57 Can’t Be Used for Acting Cute

Since Han Jie also assured him that Suzuki Kyou was aware of their arrival, Jonah felt better for a moment. Because eventually, he also realized that all the trouble from the time that they arrived in the building was just for Han Jie's entertainment and could be avoided in the first place. 

It did not take long for them to arrive on the 12th floor. Jonah did not bother to ask why Han Jie knew where Suzuki Kyou's office was located, especially when no one seemed to bother them or stop them from going there. 

In front of his office, there was a lounging area, and they saw Suzuki Kyou sitting right there with the woman from the sports car beside him as well. 

Their backs were facing them, and probably since the floor was carpeted, they could not hear their arrival steps. 

Han Jie stopped walking, and Jonah did the same. He was behind her, so Jonah was not able to see her expression. 

After a moment of paused Han Jie finally skipped right to them, Jonah hurried to catch up with her. 

"Hello." Han Jie said as she put a forced soft smile on her face. At that time, the woman was speaking softly while Suzuki Kyou seemed to be just listening. Though she knew that their closeness might not necessarily mean anything, this still made Han Jie unhappy. 

Suzuki Kyou head shifted towards her direction, then stood and walked towards her. 

"Why are you here? Your father just left." He asked curiously with a frown.

Han Jie nodded, feeling unhappy further for him to not look so happy to see her. 

"Yeah. I sent you a message." She said casually. 

When he was close enough, he put his arm around her waist and hummed. "I haven't checked my phone yet. Are the donuts for you?" He was eyeing the boxes of donuts in Jonah's hands. 

Han Jie held her breath and immediately forgot her unhappiness with how he was so close to her. "Both. But you already have donuts here." She managed to answer while looking at the gluten-free donuts on the table. 

"Yes. I got those for him." The beauty suddenly spoke as she looked at her curiously. "Kyou, this girl is?" 

Han Jie smile almost turned into scowl if she was not careful enough. She felt terrible because the beautiful tall lady was clearly has a close relationship with Suzuki Kyou to the point of a first name basis! 

She was jealous and not embarrassed to feel that way, but Han Jie knew she could not complain loudly, okay? 

The hand that was holding Han Jie's waist tightened, "Wang Jin, this is my fiance, Han Mie. Mie'er, this is my friend Wang Jin." Suzuki Kyou said that it made her feel so much better. At least he was talking about her despite being called by another name. 

Han Jie waved at the woman, resisting the urge to gloat. Suzuki Kyou pressed a kiss to her head. 'Yaya! I am the fiancé. You are only a friend! Kiss my ass!' She thought to herself smugly as she hid her smirk by looking down. 

"Oh? I'm sorry to hear that-Er, I mean nice to meet you!" Wang Jin said as she laughed nervously. 

Han Jie immediately looked at her. She then saw Wang Jin quickly jump back to the chair, while concern was written all over her face. It was so quick that expression immediately disappeared as if it never happened.

This reaction made Han Jie feel so confused, so she looked at Suzuki Kyou, who looked down at her and sighed. 

"What?" She asked. 'Why is he looking at me like that?' 

"So small…" He replied as if complaining with a shook of his head. 

Because of this, Han Jie could not endure it anymore and scowled at him. They need to talk about the dos and don'ts as soon as possible!

Suzuki Kyou's expression showed really rare amusement, even Wang Jin, who was surprised when she saw it. He then guided Han Jie, more like carried her towards the other sofa opposite Wang Jin, effortlessly. 

Han Jie felt him lift her up slightly, and before she could even react, she was already seated on the sofa. 

With that arrangement, Jonah had no choice but to sit beside Wang Jin, who made him so nervous like a teen who just had his first crush. 

Han Jie nose twitched as it felt itchy. She has a bad feeling because of this, so she touched her nose and made sure there was no blood.

However, since she was so into her own world, she did not notice that a cup of coffee was being offered to her. The moment she reached for her nose, Han Jie accidentally knocked the coffee cup on Wang Jin's hand.

Han Jie body reflexes had always been slow, so instead of standing up to avoid the scalding hot liquid, she stupidly closer her eyes and braised for it!

"Oh, no!" 


She heard them scream frantically, but the pain from the hot coffee was barely felt. When Han Jie opened her eyes, she realized why and she was terrified! 

"Kyou!" Han Jie grabbed Suzuki Kyou arm soaking wet instead in front of her. The business suit that he was wearing was thick, but she could bet that it was still not enough when the coffee was probably so hot. 

Han Jie grabbed frantically opened his suit jacket to take it off as soon as possible. 

However, Suzuki Kyou stopped her by holding her shaking hands, and whispered softly, "It's alright. Don't worry…" He assured with a helpless smile on his face while looking at her with so much concern. 

"I'm so sorry!" She said voice laced with unmasked self-blame. Han Jie was really feeling guilty and was on the verge of crying for her bad luck that caused her accident every time they were together. 

In normal times, she would consider it as a tactic to act cute and get his attention, but he was hurt at this time! 

After removing his suit jacket, Han Jie immediately checked his arm and tried to roll the polo shirt sleeve. Again, Suzuki Kyou had stopped her. "Painful anywhere?" He asked his eyes surveying her.

Because of him, she only got drops of hot coffee that was barely felt. After shaking her head, "Go change, quick." Han Jie said before she stood up, pushed for him to do so as well. 

He then stood up, "Check, your clothes. I will be back soon." 

"Why don't you go to the clinic to make sure there are no burns? There is a clinic here, right?" Han Jie asked anxiously. 

Suzuki Kyou nodded, "I will be back soon. Wait here." He said, and left. 

"Let me help you to the ladies room." Wang Jin said while Han Jie was looking at Suzuki Kyou's back.

Still worried and feeling guilty, Han Jie nodded, and Wang Jin immediately helped her bathroom. 

When Jonah started to follow them, however, Wang Jin looked at him and shook her head. 

Jonah frowned, 'But I don't want to stay here alone.' He thought. 

"Miss, I will go with you." Jonah decided to ignore Wang Jin. Though she was his crush, Han Jie was still his little boss. 

"No, just stay here. You wait for Kyou and tell him where we went." Han Jie said so Jonah had no choice but to sat back down to wait. 

Inside the female restroom, Han Jie pressed the damp towel to her nose. Wang Jin had been extremely helpful, so she was surprised when she heard her speak. 

"I need you to leave Suzuki Kyou." Wang Jin said suddenly. 

"What?" Han Jie asked, unsure if she was hearing it correctly. So there was a reason for her help. Han Jie told herself should have known better. 

Wang Jin released a deep sigh and said, "His situation is complicated, but he has no one way to break the engagement." Her voice was soft as a whisper as if making sure she was the only one who could hear it. 

"I know." Han Jie said distractedly, before asking, "Can you tell me more about what's going on?" 

Wang Jin's eyes flash with triumph before it immediately disappeared. "What do you want to know? I will tell you as long as it is something I am allowed to." 

"Since you know that his situation is complicated, then you must be really close to him, right?" 

Wang Jin frowned but still nodded. "I knew some important things about it, so, yes, we can be considered close."

"You wanted me to get away from him, but it is easier said than done. Kyou did not tell me how complicated his situation is. It is also a big disadvantage to my family if we are the one who breaks off the engagement-"

"He is with my brother, please, Han Mie."


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