jie said, ignoring Jonah's sigh. 

"I'm listening to you, Miss," Jonah said, resigned. They were already on a mission since earlier. The shopping trip was supposed to be in a mall not in the Suzuki Offices, so he thinks he would not be surprised at their next action. 

"We are going up and in." Han Jie said, grinning. 

Jonah looked confused and asked, "What do you mean?"

Han Jie then looked around and behind them to make sure no one was listening. "We are breaking into the Suzuki offices." She said to him in a whisper, still grinning. 

"But, you said you already contacted him. Meaning he must be aware that you are here, right?" Jonah said accusingly. 

Han Jie blinked in surprise at Jonah. 'Right…' Han Jie smiled at him again. 

"It would be worth it. Trust me." Han Jie said as they stepped into the elevator. 

"Trust me." Jonah muttered under his breath, then snorted. They were so going to be in trouble. Though he kept reminding Han Jie to not cause problems for them, he also knew that Suzuki Kyou treats his little boss with care by basing on the CEO's action the night. 

Also, since it was Jonah's responsibility to keep Han Jie safe, and because of that, he was authorized to knock her out. Jonah, of course, knew that it was only in a worst-case scenario. 

Since there were restaurants in the lower part of the building, there was no problem for them to sneak into the 10th floor. 

Han Jie was not satisfied with only this, though, as she tried to went to the back door towards the fire exit so she could use it to go to the twelfth floor. 

The keyword was tried. 

When she was busy putting something on her hands, Han Jie stepped on her untied shoelace in the 10th-floor kitchenette, more like a small storage area, effectively crashing into the well-organized stack of mug cups right in front of her. Loud crashes, and Han Jie's loud screeching could be heard from miles around. 

"Oh miss what you have done?!" Jonah asked, immediately covering her mouth to stop making a noise. He then helped her up and dragged her out. 

They ran towards the eleventh floor. 

"Wait…" Han Jie said, more like begged, as she continued to catch her breath. 

"Miss what were you doing?! You were not paying attention in times like this?" Jonah accused. Though Han Jie seems like only playing, it did not mean that it was not embarrassing to be caught and kicked out of the building. They were not even sure if Suzuki Kyou was in the building to help them. 

"I was wearing my gloves, okay!" She said joyfully holding up her hands. And she was. Han Jie was wearing black gloves. Jonah noted. Unsurprising.

"Who caused this?!" They could hear someone yelled from the 1oth floor, not far from them. The small storage room of the kitchenette was just next to the fire exit, and since they did not close the door, they could hear what was going on there. 

They also realized that people had already rushed into the room to check what was happening. 

Before their presence be known, and people realized that the mess was their fault, Han Jie and Jonah stepped into the eleventh floor's door fire exit door. 

Sadly, unlike the 10th floor that did not have the staff at their time of entry, the eleventh floor had people on it. The fire exit was next to the male and female restroom. 

The employees who saw them immediately looked confused about Han Jie and Jonah's presence. 

"Who are you?" A woman who was probably in her late 50s asked. Though she looked at Han Jie, her eyes lingered longer on Jonah as if eating him up. 

Jonah barely held in a shudder of revulsion. He would have moved away if he could. 

Aside from the woman, others saw them as well. Most ignored them, though, and left them to the woman and another male employee. 

The man beside the old woman broke away and moved towards them. Suddenly, someone else filled up his space immediately. Another male looked really pleasing to Han Jie's eyes so she could not help it but stare. 

Who knows what was running inside Han Jie's head when suddenly, her body swayed and fell but first on the floor. 

"I'm just tired…" Han Jie said to Jonah when he tried to get close to her and check her condition. 

Jonah frowned, and suspicion was in his heart. He made sure though it was not revealed in his expression. 

At this time, the doorway could only take two persons at a time, and on days when Han Jie wasn't lying on the floor, and the hallway could have easily contained five. Jonah silently observed the man who might have caused Han Jie to act this way, squat in front of Han Jie. 

"Are you injured, miss?" He asked Han Jie softly. 

Han Jie opened her eyes wide and looked awed. She then forced an embarrassing smile before nodding multiple times to assure the man. 

This immediately confused Jonah. 'Weren't we here for Suzuki Kyou? So why is Miss flirting with this guy?' He asked himself in confusion.

"Are you sure? We can have you checked by the clinic." The man said as he offered his hand to help her get up. 

Jonah felt that this situation was so familiar. He resisted snorting loudly, especially when Han Jie suddenly blushed as she took his offered hand.

Han Jie smiled brightly at him and shook her head. "I am alright. I'm sorry, as well," she began softly. "We are here for interviews at the pastry shop downstairs, and we thought this was the back door in." She dropped her eyes from the man's and blushed in embarrassment. 

The woman at the door snorted in disbelief. It was easy to get lost if you are alone, but Han Jie was not. 

Jonah was lost in Han Jie's act. He could not believe that this lie would work. 

The man smiled at Han Jie. "You should have passed through the front door, you know, we wouldn't have killed you." The man said, still holding Han Jie's hand. 

"A bit too clumsy to work in a pastry shop." The woman muttered out loud, that Han Jie just softly laughed at, while the other guy only smiled in response. 

 'Wow! That worked? She is really a good liar, or this guy was just being kind of stupid.' Jonah thought. 

Jonah moved and helped Han Jie instead, which caused the man to remove his hand that was still holding her. Jonah then hid her hands between their bodies. 

"Thank you so much. We will go in the right direction now…." Jonah said. His hands were around Han Jie's shoulders, her small body tucked into his. 

Han Jie realized he was still hiding her hands. She carefully worked on the gloves from her hands. 

"Please, I'll have someone bring you there if you guys want." The man said. With that statement, he was clearly in charge of the floor. However, the woman next to him groaned clearly, not agreeing to the idea. 

Han Jie really wanted to refuse, but the man insisted. Who was her right to stop a gentleman for being so kind? 


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