59 Reporter with Sonic Ears

Cultivating feelings between friends takes a lot of time and effort for it to evolve to romance, and who knows when that was? 

What if they were really soul mates in the first place, and Suzuki Kyou was just lost in a wilderness that only have bananas, so he did not realize that flowers were better? 

With this thought, Han Jie looked at him with eagerness and anticipation. 

"No need." He blatantly refused as if no confidence with Han Jie being a maid. 

Han Jie resists pouting. She could not persuade him anymore as the elevator already opened, and they needed to step in. 

"Think about it! Bye!" Han Jie shouted before the elevator door closed as she waves 'bye' at him. Her offer was also her being playful, but she would have never expected that in the future, it would be used against her, and she regretted it so much to the point of bleeding… 

The next day, Han Jie woke up earlier than normal as they would be going back home that day. 

She was in the good and showed it to everyone when she stepped in the dining room, humming softly. Han Jie really seemed sated and happy. 

"Good morning, father." Han Jie greeted when Han Feng arrived as well. 

Han Feng greeted as well expressionlessly. He then sat on the chair and picked up the newspaper beside his cup of coffee. 

Unlike the day before, Han Jun was not around. Just remembering it made Han Jie smirked but did not ask where her cousin was. He was probably there somewhere, waiting for Han Jie to leave. Too bad for him, she would be staying. 

While she was distracted thinking about Han Jun, she had not noticed her father's complexion, had already turned redder and redder as he read the newspaper line per line. 

Jonah noticed and immediately moved to the door as at this time, Han Feng looked like he was about to explode. 

"Did you had a good night, father?" Han Jie suddenly asked while looking at her food. 

Finally, Han Feng exploded, "I had a good sleep and in a good mood, but not anymore. What is the meaning of this?" Han Feng said, slamming the newspaper he had held right in front of Han Jie. "What is the meaning of this?"

She looked up at her father, confused, "Of what, father?" Han Jie asked, not even bothering to look at the paper. 

Han Feng waved at the newspaper in front of her, "Read it." He said coldly. He was most certainly not in the mood for any of her games. 

Finance Mogul Suzuki Kyou is Gay? 

The headline stated clearly, and seeing this, Han Jie felt like she had been slapped. 

'What is the meaning of this?!' Han Jie screamed inside her head as she read on still very much confused. 

Han Jie swallowed the bile that had risen. "What the fudge is this?!" She yelled, slamming the newspaper as well before standing up in annoyance. 

Who could have done this? Why would the person do such a thing to Master Shu?

Though she wanted others to see the proof that Suzuki Kyou was gay, but she wanted it so that she could help him not be in hiding! At the same time, she also wanted to know if it was possible for him to choose the opposite sex for a romantic relationship. What if she was the lucky one? But now this? 

When he saw this news as well as the bad comments, he will surely feel devastated!

"Look at this part." Bai Min suddenly spoke next to Han Jie. He must have just arrived in the dining room, or he had come in when her father had started yelling. 

Han Jie looked at the line Bai Min pointed to her. 

'His fiancee claims she would be leaving him soon. She says she could not compete with Suzuki Kyou's lover.' 

Han Jie slammed the newspaper back down. "It's all lies, father, and we all know it!" Han Jie yelled, her face was red. "How dare they write something like this?! Who the fudge is the writer?" She asked loudly before looking closer at the article again to note the journalist who wrote the article, and she vowed to do some revenge late. 

'Gu Xi! I will make sure to track you do and make your life miserable!!' Han Jie vowed silently. 

"And how are we to know that?" Han Jun asked, reading his own paper while sitting on the same spot from yesterday. Who knows when he arrived in the dining room as well, but he was just there casually reading the newspaper or eating or drinking his coffee. 

Han Jie and Bai Min glared at him. 

"JunJun! Are you a ghost or something? I did not notice you arriving at all!" Han Jie said mockingly. 

Han Jun shrugged as he drinks his coffee. "That's not a big deal. JunJun, the human, makes money for the company. Unlike the other relative, I know." He said, looking at her while smirking, annoying Han Jie further. "That's not the important thing now. So how did you know that he is not gay in the first place?" 

"I just know it! Regardless, I would not leave a man simply because he is attracted to another man!" Han Jie declared with confidence. 

The dining room was silent. 

Everyone who knew Han Jie knew this. But the world didn't know that, and the world thought she was Han Mie. 

"You… Are you saying you like that guy? Are you in love with him?" Han Jun asked carefully but accusingly. 

"Of course not! But he is still my brother-in-law, okay?!" Han Jie replied smoothly, but felt so uncomfortable. 'I only have a crush on him. Also, he is really gay, so my feelings don't count…' She reminded herself. 

If Bai Min would hear this, he would surely call her crazy for having contradicting feelings and abnormal disposition. If you like someone and knew that it would never work, would you still stupidly get close to that person when you knew that it would hurt you eventually? 


That was stupidity to the extreme that one deserves to get multiple imaginary stab wounds. But isn't that what Han Jie was doing?

Han Feng sighed, "The article said, his fiancé said she would leave him soon. You are the fiancé now. Did you talk to anyone, and someone unknowingly eavesdrop the conversation regarding Kyou but misinterpret it?" He asked curiously. 

In all honestly, the news was not a bad thing. Because if Suzuki Kyou was really gay, the arrange marriage agreement could be broken without hurting the Han business. 

However, since the news states that the information was coming from his fiancé, which is currently Han Jie at the moment, they would need some explaining to do. 

In his heart, though, Han Feng knew that this news was fake. He could just recall the conversation that he had with Suzuki Kyou, and that would be enough to remove all his suspicion. 

'Mei'er, where are you? The sooner you got home, the sooner I will feel better.' Han Feng thought to himself silently. Her eldest daughter was afraid of riding planes, so there was no way for her to go out of the country. Yet, why was she still not found? 

"I… I just talked to him and his friend. No one else." Han Jie admitted honestly. Her neck immediately shrunk when she saw her father glaring at her. 

"I told you not to bother him yesterday! If you did not go out-" Han Feng yelled but halted when he felt like his blood pleasure was rising. If Han Jie just chooses to stay home or out of trouble, this article does not appear in the first place.

"I really did not…" Han Jie murmured, but she was really feeling annoyed when she remembered her conversation with Wang Jin in the restroom. That probably means as well that the reporter was there inside one of the cubicles? 

But Wang Jin was speaking so softly that she could barely hear what she was speaking. 'Don't tell me this Gu Xi has sonic ears?' Han Jie thought that it was ridiculous. In the end, she had concluded that the journalist could only be making up stories. 

"I'll get in touch with Suzuki Kyou and his public relations team. Until then, you do not leave this suite. Am I understood?" Han Feng said, then added. "I repeat. You are not allowed to leave!" 

"Aye aye captain." Han Jie said then stood up to salute. 

Han Feng sighed and held in his smile. He did not have any confidence with her daughter, so he looked at Han Jun. 

"I will take care of her." Han Jun said seriously before smirking at Han Jie.


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