7 Not So Honest Mistake 2

Han Jie stood frozen, with her heart on her throat due to nervousness. Her eyes were just glued to him while listening to another man with boredom.

Just as always, her Master Shu appeared not to appreciate any noise around him, but for propriety's sake, he would not complain.

Suzuki Kyou was standing near her and his handsomeness was making her lightheaded. Han Jie felt like she was drunk despite never tasting any form of alcohol.

'Relax, get a hold of yourself…' Han Jie chanted silently to herself. It had been a while since she last saw him, and nothing much had changed. He was still as handsome as ever. Not only that, he oozed of manliness and authority that no one could ignore as his presence was so much that no one could withstand it at all.

Han Jie knew that she was exaggerating, and she was alright with it.

Just like the first time she saw Suzuki Kyou, he had his long dark hair tied up cleanly to his back. His shoulders were broad, and he was probably twice her size.

Han Jie knew she was small, and if around him, she would feel even more smaller. The current situation brought the spotlight to her and if that did not happen, he would have surely passed by, without even noticing her.

'As if he is noticing you now.' The sarcastic part of her brain pointed out.

"Ah…" Han Jie suddenly winced in pain as Manager Shirizawa squeezed her arm tightly, which made her feel like crying. "Aren't you ashamed? You are just bullying me, a woman!" She said sarcastically as she tried to free her weak arm from the tight hold. Sadly, the man was stronger than her.

She regretted forcing Jonah to pay the bill who shielded her against a strong man like Manager Shirizawa.

"You should be the one ashamed for blatantly ogling CEO Suzuki." The manager whispered under his breath before giving her a toothy grin.

Han Jie's eyes bulged in surprise before she eyed him evilly. She was caught, so what? As far as she remembered, ogling someone was free, and there was no law against it!

"CEO Chu! Is this how your employees act? Bullying a poor weak woman like me?" She asked, disappointed. "I admit, I was wrong for trying to eat lunch here in this restaurant, and I am sorry for not seeing that the whole place is already reserved. We have now paid our lunch and so we can leave, but your manager refused to let us go. Are you a civilized organization!"

"CEO Chu, don't just believe her. If she was not caught, she would have taken advantage of us. We need to make her compensate more after apologizing! Else more people will follow her." He demanded his boss who was still standing across them, completely ignoring the displeased expression on the other's faces.

CEO Chu's eyebrows wrinkled with annoyance. For him, it was just a simple thing that can be dealt with and did not even need his assistance. Why was it that Manager Shirizawa making things complicated?

Added to the fact that this was happening when they had a visitor. It was just embarrassing to let Suzuki Kyou saw that.

With a look of warning, "Let us deal with this next time. Just let her go now and have the guards take care of it." CEO Chu said before looking at Suzuki Kyou with a smile, "I am sorry for the delay. Just a petty event crasher. Would you like to go ahead with my assistant for now?"

Suzuki Kyou gave a nod and let the assistant accompany him to the next floor. Since Han Jie and Manager Shirizawa was standing on the way to the stairs, they needed to move first to give way to him.

Nervous and excited at the same time, Han Jie was shameless enough to continue staring at Suzuki Kyou with fascination as he got closer.

Initially, he seemed not to care, but when his eyes narrowed at her unhappily, Han Jie lowered her head awkwardly. She then saw his long legs stopping in front of her.

'He must be mad!' Han Jie concluded fearful, lowering her head further.

"What are you still doing here?" Suzuki Kyou asked with a deep voice.

Han Jie stiffened as she was assuming that the question was for her. If she had raised her head, she would have found that he was currently looking at Manager Shirizawa's hand which was still holding her painfully.

Manager Shirizawa sweat nervously as he reluctantly let go of Han Jie's arm. "Sir, please don't be deceived. I can see that she has other intentions."

"I agree." He replied casually.

Han Jie faces reddened due to embarrassment. She was guilty of being caught, but she would never confess. "I… I… It was all an accident." She insisted, her words were stuck inside her throat and she was feeling dizzy. It was like all of her energy was seeping out of her body by just being close to Suzuki Kyou. "This is your entire fault, Master Shu…" She subconsciously whispered to herself.

"What did you just say?" Suzuki Kyou asked suddenly.

"Stay back! Stay away from Miss Han!" Jonah suddenly jumped between them as her shield. He did all his best to get back to her side as soon as possible. He hoped that the manager would act decently as they were in public but how wrong he was to take it for granted!

Han Jie wanted to smack her lips for being stupid. For being a fickle person who was always spacing out most of the time. She just embarrassed herself in front of Suzuki Kyou.

There was no more face left for her. So what else should she do?

"Ms. Han? You are not related to the Han Family of City S. Are you?" CEO Chu's assistant chimed in.

Instead of answering, Han Jie suddenly pushed Jonah to side and hugged Suzuki Kyou tightly!

"Miss Han! What are you doing?!" Someone screamed out in horror. Even Jonah was surprised by what Han Jie had done.

Suzuki Kyou was caught off guard before his face became indescribable when he felt her hand on his buttocks! At once, he roughly grabbed Han Jie by the shoulder to move her away from him.

Force was not needed though. Just as he was pushing her away from him, Han Jie's arms limped, and her body started to fall.

"Miss! What happened to you?!" Jonah caught Han Jie before she fell on the floor unconsciously.

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