61 Meeting the Traitor

Han Jie had looked for any faults that could give them away, just like how he looked like at the moment. 

Jonah was wearing a black cap to cover his thick brown hair. His eyes were covered by black shades. He was dressed in black jeans and a shirt that was once blue. In looked almost white now. He also had on a black leather jacket. 

For Han Jun thought, he could only cooperate as much. Thus, he only put on shades and made sure to step away from them. 

Han Jie grinned at him when they stepped into the elevator of the Suzuki Offices. 

"Looking good, Jonah," she said in a whisper, raising both of her thumbs up.

Jonah sighed in relief as he had been stiff earlier. Though his main job was to be Han Jie's security, he acts more like a nanny most of the time, so he was kind of worried if ever the paparazzi noticed them. 

"Thank you, miss," he replied. "You look better, as well."

Han Jie flashed him a blinding white smile, and sent Han Jun a wink as if saying, 'See everything is under control.' 

"Amazing disguise, isn't it?" Han said, feeling proud of herself. 

"Are we really going to do this, Miss? Did you perhaps information CEO Suzuki of our arrival?" Jonah asked softly, back to being nervous. So what if no one was able to recognize them? If the male protagonist of the day was not happy with, was there even a point of going here? 

Han Jie rolled her eyes at him, "Of course," She lied smoothly. A surprise visit would mostly cause people to worry, which often caught them off guard. Wang Jin needed to be caught off guard, and the only person who could do that was Suzuki Kyou. Han Jie just needed to convince him that Wang Jin was really the traitor. 

Two hours ago, after they had figured out who the traitor was, Han Jie had taken a few more minutes to find other things regarding Wang Jin.


Well, not all the dirt, but Han Jie had her first day in high school pictures. Wang Jin's braces had been neon. Han Jie grinned mischievously at that.

Han Jie had been determined. 

She had used all of her stalker-- research skills to use. She also wondered why Wang Jin spent so much of her time on so many social media accounts. Who posted about what they did every Saturday? Wang Jin. 

Han Jie was sure the definition of stupid had Wang Jin's picture underneath it. 

'Wasn't Wang Jin supposed to be Suzuki Kyou's friend? Why is it in such a good relationship with that damned reported? That is proof enough, okay.' Han Jie ranted to herself as she still felt bad Wang Jin had done something bad to Kyou. 

Wang Jin looked so innocent, and within Han Jie's heart, she still hoped that she was only mistaken. She was thinking deeply about these while pouting. 

She had told Jonah her plan earlier. Mostly because she didn't know how to drive and sneaking out was a lot of trouble if the closest person to her would not cooperate. 

Han Jun was only an extra baggage. He could be considered a jinx as well, and Han Jie blamed him for all the bad luck, because when they arrived at the 12th floor where Suzuki Kyou coincidently just left the office. 

His secretary tried to ring his phone multiple times, but Suzuki Kyou was not picking up. 

This made Han Jie annoyed since she was already memorizing a script in her head on how to convince him. 


Hours later… 

They were driving towards the address that Suzuki Kyou's assistant provided. Jonah and Han Jun was not really that support when they learned who owns the address, Wang Jin. 

Han Jin considered faking an accident. Since she was not a good driver, why not make use of it? Well, she was not so keen to drive through the city streets. 

Just by thinking about it, Han Jie shuddered at the thought of driving on the city streets, horrifying. This immediately dropped her idea of a fake accident. 

Jonah didn't approve of her plan, of course. But he couldn't help her, that also goes with Han Jun so they could only join the 'fun'.

Han Feng expected Han Jie to be in the house, not causing trouble, but since that was not happening, they could only make sure to be with her at all times. 

Earlier, they had fought about the plan for a while in the Suzuki Offices, waiting for the time of the meeting. They whisper yelling at each other, so Suzuki Kyou's secretary won't hear it. 

His pretty secretary told them that Suzuki Kyou had sent over his PR team and controlling the spread of the news. They were also assured that such a thing wouldn't affect the company's stocks. 

Han Jie hoped they would smooth things over soon. But not before she did her own smoothening first. 

"We will be there soon," Jonah said seriously. 

Han Jie grinned evilly at Jonah, making him sigh in resignation while she ignored Han Jun. 

When Han Jie relaxed, she sat back and enjoyed the ride. 

Wang Jin wasn't going to know what hit her. 

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of Wang Jin's house. 

Jonah wasn't looking comfortable. Han Jun was just there leisurely sitting, hoping that his presence won't be noticed at all. Han Jie realized these as they stood in Wang Jin's living room. 

Han Jie frowned at Han Jun. 'Should he not at least try to help her since the Han family name could be involved?' She thought to herself but only thinking too much about it. 

Anyway, Han Jie wasn't comfortable with the white living room as well, just like Jonah. Everything was bare. 

The only signs that someone was living in the apartment were the clothes in the walk-in closet and the coffee cup in the sink.

Who was Wang Jin offline? 

'No to green tea.' Han Jie thought suspiciously. No Suzuki Kyou in anywhere as well. 

Jonah heard the doorknob rattling before Han Jie did, as she was in the process of calling Suzuki Kyou. 

Han Jie sat down on the white sofa facing the door and grinned to whoever was there, the maid let them in. 

Wang Jin jumped back at the sight of her visitors after facing the room. 

"Who are you?" She asked, trying not to let her fear show. Wang Jin told her maid that there would be guests, but the people in her living room looks unfamiliar at first, and they were certainly not the people she was expecting. 

Before they could reply, Wang Jin already realized who they were. "Han Jie?" 

"Yes." Han Jie nodded as she removed her glasses. She didn't expect Wang Jin not to recognize her immediately.

'I'm getting better, Comicon, here I come.' Han Jie thought happily when her disguise really worked as well with Wang Jin. 

"Why do you look like that?" Wang Jin could not help but laugh at her appearance. 

"Isn't this because of you? I don't want to be seen by paparazzi, and for them not to swarm around me, we need to disguise." Han Jie replied, annoying. 

"Oh… You mean this is because of the news?" Wang Jin curiously asked as if it was not a big deal at all. 

"The news that you have leaked! Your friend said some pretty nasty things about my fiancé today, don't you feel ashamed?" Han Jie said with a cold smile. 

Wang Jin looked closely at Han Jie, then at Jonah, lastly to Han Jun. "Well, it was nice of you to invite yourselves in." Wang Jin said, snidely ignoring Han Jie's accusations.

"Kyou told us to come here." Han Jie said with arms crossed over her chest. 

Wang Jin frowned at this. "He asked you?" 

"Of course. I know he was aware of what you did and wanted me to avenge him, since he is so amazing he can't hit girls. So come on, where do you want me to hit you first?" Han Jie asked with her fist up in the air waving threateningly at Wang Jin. 

"Are you crazy?" Wang Jin could not believe what she was hearing. "Kyou would never do that!" 

"Well, you betrayed him! Even if he can't do anything against you, it doesn't mean I can't as well!" Han Jie said, itching for a fight.

"I did not betray him! So get the hell out of my house! I will talk to Kyou personally and help him take care of this mess!" Wang Jin furiously said, then added, "I'll call the police if you don't leave immediately!" 


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