56 Suddenly Seeing Father

Even though Han Jie knew that Jonah and the woman were looking at her like she was crazy, she still continued to act cute and embarrassed. For her, she could fool this handsome man cause she of her height. 

So before he changed his mind, Han Jie cooperatively and obediently let him lead them to the elevator.

"Thank you." Han Jie said softly. 

"My pleasure." The man said as he led them out.

He took them to the elevator, ignoring the glares and whispers around them. 

When the woman who had been looking at Jonah came closer, the man hurried them past her. 

Han Jie hid her smile while looking at Jonah knowingly. 

"Here you go," He said when the elevator doors opened. "All the way to the 10th floor." He said with a smile on his face. 

"Thank you." Han Jie and Jonah said at the same time. Though she felt bad that they were going down and not up to their desired destination, Han Jie could not complain. She would just take his suggestion later. 

Han Jie and Jonah stepped into the elevator, she then waved at the man. 

As soon as Han Jie and Jonah were out of sight, the kind smile on the man's face disappeared. 

The man then noticed a black glove on the floor. He then bent and picked it up. Seeing the familiar black glove, he was sure it was owned by the girl. 

He could not help but smiled and put the glove in his pocket. He would like to see her again. 'I'll be waiting.' He thought as he picked interns to clean up the kitchenette. 

When he walked towards his office, he heard mumbling and whispers from the other workers as he fingered the glove in his pocket. 

"Go back to work." He snapped at them. 


When they arrived on the 10th floor, Han Jie immediately grinned at Jonah. She wanted to press the elevator button up to the 12th floor, but was dragged out by Jonah before she could do so. 

She did not get angry and just continued to stare at him with a bright smile on her face. 

Because of this, Jonah was looking a little peaked, "What is it, miss?" He asked when he could not take it anymore. 

"You had an admirer!" She yelled at him. 

Jonah ignored her. Han Jie huffed before she walked back to the elevator. At this time, no one was in front of it, probably because it was already working time. 

She did not step into the elevator when it opened and just stared around at the elevator's key panel, "Jonah, there is no 13." She said as if disappointed. 

Jonah sighed, "We could try the stairs. 13th floor probably is the penthouse or the helipad, right?" He commented. Yet he wondered why they need to go to the 13th floor when Suzuki Kyou's office was on the 12th. Jonah did not bother to ask anymore. 

"Yes we could, after doughnuts." Han Jie said, smiling. 

"Doughnuts?" Jonah asked. 'What is she doing now?' He asked himself silently. 

"This is the 10th floor, okay. The donut store should be here, right?" She asked with confidence. 

"Oh! That's true. We can also just stay there and enjoy all the food they could offer." Jonah suggested with a grin. 

She snorted at that, clearly knew what he was trying to do. "We can't go up without bearing gifts, right?" Han Jie said, still standing right in front of the elevator doors. 

"Right." Jonah said. 

Before they could even go to the donut store, the elevator doors opened, and Han Jie stood right in front of her father and his security team. 

Han Feng seeing her as well, stepped out of the elevator. Jonah wondered if she had a plan B. 

Her expression was in shock for a moment, but immediately recovered. 

"Father!" Han Jie suddenly yelled happily. 

Han Feng looked at her with confusion. Eventually, he noticed the way she was dressed in all black. He wanted to strangle her. What was she up to now? 

He then sighed and set her aside, his fingers wrapped around her forearm. "What are you doing here, Jie'er?" Han Feng asked quietly. 

"I came to see my fiancé." She replied smugly. Han Feng could only stifle a sigh. 

"Explain Jie'er." he said shortly. He loved his daughter, but she was a frustration all unto herself. 

"I came to ask him to dinner. I thought I'll get him doughnuts as an apology for last night. And besides, I would like to get to know him better. "Han Jie's eyes were wide and sincere. She then asked, "Do you have a meeting here? Is it going to be soon? We can eat donuts if not." 

Han Feng didn't believe a word. He shook his head and told her that his meeting will be happening soon. Actually, unlike before, Han Feng was worried about talking to Suzuki Kyou that day. 

After all, he was considering telling him that Han Jie was only a temporary replacement. Han Feng was already thinking about it since earlier, and up to this point, he was still not able to finalize the countermeasures to not make sure that his mistake would not cause any damage to the company.

With that problem in mind, Han Feng could not let Han Jie to be closer to Suzuki Kyou for the meantime. At least until the arrangements were not so complicated. 

"I will have a meeting with CEO Suzuki. Don't bother him in the meantime. He already worked during the weekend, if I am not mistaken. Last night he also visited to swim with you." Han Feng reminded seriously. 

"Oh…" Han Jie knew this, making her smile awkwardly with a slight guilt. Keyword, slight. She was still reluctant to stop her plan to see him since she was already in the building. There would be donuts to as a gift. So only dropping by to see him and leave before he says hello, should not be that bothersome, right? 

Han Feng watched Han Jie's expression of guilt, and he felt satisfied. 

"But…" Han Jie muttered, not wanting to agree to her father. Suppose she knew that her father wanted her to not see Suzuki Kyou cause he decided to do what she wanted, which was not to lie anymore. Would she suddenly bleed to death?

"Be good. I will tell him you wanted to see him, but we are busy. He will sure get in touch with you later once he has free time." Han Feng said before he looked at Jonah and said, "I need to leave now, keep her safe." 

"Yes Sir." Jonah replied. 

After that, they watched Han Feng got into the elevator with his security team. Han Jie waved goodbye as the doors closed. 

"That was close." She said and skipped into the pastry shop. It was really a good place for her. Han Jie chooses a couple of chocolate-coated donuts and have some packed in boxes. She has four boxes in all. 

"Miss, we are taking all these home?" Jonah asked curiously. The donut in the shop was really good. Since they had already planned to check out of the hotel the next day and go back home, Jonah was thinking that it was all for Han Jie to not miss the taste of the donuts in the building. 

"Nope. Two boxes are for Kyou." She replied casually. 

"Eh? But your father said to not bother them, especially CEO Suzuki. I don't want to deal with the angry big boss when he sees us still going there when they were busy." Jonah said, worried. 

Instead of responding, Han Jie stared at Jonah's face and did not speak for a long time. 

Jonah subconsciously touched his lips, thinking if he had donut crumbs on them. When he checked his hand, there was none. "Miss, what is it this time?" He asked, resigned. 

"Contact one of the guards and asked where they are. When they left the building, we go up. Okay?" Han Jie said seriously. 

"Are we going to wait here?" 


"What if this shop is already closed before they even leave? He also works during the weekend." 

"We go back to the car." 

"Why not just contact him and have his guard or assistant to get these donuts. We won't really bother him this way, and we also won't see the big boss." 

"It is embarrassing to bother them. Do you think I am that heartless and just take advantage that I am their boss' fiancé?" 

"…" Jonah could not reply to that anymore. He then decided to contact one of Han Feng's guards to check their location. 

After less than an hour of waiting, they finally managed to get to the 12th floor. Finally… 


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