60 Get Away Plan Again

"Uncle, rest assured I will make sure cousin behaves and won't be able to go out." Han Jun added, assuring. 

Han Feng nodded before standing up to leave the dining room. 

"Ah no…?" Han Jie said, refusing to be supervised by Han Jun. "Daddy! Jonah will take care of me!" She shouted, following her father and pestering him. However, regardless of what she says or how much she pleads, her father refused to relent. 

Aside from that, they would be extending their stay in the hotel for another day, and since she would not be able to get out, all she could do was get bored inside her room. 

Han Jie would be so tired by just seeing Han Jun. 

Jonah, on the other hand, was happy to know that he would not need to persuade Han Jie later, and there was Han Jun to watch her out. It was like a day off! 

'Finally!' Jonah cheered happily and silently. 

At this time, Han Jun was casually whistling as if gloating at them. 

Bai Min rolled his eyes at Han Jun's antics. He really felt that the Han genes were really weird. Probably if Han Jun was given a chance to be more carefree, he would be like Han Jie. 

With the way Bai Min was looking Han Jun thoughtfully, his face suddenly turned red. He bared his teeth at Bai Min before continuing to what he was doing. 

"What was that?" Han Jie asked Bai Min with a frown. She felt like she just missed something important. "Did you betray me?" 

"What are you talking about?" Bai Min asked, snorted, "It's nothing." He muttered as he was surprised himself with Han Jun's reaction. 'Nothing at all.' 


"What could it be but him making fun of you again?" Bai Min asked matter-of-factly. "Should you check on Suzuki Kyou instead?" 

"Oh! Good idea!" Han Jie said as she went back to her room to get her phone. 

Bai Min was surprised that Han Jie let it go as soon as he dismissed it. 'She must be really worried.' He thought concerning. 

He has work to do and should be leaving as well. Before he could tell her that, Han Jie already stepped out of her room. 

"I'll be leaving now." Bai Min said quietly. "Take care of yourself." He told Han Jie, who was busy looking at her phone. 

"You too." Han Jie said distractedly. 

Bai Min looked at Jonah as he passed him. "Take care of her. Well, just make sure she won't sneak out

Jonah looked determined, before sighing, "I'll do my best," he replied. 

Bai Min left. He knew Han Jie was in safe hands. 

After Bai Min left, Han Jie grabbed the article and went back to her room to study it. There was absolutely nothing true in it. 

She never told anyone Suzuki Kyou was gay. She said she would prove he was gay. How did that translate to Suzuki Kyou being gay? 

Han Jie barely noticed when Jonah went inside her room and sat beside her. 

They were quiet for a while. 

Jonah blinked at the article. Then he blinked again. He pulled the paper towards himself and stared at it. 

'Could it really be?' Han Jie was startled out of her thoughts when Jonah pulled the paper away from her. 'What was he looking at?' 

Han Jie had studied the article and wracked her brain for who could have done it. 

"Miss, you are good at stalking people online, right? Why not try checking the author's background? Instead of just staring at the article the whole day?" Jonah asked, pointing out one of the undeniable talent of her. 

Han Jie glared at him. "I know, but I am strategizing, okay?" She said with impatience. 

Jonah shrugged at that, but he stood up to get Han Jie's laptop and gave it to her. 

"If you only think it would not bring you anywhere." Jonah said which Han Jie agreed, so she opened her laptop and started searching. 

Han Jie started tracking, more like stalking Gu Xi. All available social media accounts, as well as articles archives that she had written before, were checked. 

The more she searched, the more she realized where the problem started. 

That was it. That lying woman, she wasn't a friend, she was a spy! 

With her research, Han Jie connected that Gu Xi had multiple contacts with Wang Jin, and they might be friends! 

'I should have known, no sane person would take gluten-free doughnuts to Suzuki Kyou except a spy.' Han Jie thought-feeling sad. 

Then it clicked. 

"It really must be her fault or mine as well?" Han Jie muttered sadly. 

"What?" Jonah asked. 

"Well she kinda told me that Kyou is gay and I agree? So it's kind of my fault right even if that was all I said." Han Jie said, flipping her hair and ridiculously blinking when she mimicked the other woman, then acting calm and collected when she acted as herself. 

Jonah blinked at her. 

"You, miss, are a train wreck." Was all Jonah could say. 

Han Jie blinked at him innocently that made him felt nervous. 

'Why is she looking at me like that? She was supposed to call CEO Suzuki!' He complained silently. 


Jonah sat nervously in the car, with Han Jie and Han Jun. He could not figure out how Han Jun agreed to let Han Jie go and eventually join the fun, but that was how it was at that moment, all three of them going out. 

'Take care of her.' He recalled Bai Min saying repeatedly. Jonah snorted in derision. Han Jie couldn't be taken care of. She wasn't one to be coddled and kept safe. She was a walking hot mess of a train wreck. 

Han Jie needed to be babysat, and thankfully Han Jun was there to do just that. 

However, with the frown in Han Jun's face, Jonah had the feeling that he would surely tie Han Jie if things did not go their way. 

Han Jie never took any slight lying down. 

Jonah could recall almost every revenge she had plotted against her sister that the maids in the main house had told him before. He could not help but occasionally wince at certain stories about her. Han Jie loved her twin, but she didn't forgive easily. Probably because of these stories, Jonah was always careful when dealing with Han Jie. 

'Probably that was the reason as well why Han Jun had no choice but to just go with them? Or she blackmailed him?' Jonah thought to himself as he drives silently. 

The drive was so awkward, but Han Jie did not seem to care. She was just busy doing something on her phone. Thankfully she looked normal and did not plan to do anything weird this time. 

If her having pink hair, was dressed in a pink shirt, black jeans and black steel-toed boots did not look weird at all. The only resemblance to Hang Jie was her garish pink, cat-eye styled shades from yesterday. 

He could only shake his head and silently accept her current appearance since they did not want reporters to recognize her. 

Would Suzuki Kyou recognize her like this? 

When Jonah thought of them going to meet Suzuki Kyou, who coincidentally looked almost exactly like the man in Han Jie's comics, he felt slightly embarrassed. 

Earlier, while waiting for Han Jie to check on the journalist, Jonah had been guilty of reading a volume or two. Just for fun. 

Now, he definitely recognized Master Shu. What if the human side of Master Shu learned about the things in that comic? 

Would he then sue Han Jie? 

It did not take long for them to arrive at the familiar parking lot of the Suzuki Office. Jonah almost jumped, jerking out of his thoughts when Han Jie forced the car door open. 

At first glance, Han Jie would be immediately dismissed as another employee or visitor by the paparazzi that had gathered around the building. No one cared at her despite her unique appearance as they swiftly walked towards the elevator. 

Jonah grinned at her, but his smile immediately disappeared when Han Jun glared at him. 

He chuckled nervously, "Her disguise was stellar after all." Jonah whispered at Han Jun. 

Jonah was worried she would be a little scatterbrained since she had her revenge plans on her mind and good thing he was wrong. 

Han Jie took care of their getaway plan critically, that even the gatekeeper Han Jun had no choice but to comply. 


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