58 Serious Offer

Wang Jin's voice was soft, but it was still enough to cut whatever Han Jie wanted to say.

Han Jie just looked at her for a while before speaking apologetically, "I'm sorry, but I can't help you. Please excuse me." Han Jie said, waving Wang Jin to go away. 

But Wang Jin did not and asked, "Why won't you do so despite knowing that he won't be happy with you? Are that selfish?" She asked accusingly. 

Han Jie initially wanted to be angry at Wang Jin for calling her 'selfish' however, she also knew that there was some truth there. Just-a-tinny-little-bit of selfishness, okay? 

"Because, I believe in a miracle," Han Jie said with a nod, as if agreeing to herself. 

"Miracle that Kyou will leave my brother and want you instead?" 

"No, not that." Han Jie lied smoothly, "But I believe that Kyou knows what he is doing and the miracle was made by his hands, and eventually he can fix everything." She was so proud of herself for coming up with the best excuse. Also proud of the fact that she looked cool and calm in front of the competition, slash, representative of the completion. 

"But thank you so much for letting me know. You only want what is best for them, especially with your brother…" Han Jie said as she tried to recall the look of the man that was with Suzuki Kyou the first time she saw him. Since she was so focused on Kyou most of the time, she kinda forgot the man who kissed him looked like. 

Han Jie suppressed the annoyance in her heart, and then continued when she saw Wang Jin would like to speak up again, "I assure you, I will cooperate with Kyou and if he wanted me to leave him alone not even as a friend, of course, I would respect his decision. No hard feeling, I swear." She said with a guarantee. If she was so familiar with Wang Jin, she might offer picky swear as well. 

With Han Jie speaking like this and using Suzuki Kyou as her defense, she could only grit her teeth and relent. Wang Jin then sighed and left the bathroom without a backward glance. 

She didn't seem like a woman who almost begged for his brother. Wang Jin looked too relaxed. 

Han Jie shrugged as she was in a good mood. She was never good at explaining herself or persuading anyone, thus speaking to Wang Jin longer was really tiring. She was pretty happy that she managed to do it without her patience losing before the woman left. 

She focused on herself in the mirror. She was considering cutting her hair and wear man's clothes as another option to get Suzuki Kyou's attention. It was just too troublesome.

'Hmmm. Can be just like cosplay….' Han Jie thought to herself, her eyes glinting with mischief, but immediately dimmed with sadness, 'But if he wants a real man, even though I am flexible, what then?' She sighed, then focused on looking presentable. 

Han Jie then stepped out of the restroom and went back to the lounge area. She then saw Wang Jin and Jonah sitting separately, facing each other.

Since the sofa in the lounge area was only good for two people, Han Jie felt like Wang Jin was deliberately doing this so Kyou won't be close to her. 

Han Jie stared at Wang Jin, but the woman ignored her while drinking her cup of coffee. She then remembered why Suzuki Kyou was hurt in the first place. 

The blame should be on both ways, among other things like beating someone in their own game. So Han Jie thinking that she was being smart, sat next to Wang Jin, then gave the other a bright smile. 

Wang Jin smiled back as if it was not a big deal, and before they could start a conversation, Suzuki Kyou returned. He was now wearing a white polo shirt. 

He looked at the woman with a frown, but did not comment on their new seating arrangement and just sat next to Jonah instead, directly in front of Han Jie. 

"Let me see," Han Jie said as she grabbed his hand a checked his left arm. He did not have a bandage, but the skin was red and glossy, and seeing this made Han Jie feel remorseful immediately.

"It's not that painful, don't worry." Suzuki Kyo tried to appease her, but he was never good at it as his tone was so serious and did not help at all. 

"Good thing it won't scar." Wang Jin commented. 

Han Jie nodded in agreement. Suzuki Kyo skin was fair despite him swimming a lot. He was also not the hairy type of guy, unlike the others, so if he had a scar, it would be very noticeable. 

"Really a good thing…" Han Jie muttered with relief. 

"I'm a man. Scars are not a big deal. Don't worry about it when you are alright." He said. 

Hearing this, Han Jie felt like his statement could also be interpreted as 'As long as you are not the one who was hurt. Even if I might get a scar from saving you, it is alright.' That would have sound romantic, but she knew her imagination was only running wild. 

"It's good to be a man, then." Han Jie replied with a playful glare before looking at Jonah, "Let's change sits." She demanded which Jonah did not have any complaint. 

When Han Jie sat next to Suzuki Kyou, she spoke to him seriously and respectfully, "Let me be your personal assistant today, okay? It was my fault you got burned after all." She said, her eyes clear with determination. 

"You don't need to do that." Suzuki Kyou replied disapprovingly. "I already have a personal assistant and secretary." 

"Well, they work on the business side. Not the other personal stuff." She said as she opened a box of donuts. 

Suzuki Kyou smiled and looked at her bemusedly before asking as if interested, "What other personal stuff?" 

It did not take long for them to understand what she means, especially when she told him to, "Open your mouth." Han Jie was holding a chocolate-coated donuts with nuts and slices of strawberries on top of it. 

Suzuki Kyou frowned while looking at it. "You want me to eat this?" 

"Yeah. Chocolate will make you feel happy." She said seriously. 

"Han Jie, Kyou, don't eat strawberries." Wang Jin interrupted. 

Han Jie chuckled embarrassingly and said, "Oh! Hehe. Sorry, let me replace-" She was in the process of putting the donut down, but Suzuki Kyou already bit on the donuts.

He chewed on it while looking at her before he smiled and said, "It's not bad." 

Wang Jin could not believe what she was seeing. She was supposed to tell them that Suzuki Kyou did not like sweet stuff, which was why the food she was giving him all the time was not sweet or sugary. 

She could still remember the time when she had given him marshmallows before and was refused rudely. Yet, this time instead of refusing Han Jie, he ate the donuts with no complaints. 

Wang Jin watched the two with masked annoyance. Before she failed to cover her emotions, she had decided to leave early. 

"I won't be bothering you with work anymore. For what we have discussed earlier, just let me know what you have decided to do." Wang Jin said after she stood up from her seat. 

Suzuki Kyou nodded silently, and then Wang Jin left. This made Han Jie remember that he had other things to do. Her original plan to only drop by took longer than expected. 

"I must leave, as well." Han Jie offered, hoping for him to stop her, which did not happen. Instead of doing so, Suzuki Kyou stood up and waited for her to do the same. 

Han Jie felt like crying without tears. However, she could not complain because she did not listen to Han Feng, reminding her not to visit. She also caused Suzuki Kyou some issues and discomfort. 

"Are you sure you don't need me to help you, at least until your arm is no longer painful?" She asked, sounding hopeful. "I can be your maid for the day to make it up to you!" 

 "Maid? What for?" Suzuki Kyou asked, confused. They were walking towards the elevator. 

"Well, it can be my punishment for causing you problems today." She explained, hoping so bad that they could spend more time together. 


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